A while back we did a review of the Dewalt DWS780 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Miter saw. Its realy nice that you keep a following on the tools that you’ve reviewed thanks guys your the best !!!!!! Tools in Action 3 days ago Tools in Action 3 days ago Mantis 7490 4 Stroke Honda Tiller and Cultivator PlusTools In Action - Power Tools and GearSummer is here which means we can start taking care of our lawns. Some miter saws feature built-in laser systems, and for those that don’t you can often purchase an add-on accessory. In a nutshell, the XPS module projects LED light along both sides of the blade, forming a shadow of the blade on the workpiece.
Position your cut-line to the laser-like shadow, and you will have perfect alignment every time. During our brief time with the saw, it was clearly evident that the XPS work light feature can help users make very accurate cuts with minimal effort.
Added note: In the comments below, Joel brings up a good point – how effective will this be outdoors in harsh sunlight?
This is great if you’re in a shop, but when in direct sunlight on a job, I am guessing that those LED lights are going to be worthless. Greg, I imagine that adding a laser on top of things would add to the complexity and cost unnecessarily.
I just heard back from Dewalt, and they also conveyed that in their tests laser guide systems were as equally washed out as the XPS shadow in direct sunlight.
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How cut crown molding compound miter , Next article: safe quick fix replace miter blades. Dewalt just announced several new jobsite work stands and miter saw stands that, quite frankly, look absolutely amazing. Four separate models are included in the launch, with all featuring screw-attached non-marring feet that won’t damage delicate floors, and locking legs for easier setup and break-down.
The heavy duty stand features quick-release universal miter saw mounting brackets that can attach anywhere along the stand’s rail. Featuring the same 500 lb load capacity as the heavy-duty stand, the compact version folds down to less than 4 ft long, and weighs in at 30 lbs. Dewalt is also releasing a line of accessories to complement the new miter saw and work stands. If you have any specific questions about the work stands, I can relay them to Dewalt for you if I can’t answer them myself.
I own and use old DW723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand for years with my Makita 1013 sliding saw and I’m very happy with it.

Actually I don’t see real improvement in new model DWX723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand. Screw-attached non-marring feet is a good idea because on my older model was easy to lost it, so I glued it to stay in place. Any way I recommend new and old stand to any one if you have enough room for it in your vehicle.
What really stood out and amazed me was its integrated XPS (crosscut positioning system) work light module, which performed far better than any miter saw laser system I have ever seen. Lasers must be perfectly calibrated, or else their line positions may be off, throwing off your cut accuracy. As the saw blade is lowered towards the workpiece, the width of the shadow sharpens, darkens, and closely matches the thickness of the saw blade’s kerf.
I imagine that a bit of trial and error and design engineering went into developing this feature, but the underlining concept is beautifully simple. I would think that the shadow would still be distinct enough, even when the saw’s used outdoors, but I have not yet seen any photos attesting to this.
I have a few other photos (not posted) that confirm the XPS lights can be on when the blade is stopped. Maybe add a laser calibrated with the saw to sit on the outside of the saw-blade for use when outside. Would you be able to comment on the light’s performance when the saw is used outdoors in full sunlight? Some professional users working outdoors were seen rotating their miter saw stands so that they provided shade over the miter saw and workpieces.
It’s worth noting though, On the dws780 this is a very cool standard feature, and on a lot of their other saws, you could put this on as an accessory.
These new work and tool supports are designed with portability in mind, not to mention their lightweight and durable construction. Additionally, this means that multiple saws can be supported by a single rail, probably with the purchase of additional mounting brackets. This version features the same quick-release mounting brackets and adjustable workpiece supports. The stands fold down easily into a compact package for transport or storage, and are extremely portable at just 15 pounds.
This includes miter saw mounting brackets, material supports, extension arm supports, a carrying strap, roller work support, and a wide material work support with cut stop. The work stands and accessories are covered by Dewalt’s 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service, and 90-day money-back guarantee. Because I work alone I installed wheels on two legs so is easy to move it without removing saw from stand and I can avoid scratching installed hardwood, laminate – pushing it around. But, afterwards I bouth an extension (DW7080) that is a shame It is almost impossible to mount it. Laser line width is also often fixed, and may not match up with the thickness of your saw blade.

No problem, the width of the shadow is created by the saw blade, so the shadow will thin or thicken accordingly.
I have looked into the matter, and was told that some users rotate their saw stands until they are in position to block some of the incident sunlight with their bodies. I have never had to many issues with miter saws with no lasers in the past as far as job site accuracy is consurnd but this is definitely cool for the shop. Using their bodies to shade some of the light allowed the users to better see the XPS shadow and cut line.
Dewalt, for the past year, has been silently eliminating this feature from their saw lines. I had no problem with push to open buttons, besides plastic levers can be broken easy as happen to one lever on arm of my saw support. I was thinking about getting the hitachi for $399 before seeing this deal but I am glad I got the dewalt now. THis is the single greatest feature to be added to the saw, since someone put an led on drill drivers, and impact drivers. Some newer old models you can just buy the light and plug it in like i said in my first post. I built a portable bench that sat on horses and accepted the fit of the saw with the side flush to the saw deck. Kinda nice when you plug it in you know that the outlet is working, so many houses in a week. This then prompted me to buy the 716 for when I just didn’t need a slider, again getting it at a great price!
Then I saw the 715 for $199 recently, I had some store credit, and a 10% coupon…bought it!
Went to get the light line for the 715 and it is no longer compatible on the newer versions (types)!!! Newer versions (types) of the saw will be sold in a black and yellow box, whereas the old types are in an all yellow box!
You can also see that the manufacturing process on the base castings are different…the metal just looks different.
No biggie, but when I use my miter saw work bench, I have to shim up my 715 and 716 to make them flush with the sides. One other thing I did note when I bought the newer version 715, it came with a 32T blade, the older version comes with a 60T blade!

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