Craftsman 10 hp 32 wide trac-drive dualstage snow thrower, model 536-885000, it starts right up with electric starter, runs great, has 8 speeds and a 32 inch wide path, best snow-blower for heavysnowstorms, with track drive there is no slipping around especially in heavywet snow.
Craftsman pressure washer models reviewed in this article fit into the league of leading pressure washer machines. This Craftsman washer model 20430 is a highly recommended washer with up to 76% of individuals who have bought this washer before feeling free to recommend it to a friend. Compared to the design of the one reviewed above, this washer has a lesser appealing design even though it has greater power. Highly recommended pressure with up to 86% of users who bought this washer before recommending it. It comes with a 2 year warranty and like other Craftsman pressure washer models in its range has a 25ft long hose.
The Craftsman Pressure Washer 2700 PSI Review - This is model 020434 which is also highly rated by experienced users is amongst low priced pressure washers from Craftsman. When using a power washer like the one above or any other washer for that matter, ensure to drain all the water out before a winter freeze.
Craftsman 120V Electric Mini TillerTear up some ground with the craftsman electric mini tillerboasting triple-dig 3-in-1 tines, the craftsman 120v electric mini tiller is great for cultivating soil, tilling harder soil and for most root cutting to avoid tangles. Opened the box read directions installed handle turned on and it stopped working within seconds. Looked at a lot of the reviews because it seemed like a small unit to be able to do the jobs. I had many thick roots under the soil and it was very difficult to remove them, initially i thought i might need a bigger gas tiller but it worked perfectly well and cleared the soil up 8\. Only drawback is hauling around the electric cord but it sure beats fighting with a gasoline engine. I bought this tiller at a local store after reading good reviews but had reservations when i saw how small it was. Item seems to work great: one tine damaged first time used, but that probably hit something. My only experience with tillers were the ones my dad had as a kid when i had little interest in gardening. I have used this in the garden, my flower beds and although probably not recommened, to till the back yard to prep for seeding. Wish i’d bought this so much sooner one hour out of the box and the garden tilled and that includes stopping to remove a rock that was stuck i love this-works like a charm.
We have one of these that we use to till a small garden and it is very easy to use even by myself when my husband is unavailable to get the garden ready. We needed something light and small to till our box garden that is 2 foot wide and 50 foot long (because of the standard soaker hose length) we used pressure treated 2 x 12 x 16ft lumber and added a foot on each end for 50 feet. The mini tiller digs through dirt all right but if their are any hard clumps it bouces right out of the ground.
After reading reviews on this item i was afraid that the job size that i had intended for it would be too large. I don’t normally leave reviews on items but i felt compelled to one on this great little tiller. Those having depth problems needto remember- raise the wheels up so the geometry favors contact of the tines with the ground.
We have owned this machine for 19 hours and have already enlisted approximately 3 hours of highly productive service from it. Small middle-aged woman whips 4 overgrown flower beds into shape in less than 2 hours with her new, easy to use crafstman electric mini tiller. Price wise Craftsman washers compete with other manufacturers such as Northstar washers, Simpson washers, Campbell Hausefeld washers amongst many others. This is a gas powered pressure washer which runs on a Briggs and Stratton engine and sells on average for $280.00. Apart from the noise they generally make, they may also become dangerous due to fumes when used indoors. Designed for high-end heavy duty jobs This washer is powered by the favored Honda GX390 OHV commercial engine. This model 020432 is one of the best selling Craftsman pressure washer models also because it is low priced at $350.00.
This means you have a 5 in 1 nozzle which works by you selecting which pattern out of the available five that you prefer to use at that particular time.
In any case at one point or another un the near future you will find replacement parts necessary.
Most modern steam cleaners are eco-friendly using just water to clean and sinitize your home. A 6.5 amp 120-volt electric double-insulated motor makes for the perfect green gardening solution enjoy no gas, no emissions and quieter, cleaner performance than gas-powered engines. Its light and easy to move but it has the power to work mulch and composted cow manure deep into the beds for spring. I needed to till a small garden patch that had been previously tilled as a garden in years past, and it did well, and didn’t beat me to death as bigger gas-powered tilled would.
Needn’t have worried this is far better than a gas powered mantis i own and even superior to the electric mantis i used last year.

