You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. These high speed step drill bits feature a titanium nitride coating so they run cool and are made out of high speed steel for a long service life. Currently in the drilling industry, there are two main categories of drilling bits: rolling cutter bits and fixed cutter bits.
Rolling cutter bits, which some may also call roller cone bits or tri-cone bits, have three cones. There are two types of rolling cutter bits which are milled-tooth bits and tungsten carbide inserts (insert bits). Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) or Insert bits generally have tungsten carbide inserts (teeth) that are pressed into the bit cones. Fixed cutter bits consist of bit bodies and cutting elements integrated with the bit bodies.
Nowadays, with the improvement that have been made in fixed cutter bit technology, the PDC bits can drill almost any kind of formations from soft to hard formation. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. HET™ Inserts - Improving the attributes of TCI overcomes the traditional trade-off between wear resistance and fracture toughness of TCI components and actually makes TCI components both harder and tougher. Mud Motor Hardfacing - For demanding motor applications, a generous application of tungsten carbide hardfacing is applied to the shirttail lower edge and leading edge of the bit leg to provide enchanced seal protection. Stabilization Inserts - Enchance standard shirttail patterns by providing bit stabilization and additional protection to the pressure compensator in high-angle applications or in deviation-prone formations. Thermally Stable Extreme Pressure (EP) Lubricant - Formaulated to work synergistics with the bearing materials.

Hardmetal Inlays - Critical bearing surfaces are presision-machined to provide superior bearing performance by reducing friction and wear. HSN High Aspect Ratio Seal - Provides positive sealing against contaminates with lower seal face contact stresses.
Aggressive design for ultra-soft formations to achieve high penetration rates with minimum down pressure. Chisel shaped inserts on inner rows with gage shape variations from chisel to dome to resist gage rounding through the medium formation range.
Conical shaped inserts on inner rows with gage variations from conical to dome for abrasive formations requiring maximum pressures. Dome shaped inserts throughout for hard to extra-hard formations where heavy drilling weights are necessary.
The drill bits automatically deburr holes as you drill and the two-flute design provides faster, smoother cutting.
These teeth will produce smaller, more rounded, crushed, and ground cuttings from hard formations. The fixed cutter bits are designed to excavate holes by shearing formations rather than cutting or gouging formations, such as rolling cutter bits. However, if you plan to drill very hard formations, you might consider using diamond bits instead. I would however appreciate if you could write a post on how to select drill bits using IADC Codes for different types of formations.
The lubricant maintains high relative viscosity even when the bearings are subject to extreme energy levels in demanding applications. Optimum insert design for high penetrations rates in formations with high compressive strengths.

Optimum insert design and spacing for maximum resistance to abrasion and insert breakage. We shall offer you a best service with quality products, competetive price and in time delivery.1. The rolling cutting bits can be used to drill any formations if the proper cutter, bearing, and nozzle are selected.
The components of bits are composed of bit bodies fabricated from steel or tungsten carbide alloy and fixed blades integrated with abrasion-resistant cutters. Horizontal Technology uses the next generation in bit performance - the Varel® High Energy (HE) Series Bit. The cutters in the bits that are available on the market are Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters (PDC) and natural or synthetic diamond cutters. The HE Series bits are able to withstand applications where the combination of bit weight and rotary speed is at the high end of the spectrum, and by so doing, deliver better performance and outcomes in critical application. HE Series bits are engineered as a solution to increasing demands on drill bits which require greater weight on bit (WOB) and higher rotations per minute (RPM) for faster drilling. In that case, we believe we can help you to strengthen your resource and make you competitive in the marketTungsten carbide tipped drill bits which unique types geometry and random-space tips provide clearly cutting, fast feed rate, less vibration, smooth hole surface and long tool life, the effective of drilling is much better and quicker than the common drills.Tungsten carbide tipped drill bits can be used on magnetic drilling presses, drilling machine and electric drill in rotary mode and all kinds of drilling presses with all types of shankYour any requirement will receive our prompt and careful attentions.

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