Bosch 18V Compact Tough Cordless Drill Drivers DDS181B, DDS181-01, DDS181-02 and DDS181-03 for Sale at Discount Prices. Over in Germany, Bosch has announced a new 10.8V (12V Max) compact cordless hammer drill driver.
Maximum torque is stated as 30 Newton meters, or 265 in-lbs, matching that of the PS31 drill we assume this version was based off of.
I am getting so fed up with American tool divisions holding out on the systainers and L-boxx’s they ship their tools in in Europe.
Offering many L-Boxx sets wouldn’t really fly in the USA unless kits were available without them. I think that down the line Dewalt might seek to distribute their ToughSystem through home centers, targeting contractors. Festool is a partner company of Tanos, who makes and distributes the systainers(to my knowledge, they are linked in some way, but not the same company). The new kit, LXFD01WSP1, is not exactly the same as the now-discontinued $99 special Home Depot carried last winter. Update: The new single battery kit is also available at Home Depot for $99 with free shipping and free in-store pickup where available.
Tool promotions tend to straddle major tool buying holidays, but they can also just have them any random time also.
Makita white = compact tools, mainly drills and drivers that can fit compact or high capacity battery packs. Some consider the teal tools to be Makita’s professional line, but in my experience the white tools are just as good. I am fairly certain about this – the heavier duty (teal) tools can only accept high capacity battery packs.
My most often use for the drill has been for (go figure) drilling holes rather than driving screws or fasteners.
I was able to get one of the earlier models before they replaced the metal outside of the chuck with plastic.
I used a diamond hole saw to drill a rather nerve-racking hole in an expensive porcelain sink, and the drill performed admirably. Of all my Porter Cable 18V cordless power tools, this impact driver has definitely seen the most use. This was my first experience with an impact driver, and I can safely say that I reach for it more often than my drill. I have used it to run concrete lags, loosen lug nuts, and for plenty of general screw driving tasks.
The tool does feel a little heavy when paired with an 18v NiCad battery, but I have not had any runtime complaints until my batteries were well-used and ready to be ready for decommission. Since the reciprocating was bundled in the 4-tool kit I purchased, I decided to give it a chance. It works well, although I feel like it certainly feels cheaper and vibrates a lot more than my corded saw. I used to have a DeWalt recip with this type of flip lever locking mechanism, and when cutting into a plaster & wire mesh ceiling it promptly self destructed when it sucked a piece of wire into the tool in that area. Note: The bare tool add-on is available from Amazon and comes with a built-in laser guide, and a 2pc saw and drill kit is available at Lowes. Realistically, this angle grinder has a 5-10 minute battery runtime, but it can do a great job in that time! I only used the jigsaw for a few projects, and it worked fine for all of them, but I don’t really have much experience with other jigsaws I could compare it to. The worklight’s incandescent bulb broke quickly, as has been the case with nearly every other tool-system incandescent worklight I have ever owned.
The IR thermometer almost seemed like a novelty item at first, but it definitely came in handy during the first winter in my new house. I am still using the 2 original NiCad batteries that came with my 4pc tool set 3 years ago.
I find the NiCad batteries make the tools unnecessarily heavy, but this is a trait that all batteries of this chemistry share.
The simple fact is that the NiCad batteries work just fine as they are, and while they do make the tools heavier, I can deal with this.
The big question here is whether I would buy these tools again (including those gifted to me).
I also picked up a set of these circa 2010 to replace my mix and match selection of power tools. Similar to you Clayton, I also purchased the impact driver as my first foray into that segment. My only concern would be future watering down of the PC line in favor of SBD’s flagship Dewalt line which will factor in to play when these are ready for retirement. As an FYI to anyone wondering why most tools in these pictures have a pair of zip ties on the handles: I attached these so that I could hang the tools on the wall around my workbench, ready to go.
I also purchased this exact same 4-tool Porter cable tool set up from CPO outlet in refurbished form, $115 free shipping, items appeared to be in brand new condition. I’ve also recently purchased the 12V line of tools, mainly for the Drill and Impact Driver. My 9.6 Makita batteries lasted 10 years which is a plus over Lithium Ion based which typically last 5 and one of the reasons I bought the NiCad rather than the Lithium Ion based but if your batteries are wearing out after 3-4 years thats another let down.
I got back and added the vacuum (which has seen very little use) and the circular saw (which had paid for itself many times over); both were clearances displays. The concept of drilling has been around ever since the ancient Harappans and Egyptians learned to use the hand-powered lathe– the device that can also be termed as Office of the Chief Technologist, OCT › Space Technology Research Opportunities-Early Stage Innovations Click here for more details. Since the ancient Egyptians began using a hand-powered lathe centuries ago, man has striven to make arduous building and assembling tasks easier, quicker You will discover how the cordless tool came about.
