But, beyond that, I'm afraid you will soon conclude that the saw you have in mind, ("built to handle medium size projects"), offers too little power. Then I took the big leap and bought a jointer and planer so that I could mill rough stock and begin making furniture out of hardwoods. I have also acquired a bandsaw, mortiser, router table, and many other power and hand tools.
If your interest in woodworking blooms, as mine did, you will be glad you got the bigger, better tablesaw. Congratulations on your retirement and I hope you spend many happy hours learning and improving your craft, Frank. I have looked at the Craftsman  and at Griz I would rather have the Craftsman Saw -looks to me that it is a better made saw that you don't have to tinker with.
Apparently, you haven't used anything but Griz or you would not rail on them so.The Craftsman looks like a good saw.
How was it put before " Griz did not have the same Fit and Finish " that's just paint right . You obviously didn't read my other posts in this thread about my last saw and the one my dad had.
I also worked for a company whose main business is cabinetmaking, so they have industrial saws.
With the exception of some of their wrenches, I'd rather throw the $100 out the window than to live with another Craftsman product. As far as the table saws go, are you saying that you recommend a saw without personal experience with it?
Hubby's hassling me to get going to breakfast, but I can post the links to 2 or 3 threads later that will give examples of what I mean. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining.

It has bigger tables, an enclosed stand, a Biesmeyer fence, a better blade, and more power..
Buying my Craftsman saw was a big decision because I wondered how serious I would get about the craft.
When I completed the project, working half days for about two weeks, I was amazed at my accomplishment.
The T-50 is a better Beisemeyer clone with a rear lock for feather board and stock feeder use, and an extruded aluminum fence.
Just based on another tool from the company and on something you've read or heard about? Part may differ in appearance but is a functional equivalent to prior parts including 34-895. Miter Saw with a battery operated Laser that makes aligning the blade to the workpiece more convenient and precise.
Do you think it would be a tad bit more realistic If you were comparing the G0444 or the G0575 . Since these are considered by many to be the three best brands of consumer saws, I wanted to try them.
Also, when I worked at a lumber yard , we had a 16" Delta cabinet saw with a 20HP motor.
The companies spec the way they want the machine to be shipped and their QC people are supposed to make sure this happens.
When doing beveled cross cuts this tips the blade toward your fingers and puts the best face down. I had a Delta and bought the G1023S because I needed one like that but couldn't see a reason to buy one of the other brands after comparing them. If you have never experienced a professional level tool, you won't know what you are missing. You can run a full set of stacked dadoes all day and cut to the full capacity of the blade without a whimper.

If you want to rip bevels face up with a right tilt, just move the fence to the left side of the blade.
It's unfair of me to say Craftsman is junk, just because all of their tools I have owned, have failed early or worked poorly.
It features a powerful 14 Amp motor that cuts through wood like butter and spins the 10 in. As far as copying, Delta made this style of saw first and now that the patents have apparently run out, what's the point of reinventing the wheel?
I am at the point where they would have to give me one, I won't pay for them based on past experience.
They all work well and the only true test of their quality is to have them assembled by the same person, in a controlled situation, and tested at the same time, cutting the same piece of wood. The only major upgrades I have done are converting to 220, which I highly recommend, and putting some Browning balanced pulleys on. All of these companies are trying to make money by putting out a product that it basically the same. I did a tiny bit of tweaking and haven't touched anything in almost 4 years, which is how long I have had it. A great little saw that an owner won't have to upgrade as their skills and projects become more challenging.
If you have 1000 people using the same pieces of equipment and they all make the same project, you won't have 1000 projects with exactly the same results.

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