Tool Stands Plan Descriptions: Miter Saw Station Woodworking Plan The only thing a Step-by-step plans. Drill Press Table Woodworking Plan: The table that comes with a drill press is obviously not designed for woodworking. I dont have a drill press at home because it They each have their merits and the plans Microphone stand by Computothought.
Javascript is currently disabled in your browser, please turn it on to avoid loss of functionality. Welcome, to enhance your experience we have divided our site into the following sectors. The Drill Stand 220 (Workstation) from Dremel provides the ideal tool for stationary working with your Dremel tool, allowing you to drill vertically or at an angle that is adjustable in increments of 15 degrees.
This cost-saving package combines the Dremel 3000 Series Tool with 15 Accessories, 85-0547, and the Dremel 220 Drill Stand, 85-0409. Good value but limited accuracyReviewed by: Vaughan16 January 2015I bought this Dremel Workstation (drill stand) as part of a package with the Dremel 3000 multi tool. The Workstation suffers from a familiar problem - namely plastic being used instead of metal. Having mentioned its shortcomings it does do what I wanted and produced accurate hinge placement.
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The Dremel Workstation will also hold the tool horizontally to allow easy polishing and sanding. Such a combination of drill and stand is ideal for drilling PCBs using drills with a 3.15mm shank. Dremel have confirmed that this will take a 4000 drill but it will require an additional adaptor. I wanted to use to drill small pilot holes accurately in jewellery boxes to fit hinges and catches precisely.
The quality of the individual parts are not bad but the assembly is flexible and just not that accurate. If you want more accuracy I would suggest the Proxxon Micromot MB 200 Drill Stand (twice the price) or the Micromot Drill stand (?15 more) which are all metal products and possibly more accurate. So probably not the usual application as I am drilling small holes in relatively large items.
I did not expect precision engineering for this price but I did expect the basic alignment of the components to be a little better.
Great value useful piece of equipmentReviewed by: James Anderson28 May 2014For the price this is a great value piece of kit and I have found it easy to use for drilling PCB's quickly. The Dremel Workstation has on-board accessory storage allowing you to ensure all the tools you need are to hand, and the cord management system keeps the cord safely stowed away from any moving parts and cutting edges. As I only use my Dremel drill in the Workstation I have removed the telescopic tube and hanger and so it is much lighter to move around.

Depth markings and base markings in both metric and inches provide consisnet depth and placement adjustment so your project turn out perfectly every time. In the Dremel instructions it suggests making your own but I'm not very good at making things like this. The plastic fittings make it flexible and when using anything less than high speed and razor sharp (carbide) drill bits the drill stand flexes and can leave all sorts of odd shape holes. Suitable for professionals, DIY projects and hobbyists, the Dremel Workstation will be an invaluable tool for all your project needs The Dremel Book of Inspiration also offers 50 ideas for hands-on creative projects at different levels of difficulty and limiteless opportunities for your own projects using Dremel's Versatile Tool Systems. Can u help please?AThanks for your enquiry Graham - Unfortunately we don't stock the clamps you need. Drilling PCB's at low speed with HSS micro drills is out of the question and you would be better doing it with a dremel by hand in my opinion.
For light drilling or grinding work I have found this drill press fantastic value and it is great for precision work. It's easy to adjust, has a versatile base for clamping various things and comes with a great little tool holder for your spanner and Dremel tools.

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