One of the Advanced Basketball Dribbling Drills Using Wall with two balls at the same time. You need to start this drill by facing the wall with your feet 20-30 centimeters (10-12 inches) from the wall. Dribble the basketball with your dominant hand on the wall first, and your weaker hand on the floor. Doing so you will achieve so great basketball dribbling skills and you will find out that  dribble only one ball in the game is a piece of cake for you. 3v1 possession - three players work hard to create angles to the left and right of the ball. U10 Formation 2-1-2- This is the ideal formation for the NRASL program and should be tried every session. After you do your warm-up drills to get your body moving and your feet moving (and a great ball handling drill to warm up with is the “Cone Warm-Up Drill), it’s time to move into the ball handling drill.
A good amount of dribbles would be 20 dribbles with one hand, 20 dribbles on the other hand.
After the designated number of reps, you will continue with to “yo-yo” the ball forward and backwards.

Did you find these ball handling drill ideas valuable?  Would you like to see others?  Share your thoughts and comments below!  And don’t forget to Become a Fan on Facebook, where we are always sharing other great ball handling drill tips and techniques! At first the ball will tend to go down from the wall and your job is to not to slip the ball, while at the same time you dribble other basketball with your weaker hand against the floor.
You will become more aware of the situation on the court and that way more useful to your teammates.
Dribble and cut using left foot pass ball to next player who cuts between cones with left foot (open hips)2.
Ball handling is still considered to be a “warm-up” drill so you can get yourself going, but it’s something that you need to practice every day.
We can yo-yo forward and backwards, keeping one leg in front, and then switching and putting the other leg in front. You don’t want to tense up – keep it smooth, relaxing your body and shoulders, and pound the ball. Not looking at the ball while you dribble will make you better assistant and you will better recognize situations in the basketball game. Drible cut with left foot and pass player receiving ball cuts between cones and plays give and go with player that gave them the ball.

Because any kind of move you make in basketball, you’re going to have to dribble the ball. To be able to do that dribbling drill you already must have perfect coordination and a proper basketball dribbling skills.
You simply have no time to look at the basketball while you dribble and that is what we really want. U11 Formation 3-3-1- This is the ideal formation for NRASL and should be tried at every session.
Check out Basketball Crossover You Tube Chanel where you can see how to start with your ball handling workout. This particular drill is at the final stage and when you are able to do 30 reps with each hand you are ready to go on with basketball dribbling drills in movement which  will be posted here very soon.

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