For professionals like contractors and handymen out there, I hope this article become a handy guide to buy the best cordless drill. Based on my experience as Do-It-Yourselfer, 12V cordless drills is adequate and will handle a majority of DIY projects just fine and household jobs as well. I personally have 12V cordless drill, mainly for my DIY projects and occasionally my wife using it to fix her cupboard or hang her newly bought painting.
And my other experience from various construction projects, either small or medium scale, teach me that the bigger the better to handle on site jobs. My best cordless drill is Bosch 36618-02 18-Volt (read my Bosch 36618-02 Cordless Drill Review here). You’ll have an option to choose between keyed chuck and keyless chuck cordless drill. Also rubber bumper put on strategic places to protect the surface without scratching or damaging it, so worry-free when you put this cordless drill on expensive surface. Weight and balance are also important factor to consider when choosing the best cordless drill. For many of us, a heavy-weight users, a good manufacturer’s warranty is very important, along with technical support if any issues arise. DeWALT cordless drill is backed by a limited three year warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee, one year free service contract, and two-year free service contract on the batteries. Makita Lithium-Ion cordless drill is backed by three-year warranty that covers repair due to defects in materials or workmanship.
Taking into account all of those factors, we hope you’ll have a better decision to get the best cordless drill for you. Performance is consistent, no matter what the speed or load is, thanks to the permanent-magnet motor. The splitting port has a push-to-stop feature, ensuring protection against bit point over-splitting. The Drill Doctor 500X has it all – performance, ease of use, durability, flexibility and value for money.
I’m in market for Hammer-Drill that suitable for my upcoming project in medium-scale home renovation.
Makita BHP452HW loaded with a 4-pole electric motor and 2 independent speed settings, this cordless drill delivers enough power when needed. Life of the battery as well as charge time is crucial when selecting a cordless tool such as cordless drill and Makita BHP452HW is exceptional in this field. A few other features I must say I really like in regards to this Makita cordless drill are its ergonomic grip construction and also the built-in LED light.
As a satisfied customer of Amazon, I bought them (yes I bought some for my project) from Amazon as I did with most of my project needs. Getting durable dependable tools for your project is top priority especially when you got no time and money to spend on broken tools. Bosch 18-Volt Cordless Drill is created for robust drilling even though it looks small in design. Another characteristics of Bosch 36618-02 18-Volt Cordless Drill is their latest integration of the Lithium-Ion battery.
You can leave your flashlight behind and just carry your Bosch 36618-02 18-Volt Cordless Drill while drilling in dark areas and closed or tight places. Every purchase of Bosch 36618-02 involves a 1 year guarantee on tools and 2 years replacement guarantee for the batteries.
When you are in the market for cordless drill, one brand you just can’t ignore is DeWALT.
DeWALT line of products are easily recognized by their signature of bright yellow and black color scheme. This article discusses qualities of cordless drills and offers a purchasing guide for cordless drills.
The risk of breaking hardware is less with impact drivers because they operate at slower speeds. Impact drivers generally come between 12v and 24v, but starting at 18v is necessary for most impact driver needs. Taking extra care to choose the right battery for a cordless drill is important regardless of the type of drill. NiCd batteries also have drawbacks, the most important being their heavier weight and their hazardous nature to the environment. NiMH batteries are lighter than NiCd's, have a long charge life, are environmentally friendly, and are less expensive than Li-Ion batteries. But NiMH batteries are sensitive to temperature, deep discharge storage, have a shorter recycle lifespan, and are more expensive than NiCd batteries. Li-Ion batteries outperform others in almost all areas, especially weight, shape, and life. Important terms to know for power drill batteries are: amperage, amp-hours, voltage, and smart chargers.
Any additional features, such as LED lights and bit storage, should be considered as needed. This article explains the types, features, and terms necessary for purchasing a cordless power drill. Because they have practically countless applications, cordless power drills are very common power tools. There's a cordless drill for almost every job, thanks to power options, a variety of drill features, and the basic types of drills available. This article reviews the most common types of cordless drills and their uses, it explains battery option pros and cons for cordless power drills, explains additional features of cordless drills, and offers advice for purchasing cordless drills.
The first thing one should consider when shopping for a cordless drill is what type of cordless drill is needed. These drills are versatile, generally lightweight tools that combine a balance of drilling speed and torque to cover two jobs. Most cordless impact drivers come between 12v and 24v, but if a project truly calls for an impact driver, starting around 18v range is usually best. Right angle drills are angled to fit into small places and reach where other cordless drills can't.
