Ideal for marking quarantined, defective or rejected   products, parts, bins or areas.
Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems is now offering our introductory to Torchmate CAD seminar free of charge. Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems will be doing inventory from 9am on September 23 until 7am on September 28th.
Torchmate® CAD 9 is the latest software update offered by Lincoln Electric® Cutting Systems. A number of web sites have on-line calculators that convert inches to millimeters, display drill bit sizes, etc.

We have solved this problem for you by offering you free one-page tables that are easy to read. While these charts are copyrighted, you may print as many copies as you like for your own use.
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Use this a€?NON-CONFORMING MATERIALa€? imprinted tape to meet ISO 9000 Element 4.13 requirements. In some cases, they have been rounded off to the number of decimal points that allowed them to be printed on a single page.

Using this barricade tape will help ensure nonconforming products are in quarantine and safe from unintended use or installation for quality control. The problem is that when you are standing at your lathe or milling machine, you can't very well go on-line or thumb through a book. If you print them out on card stock, you can take them to Office Depot , Kinko's, or a similar store and have them laminated.

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