So from the picture you’d probably guess that TM reader and photo pool member Simple Simon owns a lot of DeWalt tools.
I ‘d rather go for the cheapo and for the money I can buy a couple others if it breaks. DeWalt has some manufacturing in China, Taiwan, eastern Europe however a good chunk of stuff is coming out south of the border in Mexico! Almost everything is made overseas these days, but if the manufacturing is up to par and the tool is of excellent quality, what’s the big deal about where it’s made? Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments. Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues. I was at my local Home Depot the other day, picking up an online order, when I came across a Dewalt multi-tool gift pack. It struck me as odd that Dewalt, a company that prides itself as being a professional tool brand, would market their new hand tools as a consumer holiday gift package complete with fold-up packaging and a slide-out red bow.
The set comes with a smallish traditionally-styled pocket-sized multi-tool, and a keychain-sized tool.
While the image here shows all-silver pliers, the product model has a shiny black finish with silver outer jaw accents. My first complaint is how the multi-tool fights you a little whenever you open and close the pliers. I would have been happier if the handle was a little larger, and if the pliers didn’t open as wide as they do, but these are more minor complaints than the others. My only complaint is that there are no ball detents to keep the two arms securely closed together when the pliers are being carried. The tools clump together a little, but since there are only two tools on each side, this isn’t an issue. While the fit and finish could use a bit of refinement, this is a tool I would buy again for personal use. First off thank you for the review I love visiting your websites for such informative reviews.

I picked up this set on black friday and while the full size multi tool I thought was decent for the price the miniature one is having a problem with the scissors poping open and draging the knife with it so imight have to exchange for a new one.
What you described is what I typically just call clumping, where the tool you want to access is joined by one or more adjacent tools. With my mini tool, the scissors tend to drag when the knife is accessed, but the knife doesn’t really drag out when the scissors are accessed. If you definitely plan on returning the gift set, I would recommend that you buy the replacement first. In my opinion, I would rather the knife dragged along with the scissors than the scissors drag along with the knife, as the scissors are a slight hassle to close up each time. Lots of times those unique tool sets are manufactured overseas and that’s why the quality is inferior on them. Este importe incluye los aranceles, los impuestos, la corredurA­a y otras tarifas aplicables.
Las tarifas de envA­o internacional e importaciA?n son pagadas en parte a Pitney Bowes Inc. El motor de recomendaciones de eBay ha seleccionado estas sugerencias alternativas para ti.
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Additionally, several companies may have different manufacturing locations for different tools.
Stanley has products made in the US, Mexico, England, China, Israel, and a few other vendors.
A DeWalt product made in China will always be of superior quality to any of the junk tools Harbor Freight sells that are also made in China.
Both are described in more detail in our Dewalt multi-tool preview from earlier in the year. If you want to call your local store to see if they have this, the receipt lists the UPC as 076174724196, and the model number is DWHT72419L.

A small rubber band or O-ring across the bottom should suffice if this ever proves to be an issue. As with the full-size multi-tool, extra attention needs to be paid when folding the scissors closed.
The bottle opener seems stout, and I like that the lanyard hole is very robust, although I don’t think I have a keyring strong enough to fit. El empaquetado debe ser el mismo que se encontrarA­a en una tienda, a menos que el artA­culo haya sido empaquetado por el fabricante con material no destinado a su venta en tienda (por ejemplo una bolsa o caja sin etiquetas). Go figure, the brand that claims to be the best is probably made in the same factory as the cheap ass tools you can buy. Vise-Grips are made in the US, but their parent company, Irwin, manufactures tools in a various number of places. Factories in China contract with different manufacturers and build things to their specifications, and DeWalt has much higher manufacturing quality standards than lots of budget brands, including Black and Decker.
Otherwise the inner scissors handle knocks into the inner wall of its docking area and prevents the scissors from folding in all the way. If they went to Leatherman or Gerber or even Victorinox the special little gift kit would really be special. Si resides en un Estado Miembro de la UE aparte de Reino Unido, el IVA de importaciA?n de esta compra no es recuperable. Therefore, they can only shave off here and there until searching for lower priced labor market. You have to squeeze the jaws of the scissors a little before they can be wrangled back to their closed position.
Americans just don’t want to spend an extra amount of money for a added bonus to a drill or a circular saw or a router. I sure would love for a company like DeWalt to go to Leatherman and have them create a bonus multi-tool kit for a special DeWalt purchase.

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