Miter saws have gone from being a novelty not that long ago to being commonplace on most jobsites and in many home workshops.
Working with any power tool can be dangerous, but saws can be especially so with their sharp spinning blades.
If you’re buying a miter saw, it only makes sense to purchase a model that can cut just about any material you might need for your project.
It doesn’t much matter how great a miter saw is if it can’t be easily moved to where it’s needed. However, some types of trim work, such as installing crown molding, require that the cut also have an angle which is called a bevel. If you do a lot of interior or exterior trimming, you’re aware that there are many standard cutting angles that are frequently used, and if you’re just getting into trim work, you’ll soon learn about these angles. While most people use miter saws for angled trim cuts, the they can also be used as a chop saw.
Compound miter saws aren’t inexpensive, but when you think of the time they can save, they’re actually a pretty good deal.
Overall I believe this model to be one of the best miter saws – it’s built for rugged use and seems able to handle any task thrown at it. Considering their low price and free shipping option, Amazon is the best place to buy this exceptional miter saw. If you want to read more about what owners think of this DeWalt miter saw, I suggest you visit Amazon. The DeWalt DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch compound miter saw allows you to make cuts with perfect angles every time.
DeWalt takes this into account by providing a blade guard that completely covers the blade and then moves up out of the way as you lower the arm to cut your material. It has a 12 inch blade that can cut base molding up to 6 ? inches when set vertically against the fence, and framing materials such as 4 x 4 posts are no problem.
The best miter saws have automatic stops at these angles allowing the arm or blade to lock into place for an accurate cut. Cutting through thick framing lumber that might have high moisture content takes power, and the DW715 has it to spare.
The DeWalt DW716 has the ability to do bevel cuts to the right as well as the left, but it also gives up a little in blade output.
It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, a one year free service contract, and a three year limited warranty. The DeWalt DW7187 miter saw laser system and the DWS7085 LED cut line indicator are both compatible with this saw, but they’re sold separately. I’m impressed with the numerous blade stops provided, the accuracy of the cutting angles, and how easy it is to use.
But considering many miter saw users get rid of the bags fairly quickly – I don’t think this is a big issue. In particular, it is light enough that it can be carried into any room where you happen to be working, or it can be set up on saw horses for an exterior trim project. You can even nest 5 ?” crown molding against the fence just as it would sit against your ceiling, making it easier to do accurate cuts. The arm of the saw can swing from right to left so that you can make miter cuts up to 50 degree angles in both directions with the saw blade perpendicular to the cutting platform. Its beveling capability allows the actual head containing the blade to be angled so that when the arm is lowered the blade is cutting two angles at once – a miter and a bevel. With 11 stops for miter cutting and 4 for left bevel cuts, it certainly has more automatic stops than many of its competitors.
If you plan on doing a lot of trim projects in the future, the additional bevel action might be worth the extra investment.
However, after buying many power tools over the year I have come to realize that Amazon consistently offers the best prices – they regularly have this DeWalt miter saw listed below $260.
I highly recommend this DeWalt miter saw to both professional contractors and casual DIYers for their miter and bevel cutting needs. In the past, installing interior trim or running the exterior cornice after framing would take quite a while. It’s considered a single bevel because most of the bevel angles are to the left where it can cut up to 48 degrees, whereas on the right it can only go up to 3 degrees.
However, if you plan to use your DeWalt miter saw for the occasional trim job and as a chop saw for framing projects, the DW715 might be your best choice.
I remember working with an adjustable square to figure out the angles and then using a manual miter box or circular saw to make the cuts. Depending on where you were working, there could be a lot of going up and down ladders to make sure the angles were right. The only alternative was to lug a heavy radial arm saw out to where you were working, and that wasn’t much fun. Thankfully, it’s not like that anymore – you can now use a compound miter saw like the DW715.

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