Herea€™s the good news: Agility takes only a couple of minutes to develop and can easily be tacked onto the end of a row, run, bike ride, or strength workout. As your agility improves, youa€™ll find out how much easier an exercise becomes, but more importantly the simple tasks in daily life, like bending to hoist a computer bag, getting out of a car, or maneuvering through doorways while balancing a briefcase, cell phone, and coffee will suddenly seem easier. The Square Drill is just one of hundreds of drills that can be used to improve your agility. That's it for now, until next time, good luck with your training and remember, if you have a question, log on to the Virtual Trainer Expert Forum and have your question answered by a panel of experts. Joel and Rob - feel free to add to the article with your own take on agility or put together a short program riders could follow.
All of the efforts of the petroleum landmen, geologists, and geophysicists, and everyone else involved in leasing and exploration activities up to this point must culminate in a decision by the management of the petroleum company to either drill or not drill a well.
The selection of the drill site is based largely on the geological evidence indicating the possible accumulation of petroleum. Once the drill site has been selected and surveyed, a contractor or contractors will move in with equipment to prepare the location. The components of the drilling rig and all necessary equipment are moved onto the location with large, specially equipped trucks. Figure 23--Diagram illustrating the drilling-fluid (drilling-mud) system and the flow of fluids through the system. When a well is spudded in, a large-diameter drill bit is used to drill to a predetermined depth. Figure 24--A casing is installed in the surface hole to prevent the contamination of freshwater zones and to support the production casing.
After the surface casing has been tested and the blowout preventer installed, drilling operations are resumed. As drilling operations continue, a geologist constantly examines drill cuttings for signs of oil and gas. Today's conventional drill bit utilizes three revolving cones containing teeth or hardened inserts which cut into the rock as the bit is revolved (fig. If the geologist detects the presence of oil or gas in the drill cuttings, a drill-stem test is frequently performed to evaluate the formation or zone from which the oil show was observed. Electrical logs measure the natural electric potential and the effect of induced electricity on the formations.

When drill-stem testing and well-logging operations have been completed and the results have been analyzed, the company management must decide whether to complete the well as a producing well or to plug it as a dry hole.
If the well is to be plugged and abandoned as a dry hole, a cementing company is called to the drill site. If a decision is made to attempt to complete the well as a producer, casing is delivered to the site and a cementing company is called.
After the cementing of the casing has been completed, the drilling rig, equipment, and materials are removed from the drill site. A smaller-diameter pipe, called tubing, is then threaded together and inserted into the casing.
Figure 27--The two types of well heads or "Christmas trees." The well head on the left is for a flowing well and the well head onthe right is for a pumping well. If there is not sufficient reservoir pressure to cause the oil and gas to flow naturally, pumping equipment is installed at the lower end of the tubing. During well-completion it is sometimes desirable or necessary to treat or stimulate the producing zone in order to improve the permeability of the rock and increase the flow of oil or gas into the casing.
Agility, like strength, endurance, and flexibility is a component of fitness that transfers from motocross to other sports. Start by standing at one corner with cone (1) at your left foot, facing down one side of the square toward cone (2).
I recommend doing a Google search on "Agility Training Exercises" or "Agility Ladder Training" and check out some of the websites that are completely dedicated to Agility training. They drop the puck at the centre line, skate halfway around the circel and pick up their partners puck before going in for a shot on net. One great thing about motocross; if you are in shape to ride you will see some, if not all, of that physical aptitude carry over to other sports.
At first youa€™ll be shocked at how immobile youa€™ve become over the years compared to when you ran around as a kid in high-school or college. Do 3 circuits around the square as quickly as possible, catch your breath, and repeat for a total of 3 sets of 3 circuits. I have looked at most of them and the exercises presented are perfect for the motocross athlete for both the pre and in-season portions of their training. Ok, so if you are a 300 pound lineman or Sumo wrestler, the cross over characteristics are slim but any other sport requiring speed, quickness, endurance, strength, and agility will have similar cross over traits.

As you become more capable, shorten the time between each circuit by 15 seconds, until you can eventually run through 10 consecutive circuits.
Most riders know how to train for strength, improve their cardio, increase their endurance, and understand the importance of flexibility. So whether you decide to make an entire routine of nothing but agility drills or simply add a drill to the end of your workouts, agility should be a part of your motocross training.
Unfortunately, agility has been overlooked and forgotten by a lot of riders and trainers, and thata€™s a shame. The bottom plug precedes the cement down the casing, and the top plug follows the cement and precedes the displacement fluid. Agility is one of those traits that is not only vital to you as a motocross athlete but other activities as well.
Now imagine taking those same stumbling riders and turning them into good all-around athletes.
The mobility, balance, and stability it provides will help you stay on your feet throughout all aspects of your daily life and racing. People dona€™t think about it because developing agility isna€™t quantifiable; you cana€™t measure it in terms of strength (how much more weight you can lift) or speed (how many seconds faster you can run). I have even seen guys who aren't particularly fast on a bike but excel at road cycling, mountain biking and marathons, have trouble with athleticism. But without an agile body, youa€™re one swap, fall, or evasive maneuver away from serious injury. Presented with the square drill, many are surprised to find out that at first they can only walk their way through the drilla€”they don't have the stabilizer muscles or neuromuscular connections built up that will let them make sudden movements at full speed. Fortunately, it doesn't take long for their bodies to get the hang of it, and they can feel an improved sense of coordination and balance making them a more surefooted trail runner and smoother mountain biker.

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