As you probably already know, Dewalt recently rolled out their new 20V Max cordless power tool lineup. More specifically, M1 said that he found a Dewalt 20V Max combo kit on the clearance shelf, and that the circular saw had a stamped baseplate instead of cast magnesium, and the reciprocating saw lacked an adjustable foot.
Having handled pre-production models over at a Dewalt product launch and with demo units on our review test bench, I thought that something was amiss.
The 4-tool and 5-tool combo kits are priced at about $500 and $550 respectively (check prices via Amazon). At the very least, if it is absolutely necessary for Dewalt to bundle the larger combo kits with lower-featured saws, they should at least have labeled the standalone fully-featured models as premium so as to better differentiate between the individual and combo kit models.
Despite this disappointing news, we still feel that Dewalt’s new 20V cordless tools are definitely great tools that are worth recommending. After taking another closer look, the PR for the circular saw actually does mention that a steel-shoed version (DCS393) will be offered in a variety of combo kit options, in the middle of the 6th paragraph. However, I cannot find any mention of the DCS381 combo-version reciprocating saw or of the DCS380 vs DCS381 differences in any of the product literature anywhere.
Ignoring for a moment that all of this was not quite clearly stated in the press releases, how many potential customers read press releases?
I have used the Milwaukee Compact Hammer Drill and it has just as much power as the Premium DeWALT 20v max. You mean the guy who would benefit from selling higher priced items said the other one was a joke.. Just wanted to note I am a plumber and have the 5 combo pack dewalt with the lower end saws. Interestingly enough, if you actually zoom in on the images on both retailers websites, the images of the saws are different, its not the same stock photo used for both. Since the saw is a 20V max, it has the signature ergonomic grip that we all have come to love with the 20V MAX line up. For greater visibility it has an LED light that stays on for 20 seconds after you pull the trigger and a big clear plastic guard area.

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Looking at photos and the tool samples, the circular saw definitely has a magnesium shoe, and the reciprocating saw an adjustable foot. I don’t know how much of a difference this makes in durability and performance, but the cast magnesium shoe will be more rigid and possibly lighter and more durable as well.
We have been testing the standalone kit versions of these saws, and have a lot of good things to say about them. But if you are strongly considering one of the 4-tool or 5-tool combo kits, just be sure that you know what you’re getting.
Either I completely missed that part before or it just didn’t register as strongly as the product photo did. While a different circular saw shoe won’t have much of an effect on performance, the reciprocating saw differences are more significant and will affect usage. It is very plausible that a potential 20V combo kit buyer will look for product details and reviews of the individual tools as part of their decision-making process.
More particularly the sawzall DCS381 I was cutting a piece of pipe and heard a snap inside mine as a few others have said they had the same.
If i was cutting metal all day i would pick one up, but for right now i’ll stick to my DeWalt angle grinder. Second, it has a one-directional blade clamp whereas the standalone saw has a 4-direction blade clamp. But to get these fully-featured versions, it looks like you have no choice but to purchase the individual saw kits separately.
If that wasn’t enough to control the prices, then perhaps they could have done away with the LED flashlights instead.

Makita offers the lower quality drill in their common LXT407 4pc kit found at the Orange box.
I’ve had mine a year now, and after about maybe 6 months from the date I purchased it. Pulled it apart to see if I could repair and found that the internal parts are way cheaper as well with these combo pack saws. It is worth noting that the better reciprocating saw is available as part of a 2-tool combo (DCK292L2) as well.
Also the same is the really cheap contractor’s bag which I am ashamed to let anyone see because they will roast me. Compact Milwaukee hammer drill spins at 1,700rpm in second gear while the DeWALT 20v max spins at 2,000rpm in third.
Everyone is all up in arms because DeWalt is now making cheap tools to attract DIYers and increasing profits. The parts breakdown shows the combo reciprocating saw has a similar part break down as the old 18v saw and the bare tool sawzall has a different, stronger looking mechanism. I will sacrifice 300rpm and keep using the Milwaukee as the REDLITHIUM batteries last forever. I can salvage the wobble ring from my old burnt out 18v this time but next round I’m looking at $45us plus shipping to replace this commonly broken part. So Lowes will likely be getting a return as I will buy a different brand that is in my price range that has a full function recip saw.

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