Some hammering drills use a different chuck system than other cordless drills, a chuck system called SDS (Special Direct System). Rotary hammer drills differ from other hammering drills because of the use of a piston while drilling.
Rotary hammer drills are needed for heavy duty masonry drilling, but choosing a corded rotary drill is often the best choice for high workloads, because the cordless versions quickly become expensive and heavy with increased power. Cordless drills always need batteries that match their user's needs, regardless of the type of drill being used, and regardless of the job. Drill batteries are not necessarily the most important feature to look at for choosing the type of drill to be purchased, it's just that even a great cordless drill will not deliver performance without being powered to meet the demands of its use. Traditional nickel cadmium batteries are still used today, because they are tough and dependable, and they are also used in cordless power drills.
They are less easily damaged by being stored in deep discharge, although it is still not recommended. NiCds shouldn't be allowed to drop below about 70% charge between charges, or the battery lifetime can be shortened.
The cadmium in NiCd batteries is very damaging to the environment, and must be disposed of correctly. Nickel-metal hydride batteries (NiMH) are an environmentally friendly alternative to NiCd batteries, and they offer other advantages.
They have a higher energy density, meaning that the battery life between charges is longer than NiCd batteries, so they will run longer on a single charge. Deep discharge and lack of use will damage NiMH batteries, shortening their lifespan and limiting their storage capacity. They have an overall recycle life of about half that of NiCd batteries at about 500 charges. Lithium ion batteries (Li-Ion) are the newest technology in rechargeable batteries to be introduced to cordless power tools. Li-Ions are not restricted in the shape of their design like NiCd and NiMH batteries are, and can be designed in almost any shape for better tool balance. They do not suffer from self-discharge and memory effect like NiCd and NiMH batteries, meaning that they're much less sensitive to recharging and storage methods. Excessive overheating of Li-Ion batteries can damage or destroy them, which can occasionally happen during recharge. Li-Ion batteries are the most expensive batteries of these three types used in cordless power drills.
Ampere-hours (Ah) are the units for how battery life is measured in rechargeable batteries.
This will refer to the power of the rechargeable battery and also the overall power of the tool. Smart chargers are manufactured to help increase the life and efficiency of rechargeable batteries.
Considering these factors is important for finding drill batteries that will meet the user's needs. With the exception of drills using the SDS system, like hammer drills, most cordless drills use the three jaws chuck system to hold bits in place. Unless absolutely not needed, buyers should expect a cordless power drill to have adjustable torque settings with an adjustable clutch. Drills should have more than one speed setting, and most drills for mostapplications should come equipped with variable speed switches which provide the user with sensitive control over the drill's speed.

The order of information in this article closely follows the order of steps in our purchasing guide for cordless power drills.
Make sure that the brands and types of drills you've narrowed down also offer batteries that match your specific needs. Light Work, such as small homeowner projects and other applications around a home, can be handled nicely by cordless drills in the 7v-15v range. Medium Work, such as carpentry with plywood and hardboard, larger projects, and frequent use, is best handled by cordless drills in the 12v-18v range, depending on the project. With the type of drill, battery, features, and voltage chosen, getting a feel for the balance and weight of the drill is the final step. Matching the right drill to a given job is so important, because, like with other power tools, the general rule is that you get what you pay for. We never get tired of echoing this same advice again and again: choose the type, range, and features that fit your needs, and then buy the best tool with those options you can reasonably afford. Many drill users suggest owning more than one cordless power drill when tackling many applications, instead of trying to find just one drill to do it all.
Knowing how to custom fit any tool purchase to your needs can make choosing a power tool exciting.
Any cordless drill will eventually need to see some repairs and parts replacement to meet the potential of its service life.
It’s probably also worth noting that Cadmium is extremely dangerous to the environment. The 36-volt cordless battery platform was developed to provide professional contractors with the performance needed to complete high-powered applications that were previously only possible with corded tools. Honestly, unless you have a very specific use for a small drill, give the mini-drills a pass.  If you do have a use, we recommend seeking one of the new high-end Li-Ion-powered drills as most of the low-end drills we saw lacked critical features such as variable speed. In our study, we observed that prices tend to hover around three points in terms of standard drills: $100, $200, and $250+. Ask yourself where and how the drill will be used.  Will you use it for production work in the shop?  On the jobsite?  Or just around the house and garage?  This will help you narrow the list down by quickly eliminating drills that are way above or way below your needs. We hope this helps, and we’d love to hear about your cordless drill shopping experiences. I am shopping for a combo kit, and like a kid whose eyes glaze over at the sight of Lincoln Logs, or a teen with his glazed eyes drooling over an X-Box, I pine for the 4 and 6 tool combo kits at the displays in Home Depot.