The price of the tiller with a little physical exercise will greatly benefit me financially as well as health wise. To say that the ice age did a number on this area in regards to embedded rock deposits, would be an understatement. We then fill it with good rich top soil and tilled in other additives tuned to what we were planting.
A it did help me complete the job i had in mind but not sure it will re-till my vegetable garden after a long winter. I have had them removed and decided to plant shrubbery and bought this to facilitate that process. Main reason for wanting an electric tiller was to avoid, at times unbareable, fumes given off by gas tillers. The limitations of motor amperage and resultanthorsepower is easiy offset by the convenience of plug-in electric operation. Their washers enjoy a pretty good level of positive ratings ranging from 3 stars out of 5 to as high as five out of five stars depending on model. A 3800psi industrial use washer from Craftsman will cost you up to $1000.00 which is competitive price for a washer of such specs. In as much as this washer is a very good machine we realize that because of the design it is possible to lose your hose should it accidentally make contact with the hot exhaust. There is a perception around some washer users mostly by experience that Honda engines are perhaps the best engines to go for on pressure washers. It also runs on gas and is mounted on a steel frame with two rubber wheels for easy mobility. This is a light to medium power washer which is essentially a home pressure washer to do your deck, driveway, car, ATV and garage amongst other home projects. It is also possible to attach a turbo nozzle that will do a splendid job for your concrete and such like. A bit annoying and tricky to avoid electric cord when changing direction, and not as powerful as my old gas mini tiller, but just plugging in and starting is preferable to gas, oil, spark plug, pull cord issues good enough for smaller tasks. We have two flower gardens that we plant anuals in and they need to be tilled every year before planting. I’m a 70 year old woman and found this amazingly easy to use on my previously tilled soil.
I wasn’t sure if this electric tiller would do a good job then, but i have been pleasantly surprised so far.
After stripping off the turf it ripped thru hard virgin background dirt to create a garden in about an hour.
I picked up this tiller because i didn’t want to run a gas engine in the basement while working, and its been mighty. This tiller did a great job at breaking up the large clods of soil and mixing all this together.
Also the wheels are small and moving the tiller from space to apace is accomplished more easily by just carrying it. Starts every time, and you never have to worry about gas going bad after storing it for a season, just plug it in and go. I looked at gas powered tillers the same size in various makes and desided to go electric because i didn’t want have to worry about maintenance issues that go along with gas powered equipment. I also used it tolightly loosen up my soil before applying lime to my lawn and reseeding the troubled areas. They manufacturer light duty, medium duty and heavy duty professional industrial pressure washers ranging in PSI from as low as under 2000psi to as high as over 3000psi. This is typical pressure for a through job in a home environment for your patio, driveway, walkway, car and boat cleaning projects for example.
One important thing to note here is that some users have had bad experiences with the Briggs and Stratton engine of this Craftsman pressure washer. You will need to replace the hose as it will melt on contact when the engine is hot and has been running for a while. You simply turn the variable nozzle to the required position and get on with your job with the ability to change it as and when you want to. A heavy-duty centrifugal clutch provides consistent transmission of power to the tines under varying soil conditions. It goes through previously worked ground with little effort, grass a little slower and high weed will clog it fast.
It has a good amount of power and it does a good job of turning over the soil and even some grass and plant matter.
It tilled through our clay soil easily and is perfect for tilling our yearly garden and for landscaping. What is nice it is light weight enough for the girls to till without the hassle restarting a gas engine each time. I have used this when we put in the new house and needed to make a slight drainage ditch under the deck area before building. Ai had everything done in the time it took me previously to get the old gas mini-tiller started (if i was lucky) athe only down side is the need for a power cord. I was worried that this small tiller would not be up to the task and might burn out – boy, was i wrong this little thing did a fantastic job the hill was so steep that i had my son tie a rope to the carrying handle so he could help pull it up and down the hill as it tilled.

There are only a few drawbacks, the first is that since it is lightweight, it doesn’t bite into compacted dirt as well, and takes longer to till than its gasoline counterpart.
This little tiller gets in real tight areas around my house and has plenty of power to break up sod and and hard soil and even will dig up stones the size of a soft ball. It is such an easy machine to use in respect that it is light in weight, very flexible maneauverability, and above all it gets the job done. To- you- stroke principle, or cut the wrap up with an asparagus knife – basically a stubby serrated knife on an 18 handle and then push the vines off with a dandelion popper. At 3800psi and 4.0GPM this pressure washer will complete industrial jobs in a reasonable short space of time. It is rather quieter which is much appreciated for use around the home least your home be turned into an industrial site.
Electric starts every time and i don’t need to change oil or spark plug at the end of the season.
Wow, really impressed that such a compact electric tiller could almost do as well as a huge unruly gas powered one (been there done that).
What was confusing at first it took a few moments to find out the safety start switch was not broken. For final clean up before storage, use an old paint brush worn down to a nub with short bristles and then use it to oil the tines with 3 in 1 oil as suggested. Some areas i had to help out with a pick axe but i didn’t mind considering the job the unit was doing. It will even be faster for small home project albeit with reduced pressure least it damages items.
These have no o-rings which some individuals noted blew up on them resulting in long downtime. There are some valuable concerns about wheel design which we confirm has been annoying for many users to push over some distance.
A garden hatchett, on it’s flat hammer side, is usefull for knocking out rocks locked against the transmission, and hacking the odd tree root. The issue with the wand is this; in order to use the wand the safety button has to be pushed all the time so that the trigger can be squeezed. In fact you might just find out that the engine of this particular washer will outlive the pump. I would recommend a little bit of 3-in-1 oil on the spine where the tines slip on to make them go on smoother. But hey, it did the job yes it moves a little slower, but at my age that’s a good thing.
But the weight is also a positive for the fact that you can pull it back to an area if it bounces away. I ran machines all my life and found out years ago that they areonly as good as what is running them and this unit will work fine for a lot of people.
In summary, the unit did exactly what i was hoping it would do and much more than i expected. For pump replacement try Comet pressure washer pumps they are renowned for being more durable and longer lasting than many OEM pumps.
If you think you will do OK with 2600psi then let nothing hold you back on this pressure washer. Great machine and i’m 100% satisfied it has a carrying handle, lightweight and the handle easily folds down to carry in your trunk. This is however a professional pressure washer and is often acquired by commercial businesses and individuals that run pressure washer hiring services.
Maybe if neccessary just find a few more reviews to read on the internet before making final decision.
Shroud-mounted transport handle provides convenient transporting the tiller is extremely easy to lift into and out of raised flower beds.
But i found it did what it needs to do for a tiller to be easily carried from one garden box to another. For those living in California the good news is that this model is compliant with regulations there. The craftsman 120v electric mini tiller boasts four patented 3-in-1 triple-dig tines for cultivating soil, tilling hard soil and for cutting rootsadjustable tilling path from 6 in. I found with razed garden boxes the handle is to long so i drilled some new holes and lower the handle all the way down to the most the handle would yield. I tilled in my two wheelbarrows of homemade compost concentrating in the area where my ‘maters will be planted and it mixed it in nicely.
For big projects, stick with the gas powered machines and save yourself the time and efforts. It seems to have plenty of power and a 100′ extension cord is enough to reach anywhere we want around the house.

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