In picture 3 above, the motor shaft is shown passing through the Hammer Mechanism body where there are bearings that support the shaft. Instead of spending big bucks on one of those high power RC car motors Rabbithazen was thinking outside the box and used a Ryobi drill motor in his RC car.
I remember using a motor from a battery operated vaccum cleaner (with dead batteries) to power my RC truck when i was a kid many years ago. Hammer drills have been the choice for many operators when drilling into materials such as cement, concrete, brick, stone, block, and other masonry materials.
The drill body was stood on its end, and the Hammer Mechanism was moved out of alignment for viewing.
The shaft moves left and right causing the chuck to hammer the drill at the material while turning. As can be seen in Picture 4 above, one ribbed surface is rotated against a stationary ribbed surface. Air is forced in the adapter and up through the handle.In Picture 9 below, the housing is turned on end so we can look inside.
It wouldn’t make sense to go and buy a new drill just to harvest the motor but there are lots of ways to pick these up cheap.
In the center of the Large Gear is attached a second shaft which runs out, and is attached to, and drives the chuck. The HAMMER has a matching grove in it so that it will fit into the ANVIL’s slot when rocked. For example, most cities have a warranty depot where non-repairable drills with perfectly good motors are going into the trash. In theory they pulverize the hard material under the bit as the bit churns into the surface. As speed increases, the ribs have a tendency to walk or not fully engage as the Large gear turns or the spring weakens with age. It’s grove is slightly rounded so that when a lot of reverse pressure is applied, it will slip out of the grove.
The rear plate then channels the air into the ROTOR CYLINDER where it comes in contact with the ROTOR BLADES.

SquareSKIL Drill Press Model 3320-01 ReviewThe folks at SKIL sent us their 10″ Benchtop Drill Press (Model 3320-01) to test and review. The blades sit loosely in the rotor.Gravity causes at least 1 of the 6 blades to extend out of the rotor that catches the airflow.
When the HAMMER meets the ANVIL’s grove again, it slams in giving a hammer blow to the ANVIL. As long as air pressure is applied, the HAMMER tries to remain engaged into the ANVIL’s slot. If the ANVIL does not start moving with the HAMMER, CAGE, and ROTOR, the HAMMER slips out of the grove again. When the rotary switch is turned clockwise, the wedge moves downward and forces the Hammer Mechanism forward.
Centrifugal force moves the rest of the blades partially out of the rotor where they glide along the inside of the ROTOR CYLINDER.
This means that the resultant force exerted for drilling is greater than the force of the impact wrench alone. That with very little operator pressure, the resultant force is never less than the force generated by the impact wrench. A hammer drill can be made from an impact wrench with the use of an Impact Wrench Drill Chuck.
You can find a very useful drill speed chart here that gives some great information on the correct speed of drilling based on bit type, size and material.This drill press uses a manual belt adjustment for changing speeds. Basically that means loosening some belt tension knobs on either side of the housing, manually sliding the motor forward, adjusting the belt and then reversing the steps. The spline forces the HAMMER CAGE and HAMMER to rotate with the rotor (See Picture 10 & 11.).
In addition the table can be tilted left or right up to 45 degrees for angled holes (as shown in the adjacent photo).The work surface table offers slots so that you can use a variety of fences and clamps that use slots. If I had one complaint it would be the small size of the work surface and the lack of a slot for a sacrificial wood block for the drill bits to bottom out on.LaserX2™ 2 Beam Laser SystemThe 3320-01 comes with a laser beam system that helps align drill bits on the work piece.
As you can see in the photo above the LaserX2™ 2 Beam Laser System projects two laser lines on the work piece.

Once you’ve aligned the lasers it really makes lining up large bits (like the Forstner bit shown) much easier and accurate.
I like both of these features especially for a benchtop drill like this where kids might have easy access to it.
I did read some negative reviews on their site about some wobbly spindles but I couldn’t reproduce that issue so I think those were isolated issues.
All and all I’d recommend this benchtop unit to anyone with limited space and a limited budget. I’m sure I could have placed the whole assembly into a vise and pounded that ring off but why should I risk damaging a brand new drill press? I tried calling the customer service number but apparently they are not available on weekends.
So after some cursing and frustration I have packed it back in the box and will be returning it to Lowe’s for a full refund. I was really looking forward to using the drill press this weekend but I guess my project will just have to wait. January 7, 2013 at 11:45 amI too was surprised to find the column ring so hard to remove but by using a rubber hammer and working around the column and moving it a little at a time it eventually loosened up and I could proceed with the setup. After removal I noticed that he factory had tightened the set screw down so hard as to burr the column.
Reply Todd Fratzel January 17, 2012 at 6:42 amIs the bolt engaging it’s threads on the opposite side of the collar? Reply Amy September 30, 2015 at 5:23 pmThanks for posting that, because I was wondering if I was a feeb or if the equipment was defective, but nope, I was just putting it in from the wrong side.

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