Since I am an electrician, the drill must have the hammer feature, and this is almost universal in all the kits by all manufacturers.
From what Philip Iadevaia lays out, I think the Ridgid combo fits perfectly into his criteria. I happen to be looking at replacing my 12v Dewalt batteries and am stumped on which charger to buy. If I were to go and purchase a new drill (which I may have to do soon), my first choice would be a drill with a LIFETIME BATTERY WARRANTY. I want a cordless drill which will handle minature drills from 0.3mm so what should I look for? Based on my experience with the Makita 18v Li-Ions, the power and light weight didn’t outweigh the extremely short life span and extremely high cost of the batteries.
I know, for most its not going to be enough power (10.4v and 200 INLB) but its around $130 street.
Note that Simp’s comment was posted in 2009, whereas this article was posted in 2006. Appreciation to my father who informed me concerning this weblog, this weblog is actually awesome. See the North Carolina State University’s site for tips on how to take wood moisture readings. A third reason is because there are some people that need a small garage and others that need a larger one. Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments.
Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues. As a contractor, DIY warrior as well as a Blogger, this is the frequently asked question we received almost daily from fellow contractors, Do-It-Yourselfer and homeowners searching for the best cordless drill for their needs. Your old cordless drill may utilize old Ni-Cad battery, that bulky and much less effective compare with the latest Li-Ion battery. And you’ll finish each job faster due to the speed and torque delivered by more powerful cordless drill and also with less frequent recharge. I found Makita BHP452HW (also read my review on Makita BHP452HW Hammer-Drill Review here) is a perfect hammer-drill for my project. These are effective way in that it allows the drill to automatically adjust of its toque when you start to encounter resistance during the drilling holes or driving screws. For more powerful cordless drill, you’ll find keyed chuck cordless drill is more common while keyless chuck cordless drill is more convenient when needing to quickly change drill bits. High-end models from Bosch, DeWALT and Makita cordless drills have all-metal gears and transmissions which beef up a key components and also minimize point of failure in these cordless drills. It’s better to make sure that you choose a cordless drill that feels good in your hand.
This is especially true if you plan to use your best cordless drill for a long period of time in such aggressive workload. Under this plan, your Bosch cordless drill will be protected for two-years of free battery replacements, tool replacement for one year, and a free tool repair package for the second and third years. I personally prefer 12-Volt cordless drill for all-round jobs at home and backyard and go to 18-Volt cordless drill for my contractor’s jobs and medium scale home improvement projects. With the 500X drill bit sharpener, you just need to align the bit by having it set against the stop, locking it in place.
If you find yourself a person that frequently uses both types of drills on your jobs, then you certainly might want to kill two birds with one stone and simply invest in this Makita BHP452HW.
Running at 450 inch pounds of max torque, there isn’t much that this drill cannot handle. The 18-Volt Lithium-Ion batteries which it comes with last for a long time, and even when they run out of juice, they recharge in a matter of 15 minutes. The unique grip construction makes sure that your hand remains comfy while you’re drilling into tough material. When you on the market for Cordless Drill in Pro level, there are several options to choose from a well-known makers like DeWALT, Makita, Panasonic, Bosch. Cordless Drills in earlier years have been using the Ni-Cad battery and like what others complain about it, it just can’t figure out why it easily dies off-it works well for a couple of weeks or months then it eventually worn out.
DeWALT has been in the pro tool industry for more than 80 years and it has ensured its place in the top echelons because of high quality, durable products and its broad range of tools available. Cordless drills span a range of use from simple jobs around a home, to carpentry and other general construction, to masonry.
Luckily, estimating power drill needs is pretty simple, takes only a few considerations, and can result in a great tool decision.
Here we've listed four major types of power drills that are available in all sorts of cordless models, from those that handle lighter workloads, to heavy workloads. They are the most standard type of power drill for homeowners, craftsmen, woodworkers, and many general construction applications.
Impact drivers are especially important when driving into harder materials, because they can handle the workload easily. Only the largest models should be used for very heavy work, like drilling through concrete. In an SDS chuck, bits actually lock into place in-line with the drill motor shaft instead of simply being held into place, as with a typical 3-jaw chuck system. As the drill turns, the piston strikes the back of the drill bit being used, forcing it further into the hole being drilled and clearing away debris. Users should prepare to take a close look at battery options, accessories, features, and specifications for any cordless power drill purchase.
