The star drill is a great drill to teach young goalies the art of moving around the crease! REMEMBER: have the goalie adjust to the rebound if they are not able to cover or trap the puck. For more advanced goalies, you can do the same drill but allow the players to move around in a triangle more freely rather than passing and shooting from the designated areas. I picked up this drill from the Scott Fukami drill collections available to DrillDraw owners.
The drill is continuous with (1) making the next pass to the (D) and the stretch pass to (2).
The Shuffle T-Pass is a great drill to work on multiple parts of the goaltender’s game. This drill works on positioning, proper rotation when moving around your crease, proper recovery from a butterfly, playing the puck, and crease awareness.
The Michigan Tech 1 on 1 Drill is fantastic for working gap control, passing, agility skating, and many other skills! This is one of my favorite 1 on 1 drills because you can use it to work on so many different skills.
Also, make sure your defensemen get outside the blue line… that gap MUST be closed, and the defensemen need to be able to get their speed up quickly after the pivot. This site does not host any of the howtos or images, and rather link to pages accross the web. Learning to draw is a great activity that encourages the creativity of children as well as adults.
This is a fun one that touches on quite a few different skills, including backward skating, pivots, passing, drive skating, and shooting. From time to time our coaches send me drills, this is a great half-ice conditioning drill from Jan Bednar out in Slovakia.
NOTE: make sure players are alternating lines so they develop stops and starts in both directions.
Note: Make sure to have players execute at full speed, while maintaining good puck control, and staying low on the pivots. The 4 Blueline Warm-up is part of the Scott Fukami drill collections available through DrillDraw.
What do Coach K, Bobby Knight, Jim Boeheim, Dean Smith, Jim Calhoun, Adolph Rupp and Eddie Sutton all have in common? Coach Danny Miles and his staff like to keep daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats for each of their players. In Diagram A you see the path that Oregon Tech likes their players to take when shooting by mirroring the circle from left to right and then back. Diagram E you will have your guys use a rocker step (see below if you’re unfamiliar) into a jump shot. Free Throws will be the final part of this drill, with each player shooting four free throws before rotating. As your Dot Drill begins to improve, you’ll definitely want to compare your times to the national averages.
How many times would you have your players repeat this routine in an off-ice session (for example before you get on the ice)? Pete - I really like your idea of making a cardboard template, that's an easy way to make a lot of dot drills quickly!
We have a room in the back of the arena where the team skates that has very old carpet on the floor. I've never thought of trying the dot drill while stickhandling, that could throw an interesting twist into it.

I'm always looking for dryland drills that will improve agility and conditioning and are somewhat competative (always helps to improve the fun factor).
Copyright © 2002-2016 Michigan Drill Corporation - If you are having problems with our website, please contact our IT Department. The 3 Cone Rebound Drill will work on stopping the puck from outside shots, rebound control, recovering, covering the puck, handling rebounds and more. With the cost of ice time going up, many teams are sharing practice sessions, especially at the younger age groups. This could be one of the most basic hockey shooting drills out there… but it is also one of the most effective because of the concepts that can be applied.
Stynus saw the Drill Battery Charger Repair article and sent in his drill repair to Make a Cordless Drill with a Dead Battery a Corded Drill. By gutting the battery pack of the old nicad cells and installing a connector directly to the internal power connection you now have a simple way of powering the drill using an external source.
One other thing that can be done is rebuild your drill battery pack, you can often get replacement nicad cells quite inexpensively compared to the replacement battery unit from the manufacturer.
I wonder if cordless drill manufacturers will take notice: half the time I find myself using a cordless tool in a place where I could have easily plugged its power supply into the mains power. I wonder how the drill feels to use balance-wise when it doesn’t have the battery weight on it. You could use a high VA output transformer connected to mains voltage with a bridge rectifier to convert to DC, A cordless drill will withstand a much higher voltage than it’s rated, so higher the better.
ElectroNick, c’mon, if the tool manufacturers made a way to use your cordless tool hooked to 120ac how would they sell you all their overpriced batteries! IMHO this would require a bulky power source providing at least 10A – something like the one from a desktop PC. These drill collections are phenomenal, and are filled with hundreds of REALLY GOOD, well-drawn drills. Anyone can improve their drawing skills by following simple free step by step drawing online tutorials.
After receiving the pass, the puck carrier skates into the neutral zone and executes a give and go pass with (P). After picking up the return pass, the puck carrier steps into the high slot and lets a shot go. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
This drill is easy and inexpensive to set up, and only takes about a minute of the athlete’s time each day – so there are no excuses not to do it! If you decide to get one, make sure you pick up one of the thicker ones with the dots embedded in the mat itself – not just painted on.
I have been coaching for seven years and I needed to bring my coaching level to the next level.
You wouldn't be able to focus as much on quick feet, but it would definitely help to develop stickhandling ability and coordination - plus it would encourage the players' hands to operate independent of their feet, which is another important skill to develop. Players must learn to read the pressure, get a pass back to the corner, and execute a give-and-go.
However, most coaches (myself included!) don’t allocate enough time in practices to let players develop this skill.
The need for half ice hockey drills continues to grow, and has been a highly requested topic from our readers. After the fifth pass, player 1 does a touch-pass give and go with player 3, then another touch pass to player 4. Player from line 1 leaves with the puck and walks up the boards, then cycles back to player from line 2.

Player from line 1 drives through the seam for a give and go pass, receives the pass from player 2, then one-touches to player 3 or 2 for a one-timer. First forward passes to the defenseman without a puck then skates around the top of the circle and drives the net. Far defenseman times it and fires a low, hard shot that arrives just as the forward gets to the net. Defenseman who received the initial pass times it and fires a low, hard shot that arrives just as the forward gets to the net. Forward deflects the puck then stops in front of the net to screen the goalie and get ready for the third shot. Coach dumps a puck in – first player goes into corner and picks up the puck, and cycles it back. After cycling it back the first player cuts across the top of the circle and drives the net – second player passes out for a one-time shot.
The player who just made the pass continues up around the top of the circle, then drives into the corner to pick up the dump, and start the cycle from the other corner. First player leaves hash mark, turns the corner and receives a pass from the next player in line. He then carries the puck around the next cone, and does a give and go with the passer (P) at the red line. In his case he had a battery for his Bosch cordless drill die and with the cost of a replacement being so high he decided to adapt the drill into a corded drill for bench work. After 3.5 amps the laptop power supply will cut out to protect itself from burn out because the components are not rated for that high current. It does not seem very practical but still I think I will try it next time my battery goes dead. With the right group of players (and the proper number of players), this can be a very fun and effective drill. They should be squaring up to the puck, hugging posts, and get back to their proper post every time on the puck handling portion. This will allow the opposing defenseman time to close the gap properly and play the 1 on 1 the way he or she should in a game. Start by learning the basic concepts of drawing and improve your drawing technic as you go along. You can spray paint the dots onto your garage or basement floor, or onto an old piece of carpet. Here’s a quick-paced 1-timer drill that will help get your players’ shots harder and more accurate! So, instead of just doing a video or two, I put together 9 of my favorite half ice hockey drills spanning across all levels of play… beginner to advanced. He still has the ability to use it as a cordless drill since he still has one functional battery pack.
A simple series diode protects the power supply from reverse EMF that would be caused by the motor.
As your players get the hang of this drill, start pushing them to keep their feet moving throughout the entire drill. I have been out of work for nine months and without hockey and coaching I would have gone crazy. I’ve also included a printable PDF version as well as the Importable DrillDraw files, if you want to bring all this stuff to the rink with you.

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