Participants fix makeshit power grid devices during an earthquake drill held by Tianjin Electric Power Corporation of the State Grid in Tianjin, north China, June 21, 2011.
The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency will participate in GridEx II, an international electric system security exercise that will be held between November 13-14.
The exercise will involve 5,800 major power plants and 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines. The Times reports that the federal government and private industry worked together to establish the Electricity Sub-Sector Coordinating Council comprised of high-level executives and federal officials. GridEx II was “being planned as conferences, studies and even works of fiction are raising near-apocalyptic visions of catastrophes involving the grid,” the Times notes. The proverbial Achilles Heel of not only the power of Western nations, corporate influence and profits, but also of the entire Modern, technologically-advanced world is the security of the power grid. That is, until now… The North American nations are now planning on coming together in an attempt to devise a contingency plan. The National Academy of Sciences has warned for decades that that terrorists could destroy the U.S. Facebook can lose a few users and remain a perfectly stable network, but where the national grid is concerned simple geography dictates that it is always just a few transmission lines from collapse.
The drill is being planned while studies and works of fiction alike continue to discuss seemingly apocalyptic scenarios. How Public Schools Are Invading Your Child’s Privacy With Data Mining John Connally, JFK, and Truth Suppression What Does It Mean When A Person Can Go To Jail For Telling The Truth About Jewish Lies? Yep, another stupid billion dollar exercise that will more than likely identify weaknesses they can exploit rather than actually fix anything. Some 600 people took part in the drill on Tuesday, who carried out operation on rescuing the injured and providing power service for emergency usage.

James Woolsey and others began pressuring legislatures in the states to force private sector utility companies to protect electrical infrastructure against the catastrophic effect of an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. Harrell of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, known as NERC explained the GridEx2 drill is working from a different assumption than all that came before it.
More troubling than any fictionalized vision of such a grid failure like in the 2009 novel One Second After, this year’s novel, Gridlock, co-written by Byron L. No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!Demonstrating that the US Government believes the electric grid is truly vulnerable, government officials will take part in a drill Wednesday and Thursday to simulate what would happen if the power grid is down for several months a€“ a scenario that would impact everything from food and gas delivery to water service. I up’d my preps yesterday more than usual, just in case this one actually turns the corner. The assumption is that North Korea or rogue elements within government will stage an EMP, take out the power grid, and plunge civilization into the dark ages.
The fact that this has neither happened, nor do we have any public knowledge of such an attack being thwarted is more a testimony to the lack of will amongst enemies of the State, than it is lack of ability. As previously reported by Off The Grid News, the drill known as GridX II has multiple participants, including the National Guard, the FBI, several US government agencies, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and about 150 companies. Abrams show Revolution, is the fact that the government and the media are keeping so quiet about the GridEx2 drill. Canada and Mexico also are take parting, showing how one countrya€™s power grid problems dona€™t stop at the border. I don’t relish the idea of paying for 80 gallons of fuel, but better to be topped off just in case. The power grid is often called Americaa€™s glass jaw because of the nationa€™s reliability on it but also due to its many weaknesses, such as its vulnerability to a domino effect because it is interconnected. Not MORE Perry Theories?A When Pete was at school, and throughout his teenage years, his friends and a few adults would raise their hands in alarm as Pete propounded a new theory.

The famous Northeast Blackout of 2003 began with a tree limb falling in Ohio and, after a a chain reaction, ended up with 50 million people losing power, including those in New York City and parts of Canada.
Not just in The UK, but all over the World.Normally placid creatures such as foxes and squirrels have started attacking humans. They make us obese, sluggish, and many additives are increasingly making us angry and confrontational.We are also the untidiest creatures on the planet, throwing away discarded rubbish and food. Animals and birds are opportunists, particularly in urban areas, where Mankind has deprived them of their natural food by paving over grasslands, cutting down trees for buildings and roads, and driving out the predators natural prey such as rabbits and 'game birds'.A i»?Well then, it must also apply to BIRDS AND ANIMALS! Arranged installation of separate solar digital record meter as well as arrange a new digital electric consumption meter. Solar, Wind etca€¦a€¦how they manage that is a conundrum but they do invest their profits into more 'green energy' sources.My system is 10 Panels facing slightly South East and generates income of approx A?900 per year but at the earliest rate.
The rates for later installations were reduced by this "Greenest Government ever !!"By my calculations as well as generating solar electricity it will take me approx 8 to 9 years to recover the costs of materials and installation after that its free income BUT my applying for Solar is not primarily for profit but to show that clean Solar energy is possible and an inducement to othersa€¦..sadly most would rather spend their money on a Gas guzzling A?30 grand motor !! Anyway back to the plot, I'm very pleased with my system, I've made a very good friend in Colin who is always ready to give advicea€¦.he even does the Band PAT Test for me ! But no probs now.I am looking at another piece of technology Colin has recommended and that is a way of diverting excess solar generated electricity to heating my domestic hot water. It is simply a way of life to them.Not only are many houses fitted with green roofs, but so are sheds and even bus shelters!

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