Browsing the aisles of Home Depot, I came across the Crescent X6 Pass-Thru Adjustable Wrench Set (CPTAW8). Crescent claims these pass-thru sockets replace standard and deep well sockets, and that may be true for some uses. The universal-style sockets fit a bunch of different fasteners, such as square, 6pt, 12pt, E-Torx, and spline.
Crescent coats the forged alloy steel wrench in a black phosphate finish for good corrosion resistance. Crescent lists the X6 Pass-Thru adjustable wrench set for $50, but you can pick it up at Home Depot for $30. The following video, with upbeat but fortunately not heavy metal background music, demonstrates the tool in each of its three functions. The first rule with a combo tool like this is to ask whether any of the functions get in the way of any of the others.
What I’m a little more concerned about is the large adjustable wrench head being located right where you would want to grab the handle when using the ratchet function. As equipped, with just the main tool and 10 sockets, the X6 wrench set is better described as a complement to a regular socket set, and not a replacement. A few years ago Stuart investigated how well a Kobalt dogbone-style wrench with universal sockets fit standard hex fasteners.
About BenjamenBenjamen Johnson is an engineer that grew up watching his dad work as a contractor and woodworker.
Around here the 2 adjustable wrenches are usually handing on the rack gathering dust or under the seat of the tractor respectively!
Just my opinion, but whoever said that those spline drive sockets work on rounded heads sure has had a different experience than I have. The wrench itself is intriguing, for instances where you need to carry as few tools as possible to get the job done, but after scraping a bunch of skin off my knuckles, I refuse to spend one cent on spline drive sockets. I have a Craftsman pass through ratchet, with 6 point sockets in both standard and metric, and am very satisfied with them. I agree with the post and most of the comments that this is a complimentary set, not a replacement. I had been thinking about getting a pass-thru socket set for a while but hadnt made the move. My line of work wont ever require the pipe wrench function so I doubt ill ever use it, id probably reach for some chanel locks instead.
After seeing this blog, I ran to home depot, because I was told of european brands (bahco I believe) that have a similar reversible jaw. I bought this set to throw in my trunk in case I’m somewhere away from my tools and happen to need some sockets or an adjustable wrench in a pinch. Just what I need, another set of non-universal sockets that will get used maybe twice a year. I’ve had a set of GearWrench pass throughs for a few years, they have been my go to sockets. I noticed on an Amazon Review an Apex Tool rep commented that the Gear Wrench and Crescent are compatible.

I saw this at homedepot for $20 yesterday and almost bought it for a ultra light tool bag but after looking at it I determined that I didn’t have a way to store the sockets. My selection of cheap sockets is a cobbled-together mess, and I hate having to maintain both Imperial and Metric sizes. I have a Kobalt passthrough socket set that I got a few years ago and the issue I've had is the sockets are so much bigger in diameter that I couldn't fit them in the areas I needed the passthrough for. I've never heard of anyone referring to a ratchet as a 'ratchet handle' before in my entire life. I've heard it suggested many times that ideally every nut and bolt should have either thread locker or anti-seize compound on it to start with, but we all know it never comes from the factory that way.
While the terms 'internet of things,' 'smart objects' and 'connected devices' seem to be regularly splashed across the pages of newspapers, design briefs, crowdfunding campaigns and conference topics—relatively little is discussed about what tools designers need in order to design smart devices.
In trying times, laypeople may seek answers in the thick tome associated with their religion. Here's a great example of how clever design features can be packed into something as simple as a bottle. We all love tools, so what's better than seeing a list featuring the most innovative tool in every category you can think of? Crescent also makes a 20pc pass-thru ratchet and socket set ($27 at Amazon, $38 at HD) that features the same design.
Craftsman’s Max Axess square adapter might also work, and if not you could return them to your local Sears store. The jaws are laser etched with a standard inch scale on one side and a metric scale on the other. In this case, does the socket wrench get in the way of the adjustable wrench or vise-versa?
That might affect how much leverage you could apply with the tool being used as a socket wrench.
Still it might be a good tool to drop into a go bag or give to your kids when they get their first apartment. Often the job is a very quick one, or so big the immediate duty is quickly shutting off power or water until you can get your big tool set and really tackle the job. I guess they are a good choice for an ultra-portable tool kit, and if the job really gets to big, use it to shut things down until the big tools can be called in. I’ve needed a pass through ratchet a couple of times and never got around to buying a set and this looked perfect to throw in my truck for odd jobs.
I have only tried about 4-5 diffent sizes (all SAE) but the havent rounded anything off and fit really well. I didn’t really check for quality at the store, but upon further examination the socket rims are not consistent in their thickness (as if the forging process is inaccurate). Other than in the plastic holder that it comes in, it’s really the only way to store them in order with them being easily accessible. With over 5 million products from 10,000+ manufacturers, we offer the largest B2B catalog on the internet (to our knowledge). I can hardly read the faint etchings on the sides, and it often happens that I'm tightening a nut onto a too-long bolt, causing the socket to bottom out and wedge itself onto the post.

I was mostly working on automotive interiors and didn't feel like getting a set of deep-sockets and thought this design would work great. When I deal with rusty stubborn bolts, I can usually go the .1mm you mentioned larger until the socket breaks the rust off.
Billed as "The glue bottle that sucks," FastCap's GluBot shows that by analyzing how things are actually used and making some clever changes, one can vastly improve the end user's experience. The sockets also combine standard and metric sizes into one, so you don’t need to carry around as many sockets. And don’t throw away the packaging, as it can be used to neatly store the wrench and sockets.
Sure, pass-thru sockets will work better than deep well sockets for some uses, such as to access fasteners on very long bolts or threaded rod, and they’ll work fine as standard sockets. Manufacturers have tightening things up over the years, but you’re not going to get as precise a fit with a universal dual-size spline socket as you would with a standard 6pt socket. The fact that they are designed for metric sizes and squares gives me slight concern but seeing as metric is rare in my field Im not sweating it. We cater to the needs of all major verticals, small to large businesses, government, education and healthcare markets, as well as consumers.
We often have volume discounts, government & education discounts and loyalty discounts.
And because I bought the sockets piecemeal, there's no carrying case; I store and transport them on a magnetic knife rack, with occasionally disastrous results. If you have a ton of room around your hardware its awesome, especially for turning nuts onto all-thread. But without an extension, which is not included with this set, you’re going to need a different tool for reaching recessed fasteners. Disregarding the dual-size issue for a moment, it’s worth pointing out that a major selling point of spline sockets and wrenches is that they provide a better grip for partially rounded and damaged fasteners. We accept purchase orders from government and public education entities, as well as publicly traded corporations.
It also means the ratchet handle and sockets often become separated, which is why I haven't been able to find the handle for the past two days.Enter a caption (optional)To solve all these problems, I decided my next tool purchase would be pass-through sockets that are laser-etched for legibility and come in a case that keeps them all together with the handle. I've been poking around and the design of this one, the Crescent X6 set, initially seemed promising:Enter a caption (optional)I'd still have to carry an additional crescent wrench to hold onto the bolt head while I tighten the nut, but it does seem handy to give the handle some extra functionality.
With the laser etching, it's a shame that they wasted visual real estate with the brand name and part number, rendering the more important size numbers squint-worthy:Enter a caption (optional)The approach Craftsman takes seems much more sensible.
I'm particularly interested in that latter point because I've noticed that the quality of fasteners seems to be declining these days.Enter a caption (optional)Verdict time, socket-users among you: Yea or nay on these?

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