To keep your precision drilling set organized, our convenient wooden storage case has marked spots for each tube.
Dewalt recently released a whole slew of new Impact Ready bits and accessories, including twist drill bits and hole saws.
Swapping a drill bit for a screwdriver power bit in an impact driver is quicker and more convenient than swapping between a conventional cordless drill for boring holes and an impact driver for driving fasteners. Impact drivers are often lighter than cordless drills, and even small differences can have a huge impact on user comfort after a long day of drilling and driving.
Impact drivers are becoming more and more popular at jobsites and with DIYers, and it was only a matter of time before specialized drill bits hit the market. Second, these drill bits are enforced by a back tapered web which should make them quite durable. We compared the size of Dewalt’s Impact Ready bits to jobbers length twist bits that we had readily available.
We were thoroughly impressed with these bits and their overall construction, uni-body design, and high performance.
For the review, we tested these bits on several types of materials, including: soft wood, hard wood, aluminum, PVC, and medium duty steel sheets, and the bits handled them all with ease.
Dewalt claims that bits with Pilot Points drill burr-free round holes while competitors’ large bits would drill irregular holes without first pre-drilling pilot holes. We definitely recommend Dewalt’s new Impact Ready drill bits, and will certainly continue using them in both impact drivers and conventional cordless drills ourselves. You can find these bits at many industrial suppliers either individually or in 5, 7, or 10 piece sets.

When drilling deep holes into wood, no compression was observed, or at least if there was compression, it did not cause excessive heating, nor did any of the bits bind. For the drilling of many very deep holes, conventional bits will probably be more suitable. But I have only an ordinary DeWalt DWD115 corded electric drill, rather than an impact driver. We had the opportunity to give these new drill bits a spin, and as you will soon see in this review, we think they’re absolutely fantastic.
We have seen regular hex-shanked drill bits marketed as impact drill bits, but as far as we can tell, Dewalt’s are the first bits actually designed for impact driver use. First, these bits are of a uni-body design, which makes them much more reliable than ordinary two-piece bits. In addition to this, as either a consequence or complementary feature, these Impact Ready drill bits also have relatively short cutting flutes, which should further reduce the chances of breakage. Compared to those bits, Dewalt’s bits were shorter in most cases by about a quarter to a third, with the larger sized bits being even more noticeably short. We’ve used similarly featured Dewalt drill bits in the past, and are quite fond of how the Pilot Points allow us to skip the step of drilling pilot holes in certain materials.
The bits were very sharp out of the factory, and they remained sharp even after prolonged use. These bits can also be used in non-impact drills and drivers, and given their one-piece design, we would readily choose these bits over common two-piece hex shanked bits. We were thrilled with every aspect of the bits, but at the same time we imagine that some people might be turned off by the bits’ shorter than normal flute lengths.

We cannot say anything about their competitors’ bits, but the Pilot Point does provide nice results.
Although these bits are more costlier than regular bits, their reduced failure rates and added convenience help to offset this. I haven’t heard about these bits before, but they look great and could be perfect for my needs.
Won’t the tapered web design, while increasing strength, also act as a compressor when clearing material?
I suppose that the tapered web design could cause some compression of debris in cases where a bit is completely engaged within a workpiece.
The bits are still plenty long enough for most electricians, HVAC installers, other professionals users, and DIYers, but it’s still something to keep in mind.
We were concerned that these bits would be quicker to dull due to their being designed for impact driver use, but this apparently was not the case. Some of our holes are a little irregularly shaped, but that’s due to how we were holding the drill. When dealing with materials shorter than the length of the cutting flutes, this isn’t really a concern. You could try asking Dewalt customer service, or if you only plan to use them in low torque applications, give ’em a try.

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