November 9, 2015 Stuart 12 Comments Gearwrench’s 20pc ratcheting wrench set is on sale again! February 17, 2015 Stuart 18 Comments The new SK X-frame ratcheting wrenches feature 3-stage, 6-pawl, and 216 position box ends and X-shaped handles for strength and fine-turning. October 6, 2014 Stuart 10 Comments Channellock has their own (licensed) line of universal ratcheting wrenches and sockets. July 1, 2014 Stuart 14 Comments Here’s a quick intro to common wrench and socket features and a couple of specialty designs.
May 24, 2013 Stuart 8 Comments Crescent’s Flip and Grip ratcheting wrenches fit a wide range of fasteners and fold up into a pocket-friendly size.
November 12, 2012 Stuart 12 Comments Proto’s new USA-made reversible spline ratcheting wrenches sport a 5° return angle and I-beam handle design. October 4, 2012 Stuart 7 Comments A new Crescent ratcheting adjustable wrench just hit the market.
April 25, 2012 Stuart 2 Comments Gearwrench’s 7-piece flex-head ratcheting wrench sets are on sale for $40 each with free shipping. October 10, 2011 Stuart 19 Comments These new Craftsman Clench Wrenches have a ratcheting action and fold up for on-the-go fastener tightening and removal. EDC, Pocket, & Multitools, Hand Tools, New Tools, Pliers, WrenchesTG Giveaway: Craftsman Elbow Ratcheting Wrench Set! September 30, 2010 Stuart 56 Comments Remember that set of Craftsman SAE elbow ratcheting wrenches that we recently reviewed? September 20, 2010 Stuart 2 Comments Back in July, we reviewed Craftsman’s new ratcheting elbow wrenches.
September 7, 2010 Stuart 3 Comments A few weeks ago we introduced Channellock’s new 4-in-1 ratcheting wrenches. July 21, 2010 Stuart 2 Comments Soon after we posted about Channellock’s Dog Bone style wrenches, I thought back to a few months ago when I spotted Channellock-branded ratcheting wrenches.

Craftsman’s new folding ratcheting clench wrenches have adjustable jaws that can fit a wide range of fastener sizes. The new Craftsman clench wrenches are available in a 2-piece set that includes 6-inch and 8-inch versions. Normally we’re skeptical of these types of tools, but this looks like an interesting design. Like the new Crescent Double-X pliers that we also discussed today, the Craftsman ratcheting Clench Wrenches were featured in the Sears 2011 Holiday Tool Catalog.
But there should be ways for you to attach a clip or mounting point if you really wanted to. With smooth jaws on the pictured wrenches – they would appear to be aimed at similar situations for hex nuts and bolts.
I assume they’ll work similar to the myark, which is one of the coolest demos around.
Show Sears you mean business and skip buying Chinese made Craftsman tools from their stores! I read KenZ comment about the Myark wrench, which is my design and the name I created also I called my 11 year old son Myark. KenZ misunderstood about rip-offs as its not the Chinese I am worried about its past rip-offs from the USA, New Zealand and Australia knock offs as I have had no problems in China except when a French guy visited me in China then doubled crossed me in a business deal and started to manufacture my ideas in Taiwan which was short lived after I exposed him big time as a low life knock off. I then redesigned the Myark wench and have since placed it on hold but eventually will start to manufacturing in the near future as I am developing and manufacturing other smaller multi tools for kick starter projects this moment and have some exciting Gr5 titanium and CPM S35VN multi tools for ongoing kick starter campaigns this year. This Gearwrench 20pc ratcheting wrench set is still on sale for $60, with a $5 off $50 coupon dropping it to $55.
After a reader commented that a wrench appeared bent in one of the photos, I went ahead and examined each wrench in the set. These wrenches were also found at a discount wholesale club, and although I don’t recall the exact price, it was possibly in the $25-30 range for the 7-piece set.

Form the looks of it, they auto-fit to any 6pt metric or inch hex fasteners, and potentially several other types as well.
Both tools feature folding handles, and it looks like the heads can be adjusted and locked in at several angles for easier fastener access. While the geometry – would seem to keep them tight in the torqueing direction – I’m not sure if they would have a tendency to round off the hex. If you specific questions about the clench wrenches, I can try to answer them ahead of the review. I was going to buy a set of newer ones for my #3 tool box but now see that they’re MADE IN CHINA! Entering the giveaway is simple – leave a comment at the end of this post telling us what you would use it for. I then asked around and examined a few more wrenches, and ultimately discovered that there was no glaring issues with the wrenches. I will not buy these wrenches from Sears, only used ones MADE IN USA from an eBay or Amazon seller! If you’ll notice, Sears is selling a lot of their remaining USA made tools at a steep discount. One thing I did notice is the locking mechanism, which is a button, can be inadvertantly pushed to the unlock position if you’re not careful, I think finesse is key. I’m not sure if it would fare well in tight places, but I may buy a set and give it a whirl in my day to day goings on.
So when it runs out, you’ll have no choice but yo buy Chinese Craftsman or buy old stock and used tools on eBay.

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