One of the company's earliest products was a safety set screw using an internal hex socket.
The company was located in San Francisco, California and was in operation by 1945 or earlier.
The end of the handle has been formed into a spoon for use in removing tires from their rims.
The line of S-shaped adjustable wrenches was introduced in 1894 and proved to be very popular. Cooper Hand Tools Crescent® - 170 Piece Professional Tool Sets – Your Way, Today, Guaranteed!

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You can take advantage of the Onsale decent price and offers a quick and easy online purchasing process. BESCO 9857 Giant Batery Terminal Pliers, with Insets for Construction and Marking Detail, 1926.

Bergman "Queen City" 6 Inch Adjustable Wrench, with Insets for Side View and Reverse Detail.
117 7 Inch Bent Thin-Nose Combination Pliers, with Insets for Side View and Marking Detail. Specialists in vehicle specific mechanic tools, shop tools, industrial tools and shop equipment.

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