Serializing Chart Data - see how to persist a chart's data and appearance to a persistent store. Each series in a chart is composed of a set of data points, which are modeled via the DataPoint class. In addition to X and Y values, data points can include additional bits of information, including an associated URL.
URL it becomes click-able in the rendered chart image, and clicking the data point whisks the user to the specified URL. XValue and YValues properties, the DataPoint class offers a number of other properties, one of them being the Url property. CategoryName fields of each category in the Categories table, along with the number of products associated with each category.
With this code in place, the Simple.aspx web page shows a column chart of the categories' number of products. At this point we have created the drill down chart but we still need to implement the details page, ProductsInCategory.aspx.
Perhaps the user is interested in discovering what category contains the most expensive product.
This property can be used to inject JavaScript into the image map so that some action can occur in response to a client-side event. The problem I ran into when trying to use the above approach is that I couldn't determine the CategoryID. The Series object has the YValuesPerPoint property, which is used in bubble graphs to specify the bubble size.
During the DataBound event, simply retrieve this second value for each point, and use it to set additional attributes. FLSmidth has signed a contract worth approximately USD 40m (approximately DKK 200m) with state owned LILIAMA Vietnam Machinery Installation Corporation for the supply of a coal handling facility, including ship unloading and storage facilities with a capacity of 400,000 tons, for a coal-fired power plant owned by Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam). The scope of the contract includes complete engineering, design and supply of all key components as well as supervision of erection and commissioning.
In developing mineral resources, the focus of project owners and key stakeholders is typically centred on the management of identified social and environmental impacts and compliance with regulatory requirements. Before attempting to use the hand drill, you want to make sure you have a good amount of tinder. Your tinder bundle should be made up of stringy, fluffy, and combustible materials like dry grass, wood shavings, cattails, bark fibers, and punkwood.

Tap the board to get the ember onto your leaf or piece of bark, then transfer it over to your tinder bundle and blow into the bundle until you get a flame.
If you have a hard time with this method, or your hands start to ache, a bow drill can be used in the same fashion.
There is much talk about this technique but no one ever shows how long it takes to make an ember. Yes, the wood is pretty important, especially matching your spindle and floorboard from the same tree or better yet the same log. Wood selection downward pressure and speed is key to the hand drill as far as it being easy like the article states I would have to say that it is not, but with the proper training and materials it can be.
Like I said sotol and yucca are the easiest woods to use but their so easy they may spoil you when you need to step up and use a harder wood. Drilling up and down is probably the simplest OLAP technique to master: it is simply a way of expanding and collapsing the cells in a Grid report to show their component parts. The indentation of the members in a Grid reflects what level they are on if this option is selected.
The drill across menu allows you to expand the grid using a dimension that isn't currently in the grid. This example shows the Drilldown To option that enables you to select the axis value used to drill down.
Current Headcount chart displays the data based on the selected location, California Location. Ditto for a column chart, although it may help to think of the Y value as the height of the column. Specifically, we'll walk through two demos that display the same data using a column chart. The second demo enhances the chart to display the corresponding category's products when hovering the mouse over the category column.
The above code adds the a new data point the the chart's SeriesName series, using the department name as the X value and the gross sales as the Y value.
As you can see, we start by getting the data from the SqlDataSource control by calling its Select method. While this is certainly nice, it can be inconvenient if the user wants to quickly scan the detail data.
This property, if specified, defines what client-side attributes should be applied to the image map for each DataPoint.

The rise in power costs for the Chinese aluminium smelters that buy power from the grid (accounting for ~45% of Chinese production) highlights the main bullish argument for aluminium prices over the medium term - the outlook for rising costs (particularly energy). The plant is located in the Ha Tinh province in Vietnam, approximately 400 km south of Hanoi.
Unfortunately, opportunities to protect and enhance the environment and communities are frequently overlooked, or not taken full advantage of.
A hand drill works by creating heat through friction, thus creating an ember that can then be used to start a fire.
One of the most important parts of any friction fire-starting method is the type of tinder you use to turn the ember into a flame. Once you have the tinder materials, make sure toA  fluff them up and create as much surface area as possible for the ember to ignite. Then, while maintaining a good amount of downward pressure, roll the stick between the palms of your hands, running them very quickly down the stick. When I worked at a Scout camp in the Midwest, they had this program called Firecrafter where one of the requimements was to build a 15 minute fire-by-friction from boys 13-18. My first ember with a hand drill was basswood and red cedar there are a lot of good woods to use sotol and yucca being the easiest but that can spoil you. Row or column members can be drilled down to show the child members on the level below, or drilled up again to hide them. Charts summarize and illuminate patterns in data in a way that long tables of numbers simply cannot.
The most effective time to identify and respond to such opportunities is during a project’s planning and design phases.
This is also useful when you are drilling from a portal or third party application into InfoCaptor Dashboard.
They had a shorter spindle (ankle to knee) and used a gripping log called the thunder head and put their body weight onto it.

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