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Is your company a utility, muni, co-op, public power provider, on-site power producer or IPP? As you’ve noticed in some of our previous blogs, we love talking about different ways you can reduce your energy usage!
Installing a programmable thermostat in your home is a quick and easy way to reduce your energy usage.
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If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Individuals must register for the networking breakfast in order to receive complimentary ticket. During the winter, set your home’s temperature to 68 degrees during the day and turn your thermostat back anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees at nighttime. Forget the oven or microwave and use your slow cooker instead to whip up delicious home cooked meals! Here are some of our favorite energy saving gadgets and products that are sure to reduce your usage.

By plugging your devices into a power strip and turning off the entire strip when not in use, you’re guaranteed to save a few bucks and reduce your energy usage!

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