Also, charge time and battery life are critical factors to tailor to each user's specific needs. They are definitely the best choice of the three types of batteries, outperforming in all areas, but they are also expensive. However, most rechargers and Li-Ion batteries are designed with safety features to prevent overheating.
The amperage rating is good thing to compare between models because it accounts for how much torque the drill will be able to handle. More amp-hours means more battery life per charge, so comparing specifications between batteries is important. The speed of a drill is directly affected by its voltage with more voltage meaning higher drilling speed. Having at least two batteries for each cordless drill is a must to avoid waiting for batteries to charge in the middle of a job.
How a power tool feels in your hands may be the deciding factor on voltage range and battery life, because even the lightest batteries will add weight to a cordless drill, affecting both its overall weight and balance. Clutch settings are usually selected by rotating the chuck, and can help a user drive screws to an accurate depth. Additional features can include: flashlights, bit storage, single-sleeve chucks (for one-handed bit changing), built-in levels, belt hooks, and additional attachments. Frequency of use, temperature exposure and budget will probably be the strongest deciding factors when choosing a battery. Cordless drills start getting heavy and expensive at about the 18v barrier, so make sure that the high power is necessary.

Some advice suggests holding the drill overhead for at least 30 seconds to judge how quickly fatigue sets in. Overestimating needs can mean paying for more of a power tool than is necessary, and underestimating can mean buying a replacement drill soon after purchase. Also, this article's information may simply help a buyer decide that a dedicated power drill for heavy duty jobs is best, and that a medium power cordless model is best to cover everything else. Thoughtful cordless drill buyers can look forward to owning great tools, because good tools give back to their users most when they are thoughtfully selected.
The Original Pink Box Drill is the best cordless drillA designed for smaller hands and light duty tasks. My new drill, Tikka, comes up near the top in power (and price!) That’s why I bought it! The second one had the same problem (trigger switch problem) and the drill would function *maybe* 1 out of 20 times. These fellow contractors and Do-It-Yourself handymen (or women as well) typically already used or familiar with a cordless drill or perhaps their current cordless drill has eventually died. On most cordless drills, you need to adjust this manually, but an automatic process takes away the need to interrupt the drilling or driving jobs to adjust the drill’s speed or torque. You want to make sure you can put your cordless drill down carelessly on the floor or platform and not have to worry about it getting damaged. Choose a cordless drill that is lighter than the competition to avoid fatigue after prolonged use. You will be able to maintain a sharp and excellently angled cutting edge for the bits you often use. It is designed to keep bits from heating up so the tempering is maintained even while you sharpen. A lot of those who have been using this drill for a long time recommended that you watch the instructional video that come with the package. In sharpening the bit, you need to turn the chuck – half turns at even numbers would do (it depends on the size of the bit).
If the 4.5-star user rating and the sheer number of positive user reviews at Amazon are any indication, this is the drill bit sharpener to go for.
My current Bosch 36618-02 is a perfect drill for me but doesn’t have hammer capability.
Durashield housing make it resistant to damage and it’s the kind of thing I admire most.
Lithium-Ion Battery in Bosch Cordless Drill has the capacity of drilling, boring holes and driving in longer working hours compared to old Ni-Cad battery. This capability has helped me a lot especially on hard wood or cement and it’s impressive!
DeWALT DCD760KL cordless drills come with generally either a 2 or 3 speed setting and up to 17 clutch settings. People prefer this model because of the low profile design, which allows you to reach extremely tight confined spaces when you are operating your drill. Also, it's become more and more important to compare cordless impact driver specifications if the driver is needed for drilling into hardwood or other dense material. Correctly estimating the work  capacity of a cordless combi drill is especially important, since the risk of overloading their motors with heavy work is high. There are even a few variations of SDS systems, and it's important to purchase bits for the right system. Its case may be powder-puff pink, but inside it is still a substantial 18-volt Lithium-ionA battery-powered drill.This is not a drill meant for heavy, continuous use.
These revolutionary batteries offers a high level of power, long run-time and durability when compared to conventional lithium technology. But the power battery pack isn’t staying charged and I can not find a replacement anywhere. In both cases, this is not a power tool to buy on a frequent basis, hence making a decision to buy the best cordless drill is a big deal.
