Are you working on a weekend project that requires a circular saw, or belt sander?  Do you have a larger project for your construction business? EASY AUGER HIGHWAY TOWABLE ONE-MAN HYDRAULIC EARTH DRILL'S PATENTED AUGER DRIVE PROVIDES POWER WHEN YOU NEED IT WITH TORQUE UP TO 350 FOOT POUNDS AND A VARIABLE AUGER SPEED OF 75 TO 150 RPMS. Broadway Party & Tent Rental rents QUALITY Party & Event Equipment, from large corporate events to small intimate gatherings, We Rent Celebrations!
Sales Tax is charged on the rental of all equipment.No day charge for first day (24 hours). Great for cooiling a new space, supplemental cooling for tenant space or back-up emergency spot cooling for your computer room or data center. Puncture-proof pneumatic tires with steel rims and precision ball bearings for tough jobsite conditions.
Easy to use: preheat for 10 minutes, open lid and position PVC, close lid, rotate until pliable, open lid, remove PVC and form bend.

Heavy-duty, insulated metal walls and cover with reflective interior for efficient, even heat. The B70 Straw Blower is perfect for the mid-size mulching projects such as home sites, industrial and commercial projects, and highway roadsides. At 25 pounds, the Mini-SeeSnake combines portability with a rugged camera used to inspect lines up to 200 feet. Carpet & upholstery cleaning hot-water extractors are perfect for the homeowner who wants a professional machine that is built to last, and for businesses needing a compact, lightweight commercial machine. The RIDGID Inductive clamp allows users to apply a signal to a cable or pipe when connecting directly to the target conductor is not possible.
The Magna-Trak 102’s LCD indicator offers a digital bar graph display, in addition to a standard audio tone, to precisely identify the target object, especially in noisy, congested areas. Grinding of epoxy or polyurethane coatings, also ideal for regular grinding with a semi smooth finish.

Extra-long 12" cast magnesium nose, with steel wear buttons, answers the need for truck to handle bulky cartons. KarKaddy3 will tow almost any vehicle without difficult, time consuming adjustments to axles or ramps. With the versatile B70 you can do a number of applications including seed protection, soil stabilization, erosion control and straw mulch applications. The controls are designed and positioned to further enhance ergonomics and to facilitate drilling. The DM340 Drill can be used on all of Husqvarna’s larger drill stands, and for drill bits from 50 to 350 mm in diameter.

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