The Brute Aluminum Chest Tool Box is manufactured specifically for professional and commercial contractors in harsh work atmospheres.
Crossover Aluminum Tool boxes are the strongest truck tool box you encounter in almost every work environment.
Durability and appearance these traits have made Delta aluminum truck tool boxes the premier boxes of hard working individuals. Dedicated to professional workers and tradesmen, a complete assortment of commercial storage and carrier solutions at a great value. Unique Truck Accessories Toolboxes require a lead time of 1-2 weeks before the ship from the warehouse. Adjustable stainless steel connecting lockable paddle latch system allows access from either side; rod & latch guards included.

We offer a great selection of high quality products and have a fantastic range of tool boxes at amazing prices, giving you lots of savings !! We also have a huge range of other DIY products at equally great prices including tool sets, hammers, electric drills, saws and much more. Below you will find details about our current best selling items and also the latest special offers and deals we have for a variety of tool boxes. All of your orders are managed by - so you can shop in the knowledge that your orders will all be 100% secure - thats guaranteed !! Our inventory carries a variety of these boxes to ensure you find the right tool box for your pickup truck. For the workman looking for tough, well-built storage and carrying solutions, that are as hard-working as you are.

This 3 lid style box features easy access, while fitting behind the wheel well, leaving plenty of clearance for your hookup.
Each sealed lid is opened by a stainless steel paddle lock, which lifts automatically by a gas shock.

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