There’s not too much going on in the corded tool world these days, as brands place more and more emphasis on cordless tools.
And as before, I’m interested in hearing about which tools you might be most excited about.
There are going to be two new sanders coming out – a variable speed model shown here, and I believe a single speed model. They also said it has a low profile design, but if you follow the asterisk, it’s just lower in profile than their current model.
Dewalt once offered a truly low-profile sander that’s based on a Porter Cable sander design, but it has been discontinued. You can’t really tell here, but the tip has a different hue than the rest of the drill bit, indicating a slightly different alloy composition. These are similar to Bostitch Smart Point nailers, which we previewed and then reviewed here.
There’s also a new single drive and sequential drive mode selection switch on many if not all of these new air nailers.
Dewalt is coming out with a new adjustable cut-off wheel guard that provides greater protection than the 180° coverage typical guards provide. I also don’t have a press release to draw such details from yet, but I know that more details will come with an official announcement. A Dewalt product manager wanted to show how much better their new cut-off wheels are, compared to leading 3M product.
The takeaway is that there are new higher-performing cut-off wheels and consumable grinder accessories coming out. In the corded power tool, nailer, and accessory areas, I’d like to see a cordless pin nailer (12V Max?), and a benchtop drill press.
Those drill bits I might have to get – do you think the color might be where it was hardened on purpose? The angle grinder does look likes it will be worth a try (I used to buy one new tool to [pass around – then phase in many more if the trial said that it would result in a major improvement in productivity, safety etc. With angle grinders being used more and more for applications away from metalworking – dust collection seems like a good idea. I would love to see a dual mode sander similar to the Bosch or Festool to add to my collection.

I thought of adding that to my wishlist, but I think that it’s too far from being a possibility. The Porter Cable 9290 19.2V cordless router seems to have been a flash in the pan so to speak. You can connect the Dewalt vac to the old sanders (D26441K, D26451, D26453) using the DWV9130 attachment. What do you want me to say, that I’ve got experience with every type of tool that one could ever possibly use? I’ve used plenty of brad and finish nailers, sanders, and occasionally use a grinder with cut-off wheel and guard. Again this shows why Toolguyd is the best resource either side of the Atlantic for tool news and reviews. Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more! There are some other new tools you might be interested in hearing about, including corded power tool developments, nailers, and drill bits. I asked about why that sander is no longer available, and was told that they used a very specific motor for that model, and they can no longer buy that motor.
As I mentioned (has it really been) 5 years ago, Pilot Point drill bits are a favorite of mine for general purpose drilling.
And since I wear corrective lenses for my nearsightedness, I brought my own safety goggles. I liked the idea of it, but found the knob to be a little tough to grab, but how often are you going to change driving modes?
If I recall correctly, it has spring retention so that you don’t have to push back to set the mode, simply release the knob. This might further reduce the chance of injury should a cut-off wheel fail and shatter during use. And if you notice the black lever on the yellow adjustable guard piece, that’s how you adjust the guard tool-free. We were pretty tired at that point, and the group was moved to the next station (drill-building!) while he was still making cut after cut with the first wheel. Woodworkers often have easy access to power cords, and trim routers might be too small to accommodate an 18V-class battery pack.

I realize that my transparency can be jarring, but I wanted to make it clear that I don’t have experience with framing nailers, and little basis to form an opinion about that particular tool. They leave an awful cut and splinters in every situation I have used them and they are very hard to control at higher speeds as the bit feeds it self in too quickly.
I bought a couple of Dewalt brad point drill bits when they were on clearance at the local Home Depot or Lowes. I’ll keep Forrest City Tool in mind for future large size brad point drill bit needs. Brad Point bits make sense in a woodworking shop – chucked in a drill press or for through-drilling with a jig.
If a particular tool or product category catches your interest, let me know and I’ll keep in mind to take a closer look once the tools hit the market.
The product manager kept waving it around and I didn’t have the best lens for photographing drill bits.
Nor has Milwaukee, even though they’re really trying to push into the plumbing tools market. Aside from knowing which end the air hose goes in, where the nails go, which aim to point at the work, and what part to squeeze for an actuation, I’m quite green.
Ask me questions about the Dewalt framing nailer shown above, and I can tell you about it, but don’t have much basis to form any sort of opinion about it. I prefer random orbits which have low profile, like the finnish Mirka, which I believe makes some of the best sanders in the world. They are on a whole other level of quality of cut and splinter free and very easy to handle.
What I would like to see from DeWalt is more 10,8V tools, but I guess they have pretty much abandoned it.
I should have returned the dewalts but they ended up at the bottom of my junk tool pile and forgot about them. On a drill press with material clamped down they don’t have this issue of course but for site use they are useless.

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