However, it does have a downside effect, in that generally the more volts you have battery will be bulky and become heavier and therefore the heavier the cordless drill will be. You may know, and it doesn’t take a serious hobbyist to know, that a dull drill bit would result to projects taking much longer to complete. Also, in addition to industrial-strength parts, the split-point port is made of metal and the point angle shuttle is die-cast. Some of those who have used the product recommend that you just use simple clamps to have it in place.
Get yourself Drill Doctor 500X drill bit sharpener from Amazon, the best place to get the best price. This particular model from Makita is great for drilling into masonry and concrete, fastening anchors, woodworking, carpentry, and any other thing that you need a durable, powerful drill for. Another advantage is you get hold of two batteries instead of just one so you can always have the extra one ready. One of many makers of cordless drill is Bosch, which model 36618-02 18-Volt Cordless Drill is my best choice to use on my projects. You may store it unprotected from water and dust unknowingly, but no worries since it can withstand virtually and able to function as usual. Lithium-Ion Battery included in the package is 2 (two) 18-Volt Slim Packs and you could buy additional Fat Packs for longer runtime later on.
This drill kit comes with 2 (two) 18 Volt Li-Ion batteries and 1 (one) 30-minute quick charger.
It is marketed for women who want to fill out their home toolbox for this-and-that repairs, such as installing curtain rods, reattaching seat bottoms on chairs, or tightening pot handles in the kitchen. In fact, this technology delivers a battery with a maximum life of over 2,000 recharges and no frustrating battery memory. So, unless you need that powerful drilling muscle for your job, you’ll better getting 18V  or even 12V.
I find this type of transmission feature is best for more casual users who may not be familiar with how to correctly adjust the torque and speed based on job’s requirements.
What’s even worse is that dull bits typically result in shortened drill life, damaged materials and ultimately, work of poor quality. It also has a quick-change diamond sharpening wheel and can sharpen a variety of bit sizes and materials.
After much searching and reading many specification documents and chat with friend in construction job, finally I settled with Makita BHP452HW that perfectly fit for my construction project.
With line of products with more than 200 tools and 80 accessories, DeWALT presently has one of the best lines of tools. It also equipped with LED Worklight, which provides increased visibility in confined spaces when you are drilling holes. With this breakthrough innovation, this 36-volt tool is sure to live up to Dewalt’s commitment to providing Guaranteed Tough products for the professional end user. The problem is that a person of the trade knows how cumbersome it is to have to sharpen drill bits by hand and this is where the Drill Doctor 500X can come in handy.
As with my Bosch 36618-02, Makita BHP452HW won’t putting excessive strain on wrists and hands. From homeowner, DIY-er and hobbyist, and professionals like carpenters and general contractors – there are a lot of people who swear by DeWALT. This drill is not only externally cute, but is the best cordless drill in this niche inside its pink body.Men may even consider buying the Original Pink Box Drill as a way to deter other workers from a€?borrowinga€? their tools at the jobsite. If so, you don’t want anything too heavy for your hand, otherwise you will really be feeling it by the end of the day.
The compact size helps make this the topA cordless drill forA getting into spaces between joists for installing electrical boxes, for example, or drilling holes for cabling.
Bosch says this two-step speed feature provides twice any competitor’sA speed for screw driving and drilling. The Bosch warranty provides a three-year protection plan: full replacement of the drill in the first year, replacement of the battery for two years, and free repair in years two and three.
The Festool T 12+3 Li-Ion Cordless Drill Set is the best cordless drill in this size.Interchangeable chucks set this drill apart.A Offset drilling and driving?
This shaves even more depth off the tool and you can reach into tight spaces for repetitive work, so long as you are using hexagonal shank bits.Weight a MinuteThe Festool weighs just over three pounds. When dialed below 10, drill speed is reduced.The electronic clutch gives an audible signal to let you know the clutch is engaged. In drill mode the tool automatically overrides the clutch, saving wear and tear and providing maximum torque: 300 inch-pounds in steel or 220 inch-pounds in wood. The brushless motor produces less heat and less motor wear than brush motors.Festool FinesseFestool has a motto, a€?Faster, Easier and Smarter,a€? and this tool is evidence of that philosophy. This is great for masonry drilling, but also makes drilling with Forstner bits or auger bits easy. An onboard LED light helps you see your target.Get a GripMilwaukee put a carbide-jawed ratcheting metal chuck on the hammer drill. At slightly over five pounds, this big drillA takes full advantage of composite plastic housing to shed weight.What You GetThe carrying case holds the hammer drill, side handle, two 18-volt rechargeable batteries, and the charger.

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