This tutorial describes how to reskin, or change the default texture, of items that already exist in-game. Tools needed are the Dragon Age Toolset, and a grafic editing Applications capable of Opening, Editing and Saving DDS Texture Files.
Most armor and weapons have a tint map, and if the aim is simply to recolor a model, then a custom tint should be used.
The Item Type is lastly referenced by the Game, when choosing which gender and race this item is worn.
Open up the Toolset and in the Resource Palette on the upper right click on "Items" (appears as a sword icon). In the listing of information that appears to the left of the item, note that the "Base Item Type" is "Clothing", which is branching off into the Item Variation. At the end of MMH file (extract, open and Expand All with the toolset), is the reference to the material object filename (page up two or three times from the end of the file). Spend a little time browsing through these files, and the naming convention will become clear.
Model textures are located in two "texturepack.erf" ERF packages, corresponding to high resolution and medium resolution textures. To prepare for extracting the textures, we must create a directory mimicking the structure of the Dragon Age packages folder. The Suffixes for Texturefiles are describing their Formats, which is described under Textureformats.

At this stage, if we wanted to edit the existing robe textures, we could do so by changing these files. Once this has been done for all of the robe textures (in both the "High" and "Medium" folders), we'll be ready to override the default textures in Dragon Age. To override the existing textures, copy the "textures" folder containing the modified textures, and paste this folder into the Dragon Age override folder. As an example, the default textures of the human female mage's apprentice robes will be changed.
In any case, recoloring a model which already has a tint applied will either not work or lead to unpredictable results.
A somewhat difficult task will be finding out which files are tied to the model so that you can edit them.
How DDS Files are referenced by an Item you see in Game is a long list of database references. It has many pages, locate page "clothing_variation" since we know our "Base Item Type" is of "Clothing". The armor prefixes are a compound of a "race" letter -- h, d, e, q, k (for children) and p (for person, or humanoid) -- and a gender letter -- m, f or n.
These packages can be found in the (dragon age install directory)\packages\core\textures\ folder.
To do this, create a new folder named "textures" in a convenient location (for example, on your desktop).

To locate the textures of the mage's robes, scroll down to "" in one of the two texturepack ERFs.
Additionally, a custom tint file has the advantage of working for both high and medium textures at all LOD.
For instance, a Chest mesh (the actual model or msh file) is by necessity both race and usually gender specific, several mmh files will usually reference one msh and are prefixed similarly, while textures will map to any model with the correct UV map, so usually begin with "p" and may or may not be gender specific. The Files will be in both "high" and "medium" and the quality setting in the game will decide which to choose.
In the following list you see the ResourceName followed by ItemName "gen_im_cth_mag_app (Apprentice Robes)". Once you understand the prefixes, the textures can usually be located quickly in the relevant erf, with the part code (where applicable) coming next, followed by the item variation code, followed by the texture code.
The "high" folder will be where the high-resolution textures are extracted to, and the "medium" folder will be where the medium-resolution textures are extracted to. For the high-resolution texturepack.erf, extract these images to the "textures\high\" folder just created. Additionally a game installation needs to be News Bioware Unleashes the Dragon Age Beta Toolset.

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