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Attach the circular saw to the perpendicular mounting on the MDF sheet and clamp the sheet so that the blade would pass through over the edge of your workbench.
Starting on the underside of the MDF sheet, you can make some quick rough cut measurements. In an attempt to save money (and not clutter up my work space with more tools which I don't have anywhere to store) I created a mitre box for my circular saw.
You may have seen a few other instructables about turning a circular saw into a table saw, and I have a similar project in the works once I finish my work bench but first I needed a mitre box so I borrowed the idea and turned it up side down.
I do have plans for a table saw, with a sled and so on, however I don't have a workbench yet, Once I have that made up I will be making up a table saw for it. If you like it, or find it useful please vote for it in the Hurricane Laser and Fix & Improve It contests! My most recent project that I used my miter saw on is my mosaic tile frame that I made out of wood yardsticks.

On my bathroom vanity, I used the saw to cut the cedar fence pickets for the countertop, and also to cut the trim that I used to make the new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. In that bathroom, I also used my miter saw to cut all of the pieces for the faux wood plank wall.
You inspired me to try installing a new vanity in my bathroom so thank you, however, I bought a miter saw last year that I am afraid to use. I got a compound miter saw for my birthday last year and immediately regretted not having a laser guide on it. I am excited to see more of this series… I so wish I had this article before I bought my miter saw (which I forced my husband to get me for my birthday 2 months ago). I hope you are able to keep your wonderful posts coming for all of us who lack inspiration but still want to do our own projects!! Use your quick square (or any square if you don't have a quick square {I'm not sure how you could live without a quick square!]) to line up your scrap pine block perpendicular to the working edge.
While I am extremely lucky to have access to my husband’s woodshop I never had a miter saw.

Yes, you HAVE inspired me to get to work on my place, and it’s good to know what tools will help me. I live with my husband, Matt, our dog, Boo, and our cat, Peeve, in our 1948 fixer upper that I'm remodeling pretty much by myself. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks! With the mitre box I can easily take to wherever I need it, even to other peoples houses if I am helping with someone else's project. I recently had to purchase one when our contractor took a hike with out completing the job. I never get more than an hour or 2 to work on it when I have time off work, and that's only enough time to get set up and pack up again.

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