Insights from IndustryASTM Standard D8004 for In-Service Lubricant Analysis: An Interview with Dr. Latest Materials ArticlesASTM Standard D8004 for In-Service Lubricant Analysis: An Interview with Dr. Induction heating technology is a more effective, cost-efficient solution for tube and pipe manufacturers. Induction systems are eco-friendly and capable of selectively heating only parts of a tubular product.
Since today’s oil and gas pipelines use more thin-wall steel alloy pipes, manufacturers and installers are showing interest towards Ambrell induction heating systems, which provide the required fast, accurate and homogeneous heating. For bending larger, thicker walled pipes, induction heating is ideal as it offers the focused narrow band heating with higher quality bends with lower wall thinning and ovality when compared to other bending techniques.
Ambrell offers induction heating systems with various frequency and power levels for hot pipe bending.
Oil and mineral drill pipe manufacturers are using Ambrell induction heating systems to fulfill the prerequisites of API 5DP and GOST R 50278. When the tool post is friction or arc welded onto the pipe end, the weld and surrounding pipe becomes brittle. The mineral drill pipes’ internal and external threaded ends are heat treated and surface hardened to get toughened tube-end and to reduce wear due to repeated connecting and disconnecting in the drilling process. The PDC or TCI inserts are the cutting portion of the drilling tool, so they will wear out with use.
The brazing silver and copper eutectic alloy of the insert has a melting temperature of 790 °C, which is much lower than the melting temperature of copper or silver.
As a pioneer in solid-state induction heating technology, with over 25-years of innovation, Ambrell provides industry-leading heating solutions.
This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Ambrell - An Ameritherm Company.
In this instructable I am going to show you how to make your own Soldering Station, it works with dimmer switch.
This collection contains all the entries to Digilent Design Contest 2016 edition Nexys 4 DDR (FPGA) Based Lock-in Amplifier Entry to Digilent Design Contest 2016. Lock-in amplifier is an instrument, that measures amplitude and phase shift of periodic signals precisely. The main purpose of this project is to buid a digital radio transmitter using a fpga development board (Nexys 4) from Digilent, a hardware descrption language(vhdl) and a high speed digital to analog converter from Analog Devices adv7123. It is a tool based on a ZYBO board which allows testing and debugging of microprocessors designs. This instructable idea was like a technical challenge : try to detect the presence of a AC live wire, without contact and without current flowing. I have appended all the documents concerning the complete description of the project both in schematic and theoretical format.
Build a Wireless Power Transmission system that can power a light bulb or charge a phone from up to 2 feet away!
Our objective going into this project was the design a system which tracks cycles and displays their location and their availability online. This is my current AS Level Systems and Control project which i have been designing since September.
Describe the topic to which your project is related.Since we decided to create an RC boat, we could say that our projet is related to electronics (Arduino - Motor, servo) and 3D printing (Body, propeller, etc).

This document gives an example of how to control the LED by PC, and solve some of the doubts raised, I will also do a video uploaded to the Internet, welcome Click to watch. We carry so much critical and sensitive information on our Smartphones, what would you do if your phone got stolen?Luckily both major phone platforms(Android,IOS) offer first-party methods of encrypting your Smartphones.Were going to be taking a look at both of them.
I, along with many other people, have childhood memories of walking into a movie theater, grocery store, or arcade and seeing a large glass box filled with toys. One of the more powerful capabilities of 1btn is its ability to integrate with existing web services such as IFTTT, Zapier, and others.
For some reason I always end up needing a reason to switch a mains powered device with a microcontroller so I decided to finally make a test jig with some spare parts I have lying around. If you like the classic look on your n64, but want a change every now and then This is the instructable for you. I wanted to connect an AC-Adapter to a device witch uses two AA batteries, but there was no place to connect the AC-Adapter.
So I have searched for a door look sensor but couldn't find a good solution so I made one of a microswitch and a nexa remote I had laying around. This IoT project is designed to create a useful device and also a framework for other devices.Why do you want this?
Now that you have converted your miniquad to run the Ardupilot mini by following my previous instructable, it’s time to configure the software.
It is an ideal solution for operations including hot bending, brazing or coating, heat treating and weld stress relieving.
They also offer ergonomic benefits and occupy less floor space when compared to conventional furnaces and ovens. For butt welding, the joint area is preheated by induction heating to 150-200 °C to prepare the surface for a uniform quality weld. Induction hot pipe bending is also a suitable replacement for conventional fit-and-weld methods, helping companies to fulfill the stringent safety requirements of the chemical and energy industries. For hot pipe bending, the pipe is surrounded by an induction heating coil at the bend point and heated. Induction is utilized frequently for heating multiple pipes in a single channel coil, or sequentially in a multi-position coil that fabricates one pipe-end in 150 sec. Induction heating is used in the reclaiming process to heat up the drill bit, which allows the inserts to be removed for rebuilding the drill bit.
This low melt temperature eliminates diamond bit overheating during brazing, resulting in a strong joint to the drill bit. Hence, the company can help customers to achieve optimal productivity and cost efficiencies irrespective of their pipe or tube applications.
Our equipment, installed in over 50 countries, is supported by our network of dedicated induction-heating experts. Using a 2900lbs Max Force electromagnet in its base the JIC 28C sticks directly to the metal surface you are drilling. Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland Digital low bit-rate voice communication Entry to Digilent Design Contest 2016.
Nowadays modern society brings a lot of needs for a living person while the time to look for, to repair and to check everything is becoming insufficient. Instead of signal filtering to measure known frequency, it uses properties of sine function to achieve very high Q factor (selectivity). The beauty of it is that you'll only need a MCU (arduino nano here), a wire, two resistors and a LED.

Old, unused cycles can be repaired and can be allotted for these purposes in campuses like IIT G. William James, August, 2015Abstract Blinking LEDS contain a small IC chip that cause them to continuously blink on and off when a voltage is applied.
Hopefully this will be much safer than having exposed mains wire floating around everywhere. However the remote broke and I had to use something else, like this magnetic sensor which is supposed to have a on or off activated constantly. Moreover, it provides a higher quality coating solution by heating the metal substrate under the coating and curing the coating from the inside out. The heated pipe is then bent into the desired shape by applying pressure using a bending arm. These heating techniques not only provide the time needed for the heat to pass through the pipe wall but also in line with the 180-second floor-to-floor cycle time. Induction heating is ideal for pre-heating the drill bit to 600°C to prepare the torch brazing of the diamond inserts. The versatile systems are offered with multiple capacitor and tap transformer configurations. With a firm commitment to innovation and continuous improvement,we are proud to deliver quality products and solutions for a variety of industries and markets.
The power of the magnet ensures the machine will not move, even when drilling through thick metal. This results in softer surface and enables solvent evaporation and any outgassing to take place. Air and water quenches are utilized before and after heating to help bending only at the hot zone. Ambrell is an Ameritherm company headquartered in the United States with worldwide operations including Ambrell Ltd. The strong base provides more leverage than a hand drill does, allowing the user to make more even holes without the wobble of a hand drill. We all fall in love with mechanics and electronics, we are learning in technical universities.
Removing coatings for recoating pipes and tubes is another typical application of induction heating.
Ambrell offers fast and efficient induction heating solutions for all phases of the curing operation. It is easier to integrate these systems into a customer’s existing process due to their small footprint.
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