After years of being slightly aware of SketchUp, the free 3D CAD modeling software developed by Google, (now owned by Trimble), I decided it was time to give it a whirl.
Plus, the whole thing can be disassembled in mere moments to a virtual lumberyard of precision-cut and stacked loveliness. Personally, I'm leaning towards starting my next project with SketchUp and finding my mistakes earlier. Download and enjoy my 3D model free* from Trimble's Warehouse here: Economical Miter Saw Workbench.
If you build a version of my Economical Miter Saw Workbench, please send me some pics and a description.
We're fixing-up a 1979 tract home in Phoenix, AZ which was "renovated" and expanded before we owned it, by mentally-challenged goats. This wooden pirate flag is a cool project I came up with using free  pallet wood and  paint FIRE !
I got my hands on some free wood the other day, three glorious shipping pallets worth of it.

I did some research to see how all our little energy saving tweaks to the house have actually saved electricity.
Regular readers of this blog know that I've been personally wielding DeWalt 18 volt cordless tools on my projects for years.
As part of my insane one-day blitz of completing as many projects I could fit, I tackled the new planting bed at our front entrance. The story on building the real one can be found here: Building a Miter Saw Bench - Economical but Beefy! I built this project first in the real world, many-many months before introducing it to the digital realms.
After watching a few of the tutorial videos, I felt reasonably confident in using the software; I dove headfirst into the deep-end of high-tech design wizardry.

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