Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. A while back we did a review of the Dewalt DWS780 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Miter saw. Its realy nice that you keep a following on the tools that you’ve reviewed thanks guys your the best !!!!!! Tools in Action 4 days ago Tools in Action 4 days ago Mantis 7490 4 Stroke Honda Tiller and Cultivator PlusTools In Action - Power Tools and GearSummer is here which means we can start taking care of our lawns.
Home improvement and construction projects are a lot easier when you have the right tools to use. Some of the best benefits you’ll get from this miter saw are the flexibility and portability of the design. In addition to the flexibility benefit, the portability of this saw makes it a great asset to professional wood workers as well as home improvement buffs.
Excellent build quality that makes for a highly durable saw to take to construction areas or use at home, or both. Beginning wood-workers and most professionals can get a lot of great use from this DeWalt 12-inch miter saw. Otherwise, this saw is ideal for those with home improvement or construction work to do that need a reliable, small-scale miter saw to get the job done quickly and effectively.
Many of the positive reviewers echo the same sentiments as each other, stating that the saw has great cutting power, is easy to use, and cuts very true to the angles as it is supposed to.
Negative comments about this saw mostly focused on the lack of extra features such as lighting around the blade or a laser director for the blade. You won’t have to do any setup to use this saw, unless you want to customize it with a different blade or attach it to a table, because it comes in the box already set up and ready to operate.

If you need a simple woodworking miter saw capable of handling almost any project, the DeWalt DWS709 12-inch Compound Miter Saw could be a great choice for you.
The DeWalt DWS709 Slide Compound 12-inch Miter Saw can make a lot of cutting tasks simpler.
It’s flexible to let you make cuts from almost any angle you can think of in order to get the best results. It’s really easy to set up and operate, so you don’t have to any prior knowledge of saws or other tools to get it working straight out of the box.
There are four openings for bolts to attach to the bottom, making it easy for you bolt it to a table or saw stand of your choice. Anyone that plans to work with wood that has a taller vertical height should consider a larger model saw, but for those not exceeding 4 ? inches this saw is a durable, easy to use, and highly accurate saw to suit your needs.
But, afterwards I bouth an extension (DW7080) that is a shame It is almost impossible to mount it.
It’s designed with flexibility in mind and has very high ratings from those who have used it before. You can adjust the nest size to let you cut most sizes of crown molding and trim with precise cuts.
Many people purchased a collapsible table to go with it so they could move it around even more easily and set up the saw anywhere on the job site without any real hassle. Because the nest is only a maximum of 4 ? inches vertically, this miter saw isn’t ideal for professionals who frequently do work on trim or molding taller than this.
Blades can be interchanged and other customizations can be made by following the included instruction manual. I was thinking about getting the hitachi for $399 before seeing this deal but I am glad I got the dewalt now.

Using this miter saw gives you a lot of great features and easy to use extras that might make it a good choice for your next project. I built a portable bench that sat on horses and accepted the fit of the saw with the side flush to the saw deck.
This then prompted me to buy the 716 for when I just didn’t need a slider, again getting it at a great price! Then I saw the 715 for $199 recently, I had some store credit, and a 10% coupon…bought it!
Went to get the light line for the 715 and it is no longer compatible on the newer versions (types)!!!
Newer versions (types) of the saw will be sold in a black and yellow box, whereas the old types are in an all yellow box!
You can also see that the manufacturing process on the base castings are different…the metal just looks different. No biggie, but when I use my miter saw work bench, I have to shim up my 715 and 716 to make them flush with the sides. One other thing I did note when I bought the newer version 715, it came with a 32T blade, the older version comes with a 60T blade!

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