You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. With 21 torque settings, this 18 volt cordless drill driver allows you to perform a variety of drilling tasks. This powerful angle grinder provides quick stock removal and efficient shaping, grinding and cutting of metal. This versatile dual temperature heat gun is the ideal tool for stripping paint and varnish, removing decals, shrinking wire wraps, loosening fittings, and thawing pipes. The cordless drill driver comes with a swivel-head flashlight with 3-position tilt to illuminate your work in dim areas.
The heat gun features two heat settings to accommodate a wide variety of jobs and a superior coil design that heats materials more quickly than other heat guns on the market. Features include an electric brake, keyless chuck and one 18 volt battery interchangeable with other 18 volt Drillmaster tools. The only reason I gave it only four stars is because the battery and charger are pieces of junk.

With a two-position auxiliary handle and easy-to-replace carbon brushes, this is the ideal angle grinder for the home craftsman and professional contractor alike. This is an exception!Out of the box, I used some Tera gun lube on the transmission, and some thin gun oil in the transmission bearings. I planed some great wood all the wood i plane is all hard-wood including hard-maple, walnut, oak and some other wood i was not to sure what it was.
Thing runs smooth, doesn't stink like burning electronics, spins up evenly, and the rocker switch works well too.This is seriously a no brainer. Looking at my old name brand heat gun that lasted me 10 years before it gave up the ghost, I noticed it had huge open vents compared to the Drill Master gun.
Have sku # printed on planer (32222), don't have original receipt, nor know item # of my planer.
The grinder does get hot fairly quickly so don't just keep it on or you will burn it up, let it cool off as necessary. My grinder lasted 4 months, I'm a little disappointed but when it was working it worked well and I knew it was getting hot but wanted to finish before it got dark on me.

I will not use a hand scraper ever again except in the corners where I can't reach with the grinder. I just hope the grinder failed because I let it get too hot and not because the switch is poorly designed or constructed.
A few weeks ago I bought a utility trailer that needed a new floor and thought this would be the perfect time to try it out as all of the bolts were rusted solid. The tool cut very well and I was making good headway when, after 9 bolts, the tool stopped. Fortunately the tool came with a spare set of brushes and, after installing one, it works just fine.
The only problem is that now the door hit the rug and it bunched up every time you open the door.

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