The reason being is, unlike many other companies which only put a cobalt plating on otherwise standard steel drill bits, Irwin Tool’s drill bits are cobalt steel through and through. The embedded cobalt found throughout Irwin Tool’s drill bits allows them to provide superior overall performance and durability, being able to resist much more heat and for a longer period of time. As plated models will only have a layer of cobalt steel over them, the underlying metal will often break down under prolonged heat exposure during high abrasive drilling. Here is one of its standard drill bits made out of M-35 cobalt steel, containing 5 percent cobalt.
If the jobs you do require a little bit more versatility, and you need to drill holes in a number of different diameters and lengths, you can purchase this starter set of 15 pieces, which includes the following bit sizes. This 15 piece set comes with a hard plastic case with rubber siding for easy carrying and to help keep your drill bits protected and organized. If you would like to buy an Irwin Tool’s 29 Piece Cobalt Drill Bit Set, you can purchase the standard M-35 option for about $100.
Dewalt cobalt drill bits are rather unique from the competition in that they have a much wider web. Ensuring this structure is strong is very important, especially in high temperature applications, those in which cobalt drill bits are often used.
Dewalt cobalt drill bits are available with a number of hardware and industrial equipment retailers, who offer a wide range of purchasing options.
If you need a wider range of sizes to handle more intricate work, Dewalt also offers its twenty nine piece set, product ID DW1269. Bosch cobalt drill bits are also able to cut through metals more efficiently, and at the same time stay sharper longer.
These are sold at various specialty tool shops, and there are a number of purchasing options. If you plan to use them infrequently, or for very basic work, you can purchase a smaller set containing the most common sizes.
As far as customer and reader feedback about Bosch cobalt drill bits, for the most part they meet expectations and provide satisfactory performance.
When you are looking for a drill bit that will be able to cut through metal, cobalt drill bits are the usual preferred choice. While they can both be used to drill through metal and other hard materials, they have slightly different usage recommendations. These bits are able to remain intact in temperatures as high as 1100 degrees Fahrenheit on average. Titanium drill bits can cut through some metals, but because they do not have as high of a heat resistance (threshold is around 600 degrees Fahrenheit) as cobalt drill bits, they are better suited for general purpose applications such as drilling through wood, plastics, and soft metals like brass, aluminum, gold, and copper.
Harder and more malleable than cobalt, they are able to take on more pressure, tensile stress, and dings. Special Hi-Molybdenum tool steel Substantially longer cutting life Nitro-carburized flute has increased Rockwell hardness & will out perform cobalt Cuts harder material The flatter point takes a smaller chip. And when the bits start to become dull, they can be resharpened to perform and last just as they did when you first bought them.
Furthermore, after a while the plating will eventually come off, dramatically reducing the bit’s drilling efficiency as well as durability.

You can buy them individually for about $5 – $7 each, depending on length, or you can buy them in sets. This drill bit features shorter cutting lips, which significantly reduces the amount of torque needed to drill through high tensile strength surfaces, which makes the job much easier to complete. If you are interested in purchasing this set, a number of online retailers will sell it for around $30 – $40.
You can also purchase the heavy duty M-42 set, which features eight percent cobalt steel drill bits, for about $150.
A drill bit’s web is the center pillar like structure that joins the cutting lands, and the point from which the chisel edges rotate in order to burrow through the material being drilled. They have a split point set at an optimal 135 degrees to enable them to penetrate surfaces very easy.
Perhaps the most popular option is the DW1263 fourteen piece set, which includes the following sizes.
While the traditional high speed steel drill bit will usually fail around 600 degrees Fahrenheit, Bosch cobalt drill bits are able to resist temperatures reaching up to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit, nearly twice as much.
They will start cutting the surface on contact, staying on point without veering off center, making clean straight holes. You should find the CO18 assortment of eighteen bits suitable for the majority of applications.
You can purchase the CO4013 thirteen piece package for around $37, or the CO10 ten piece set for around $25.
Some have said they prefer the Dewalt brand, because of their thicker web construction, which provides more durability for frequent heavy use.
That is, cobalt drill bits are generally reserved for high speed low pressure drilling, such as when drilling through thick slabs of hard metal such as steel, cast iron, and tungsten, as well as other high abrasive materials like rock, during which high levels of heat occur as a byproduct. However, they are not recommended for daily heavy use because cobalt is a brittle metal that can break under high levels of pressure or tensile stress. Bits are held in a tool called a drill, which rotates them and provides torque and axial force to create the hole. Although they can be resharpened, there will be a noticeable drop in performance and you will often have to resharpen them at increasingly shorter intervals. To make drilling even easier, it has a split point set at 135 degrees, specifically designed to burrow through the material with little pressure applied from the user.
This eliminates the need to create pilot holes, and minimizes the chances of the bit skidding about on the surface.
This also means that they are able to maintain higher speeds while their HSS counterparts must operate at increasingly slower speeds as temperatures rise in order to keep from failing.
This set has a regular price of around $50 but you can find it online for around $30 – $35. If down the line you need a particular size that is not included in the original set, you can always purchase these bits individually for around $2 – $20 depending on the size. Thus, we frequently get people asking about cobalt drill bits vs titanium drill bits, for instance what the difference between the two types are, and if one is better than the other. It is also sensitive to rusting and corrosion so it is recommended that you keep them in safe storage and only bring then out for these specialty jobs.

So in contrast, they are best utilized by applying more thrust but less speed to the drill.
That is, their entire construction, inside and out, is composed of an alloy of steel, mixed with 5% – 8% cobalt. Since Dewalt cobalt drill bits feature a web that is on average two times wider than other drill bits, they will offer the user superior strength and breakage resistance to get the hardest jobs done. They are both good options for high abrasive drilling but there are some key differences between the two that you should take note of in order to make an informed decision on which one to buy. They are the perfect solution if you need bits that can deliver more cutting power and take on more abuse than standard high speed steel drill bits. Titanium drill bits are not pure, and are merely high carbon steel with a titanium nitride coating.
On the Ultra Bor™ Super Premium products, they routinely cut recognized tool tolerance standards by one half to insure that their customers receive drills manufactured to the tightest possible specification and utmost in consistency and accuracy. These cartridges are removable so if you only need a particular range of sizes you can just bring that along to your work area. This is why they are often recommended and used by professionals in a wide range of industries, including electricians, elevator installers and repairmen, contraction, HVAC and metal workers, as well as general contractors. While the average high speed steel drill bit has a HRC of around 55 – 60, Bosch cobalt drill bits have a HRC rating of 68. This difference in construction ultimately will affect the bits’ durability and long term performance. If you need to bring along the whole set, also included with your purchase is a heavy duty overmolded rubber carrying case. The Bosch brand even has a slight performance edge over other brands of cobalt drill bits, which usually have HRC ratings around 65 – 67. Because it is pure, the cobalt drill bit, if used and maintained properly, will last much longer. A comprehensive drill bit and tap size chart lists metric and imperial sized drill bits alongside the required screw tap sizes. A titanium bit, with a significantly harder surface, will stay sharp for a very long time before it needs to be resharpened. The term drill may refer to either a drilling machine or a drill bit for use in a drilling machine.
Eventually, however, it will become dull and eventually need resharpening, which unfortunately removes the titanium nitride coating at the tip, after which you must resharpen it frequently in order for it to maintain its cutting power. It will, however, still outperform a standard drill bit because it will still have its coating along the side and in the flute.

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