Some links (like Amazon) go to shops via my affiliate accounts—or to eBay, where I write a blog. With proper planning and care, you can safely add mirrors to a garden for interesting effects.
This favourite garden art project uses the blades from old ceiling fans plus a table leg and few other kitchen items. Make it as sophisticated or shabby chic as you like—I made this one with an old kitchen colander and some leftover lamp crystals. My wheelbarrow and lawnmower were both getting rusty so I decided not only to paint them with rust protector but to stencil them as well. Connect with Melissa here at Empress of Dirt, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I still had all the small tools to deal with and decided to make use of some of the space between the studs on the exterior wall. If you have been following my blog for awhile you might notice the similarity to another project on a smaller scale. Lasher Tools launched its app at the recent East Coast Radio Garden Show, which is now available for free from app stores. Lasher Tools recognised the need for a consumer app to make lives easier – the thought behind the launch of the Lasher app was to create a platform that Lasher customers could use to interact with the company and glean helpful and practical information. App users have access to other information such as general live news feeds, including financial news, day-to-day news, live sports feeds, recipes and more. Consumers log onto the app using Facebook which also links to other social links such as Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

The Lasher app has no limitations and the plan is to keep growing the app as and when the need arises. I happen to live next to a daycare, so randomly operating noisy machinery is not really condusive to happy neighbours and wee folk. With a bowling ball or old lamp globe, there’s lots of options for making something unique. Make them with whatever old pots or containers you can find and fill them with favourite spilling annuals.
There’s lots of options for the birdhouse structure as well as the way you decorate it with stones and more.
We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. We all know that we share the best photographs and that often the other side of a room is a disaster.
I determined that it would help a lot to add an additional shelf for storing tarps so I started there. The first phase of the app includes hints and tips on gardening and DIY projects, product information, a ‘how to’ on Lasher products, and step-by-step tasks. The Lasher app was launched as a platform for Lasher customers to interact with the company and find information, some gardening tool specific, but also general news and information. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here.
We had always used this space for the hand tools but they slid down and got lost in the darkness.

The verticle lumber helps with the cord wood stacks and keeping an opening to the tool area. The app offers DIY garden projects as well as a ‘single in the city’ tab which gives single ladies helpful tips on home maintenance. Lasher believes that the Lasher app will set the company apart and help share its passion with its customers. Favourite topics include repurposed DIY projects and tutorials, organic gardening, creative garden ideas, debt-free living, nature (what more is there?), and sustainable living—all with a dash of humour and side order of freshly-grown salad greens. Risk it and take a look!) Instead of the suggested format, I cut the PVC scraps at an angle (approx. Conversely, consumers will also be encouraged to share their projects with Lasher and featured projects will also be recognised and rewarded. All sources we use to create our articles are and will be credited with a proper link-back However, we are hosting a lot of uncredited material from unknown authors we received via mails, from friends and our readers. The tools shed is part of our woodshed, it has a dirt floor, no windows, spiders, mice and an occasional squirrel. If you own copyrights to some material such as images or data and you want us to remove it from our pages, contact us to claim your ownership and we will either credit you and your website, or if you wish – completely remove the content.

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