I used this set to drill a hole into a wine bottle, I started with a small bit, making a small nick into the bottle with the small bit, then after drilling the small hole I moved up to a larger bit.
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New bits, at least nitride coated, plenty of cutting oil, use a punch to make a starting dent, or even a hole, if you can. For drilling stainless steel (which is quite hard, thanks to the chromium), your best bet are cobalt-steel drill bits (here's an example). Regarding technique, the trick for drilling hard metals is to drill with a slow speed and high pressure on the drill. In addition, the required hole size matters - for small holes (up to 3-4 mm) you'd need to be careful lest you break the drill bit (which is quite easy to do).
I would add pouring cool water on area and bit helps and reversing slowly to get your bit out. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged drill hole steel metal-cutting or ask your own question.

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The reinforced, carbide tips are long-lasting and precise, and prevent bit cracking in large sizes. Set speed on drill, used water to cool and lubricate surface, used a slow pumping action all to no avail on first bit, others worked as expected. I have to drill holes in a stainless tube but I wasn't able to with HSS Drill tips last night (I've followed youtube video tutorials). If you can't, a little sandpaper wrapped around a posicle stick to rough up the target surface should help get started.
Cobalt steel drill bits are significantly harder than regular HSS drill bits and will cut the stainless steel much better, allowing easier drilling.
Percussion is used for masonry work, and will only damage the drill bit and work when drilling metal.

I normally have a bench grinder close at hand to keep the drill edge sharp, essentially as soon as you get the bit to hot (speed) you will not have that bite on the blade that was mentioned above. Home improvement expert, Kayleen McCabe shows you which bit to use when and can help you decide when to DIY or hire a guy.
They are characterized by a dark golden color (as opposed to lighter golden color of titanium-oxide coated bits, like the ones you've linked) and are more expensive than regular HSS bits. Don't use drill bits that are too close in diameter, as this may cause them to screw into the metal instead of drilling it (for example, for an 8 mm hole, don't use 7mm and then 8mm. High speed drilling will often just overheat the drill bit and the metal, without actually doing anything. Cooling and lubricating are also important, but for 1.5mm wall thickness I think it's not that critical.

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