Tools in Action 3 days ago Tools in Action 4 days ago Mantis 7490 4 Stroke Honda Tiller and Cultivator PlusTools In Action - Power Tools and GearSummer is here which means we can start taking care of our lawns. Details of Dewalt’s new hand tool lineup have been rolling in, so we thought to preview a few of them at once. The new 24″ tool tote is a 2-in-1 storage solution for power tools, hand tools, accessories, and even loose hardware.
It’s hard to tell, but it looks like the power tool case can be completely separated from the tool tote. The tool tote will be priced at ~$25 and will be available at Home Depot and independent retail channels in June. Dewalt has also come out with a line of heavy duty adjustable wrenches, available in 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15 inch sizes that range in price from $11 to $35. These adjustable wrenches are designed for heavy jobsite use, and feature a black magnesium phosphate finish.
Although I do like folding utility knives, my favorite knife is still Stanley’s QuickSlide. Ahhh, they can release all the wrenches they want, but I’ll never buy another ridiculous adjustable wrench again.
Plus, it’s far more economical to keep an adjustable wrench in every toolkit than a pliers wrench. Quite a few professional tool brands have recently come out with new high-torsion impact driver screwdriver bits. Impact drivers have grown in popularity in recent years, with newer models sporting brushless motors and other advanced features such as electronic torque and speed settings. Similar to the new Makita and Irwin impact bits, the new Dewalt FlexTorq screwdriver bits are designed with more precise tips and reduced-diameter torsion zones. CNC-machined (or possible just corrected) precision tips lead to better fitment between screwdriver bit and screw, which lowers the likelihood of stripping, and the FlexTorq torsion zone is designed to absorb some of the excess torque and impact energy that would otherwise travel to the bit tip and increase the risk of fastener or bit tip damage.
Dewalt has also come out with a new magnetic Screwlock bit holder and bit retention system that is said to reduce wobbling and minimize bit and fastener drops.

There will be a wide range of bit sizes and styles available, such as Phillips, slotted, Pozi, square, Torx, hex, Frearson, hex security, Torx security, Clutch Type G, Clutch Type A, and Tri-Wing. Dewalt FlexTorq bits will be available in 50-piece bulk packs, as well as smaller quantities. Honestly, while a little excited about these new impact-rated bits, I cannot shake the feeling that they might be a me too product where Dewalt is simply following in competitors’ footsteps. Dewalt has come out with innovative drilling and driving power tool accessory products in the past, such as their Pilot Point drill bits that we love for general purpose drilling tasks, and so I am optimistic that these bits will at least be a step up from their current line of impact bits. I certainly hope they r better than their torx impact bits which just snap after 40-60 1″ screws. I am skeptical these can compare to the new makita gold line, but it does seem that the impaktor’s are the top of the line option for now. Been using one of these bits for a few weeks now, (yes, one bit for a few weeks), and I am impressed! The power tool case has its own handle, so you can carry it closed in one hand, while carrying the open tote in the other.
The wrenches’ jaws and adjustment mechanism were designed to provide increased teeth and worm gear engagement for improved strength, and for minimal jaw movement for more precise fastener size adjustments. The widespread success of Milwaukee’s Fastback Knife has shown that contractors and professionals are willing to spend more for a folding utility knife that breaks away from the mold. The knife also has a quick-change button for easy blade changes, and on-board storage for up to 3 blades. With a lot of professionals using impact drivers on a regular and even daily basis, there is a strong demand for high quality bits.
There are a couple of factors, but what it ultimately comes down to is better fitment and longer life. There looks to be at least one bit assortment available – model DWA2T40IR (Amazon listing). While we understood all too well that even pricey Wera (Diamond coated Impaktor bits come to mind), Wiha, Apex or Snap-On bits are sadly a consumable commodity – we were always on the lookout for something good with better fit, less cam-out and improved wear.

I reviewed the PB Swiss Insider a long time ago, but my affinity for the bits hasn’t diminished. I still have my Mac rebranded Irwins 7 years after I bought them and always used in my impacts from my Bosch 10.8 to my M18 fuel. When the blade is retracted, a built-in twine cutter can be used for quick twine or wire cutting. I even tried Milwaukee shockwave and those are junk so I wonder if these dewalt bits that look similar are going to fare the same as the Milwaukee.
Although I have never tried them, Milwaukee’s Shockwave bits seem to have a solid reputation. As PB Swiss mainly focuses on hand tools, I don’t think they have any plans to make impact-rated bits.
Will it just sit in a workshop where you bring the wood to the table or are you going to be taking the saw to the wood, where ever that might be? I hope these Dewalts are better but I suspect they are from the same supplier as the Shockwaves as they use the same design. Most people get hurt with a table saw because the rip fence wasn’t adjusted right, which can cause kick backs. I used mine mostly for working on my Semi which invovles lots of stuck steel into aluminum screws. Some other manufacturers have chintzy rip fences and it can become a real pain when making a cut.

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