Makita Cordless Drills The name Makita is well known in the power-tool market circles today. Black & Decker is launching the Matrix line with a number of drilling, driving, cutting, and sanding attachments. The oscillating multi-tool head is rated at up to 18,500 OPM and can be used for sanding, cutting, grinding, scraping, and all the other applications one would use a multi-tool for. B&D describes the router as ideal for use on decorative edging projects, small woodworking projects and more. The circular saw spins up to 3400 RPM (with 20V power handle) and can be used on plywood, paneling, and small boards.
It looks to me as though the trick here is to keep the attachments as far back on the tool as possible, so that the handle lines up properly.
A rule I feel applies : when something tries to do more than one thing, it does neither very well.

I had pretty much given up on cordless, too, after killing the bushings in two, and discovering their batteries failed quickly. A clutch would also let a person use a corded drill to drive deck screws, without battery changes, as an example. If one of the top line makers, like DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Ridgid, etc would make a corded drill with a clutch, I’d order one tomorrow.
I’ve personally been using the Black and Decker 20v Max Matrix drill for the past few weeks. The oscillating tool attachment was something I was looking forward to getting, but it’s basically for show. I might just forget about cordless tools altogether after this, since I can’t afford a high end drill from Dewalt or Milwaukee and probably never will. I work in the IT field and often do side-jobs in Home Theater & Surveillance installations. I have been using my Firestorm for things B&D probably never imagined it being used for.
Craftsman’s Bolt-On system (ToolGuyd Preview) has an exclusive 2-speed hammerdrill attachment. Personally, my preference would be to buy into the Bolt-On system first, and add additional Matrix power handles and heads later. I think they may be charging too much because you may have to buy the attachments separate from the drill ($79 for the drill and $20-$30 per attachment). I got the trimsaw attachment for the matrix and the screw that you need to remove to attach the saw will not loosten at all.
Last fall we reviewed Milwaukee’s M12 cordless right angle drill, and found it to be a darn decent tool.
Based on specs alone, it looks like the tools’ capabilities are pretty similar, with the 18V versions offering greater speeds. Usually when you compare 12V and 18V tools, the main tradeoff is larger size for more power.
Dubbed the GSB 10.8-2-LI Professional, the combo drill is said to be the shortest in class. European prices will be 115 euros for the tool, and 179 euros for the kit, which includes an L-Boxx, charger, two 1.3Ah batteries and a holster. Could be because track saws are much more popular in Europe, and many contractors here still use circular saws or portable table saws. As such, most people would not appreciate having to spend the extra money on kits that come with L-Boxxes or Systainers.
Notice how in EU there are two options for this new release – bare tool or L-Boxx kit. EU and USA tool preferences and trends are very different, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. There might be some savings in bundling the boxes with the kits, but you still pay for it in the end.
If that happens, I think we can expect to see response from Bosch and perhaps even Festool.
In order to arrive at such low pricing, the kits were offered with a single compact Li-ion battery. If you want a professional-grade compact drill and only need a single battery pack, this seems to be a pretty good deal.
The charger included in this kit is a 15-minute charger, whereas the holiday-special kit had a 30-minute charger. Personally, I would go for the 2-battery kit, but in some cases it’s not worth the extra expense for a battery pack that might not be needed. Companies tend to hold this type of information close to their chests to avoid losing sales before a promo is ready to go live. The only bummer about this one is I already have most of the tools they are offering in the kit or as the free tool the one thing I don’t have is the right angle drill.
The battery compatibility limitation of the teal tools is seemingly to ensure that they perform at their best and as designed. Clayton has been using Porter Cable’s 18V cordless power tools for about 3 years now and wanted to share his experiences with the system. I bought a house a year ago and have made extensive renovations, giving me many opportunities to put nearly all of these tools through their paces.
The newer models still have a single sleeve chuck, but I feel that the all-metal chuck might be more durable. It doesn’t quite have the power to loosen tightly torqued lug nuts, so I use a breaker bar to start all of them and zip them the rest of the way off with the impact driver. To me, reciprocating saws are traditionally used for massive demolition work. A battery would only last 30 minutes in this thing, if that long. What I have found is that it’s great for the quick one-off cuts that would otherwise have required a trip to get my corded recip saw, an extension cord to run, etcetera. There is a little tiny spring that holds everything in place (mostly plastic) and I believe it is poorly designed.
It features a blade brake, a great safety feature that seems relatively rare for non-pro-grade saws.
It has a very easy to see cut line indicator, though it is built of plastic and attached to the shoe. With the better blade I was able to make much cleaner cuts, and was able to cut through more material per battery charge. A circular saw would have been inappropriate for cutting these small notches and detail cuts, but the jigsaw handled them well. I had an unfinished porch that leaked cold air like a sieve and I walked around the room with the thermometer trying to pinpoint some of the worst spots.
I have come very close on multiple occasions to picking up a set of Lithium ions replacements, but have yet to pull the trigger. A replacement two pack of NiCad batteries are priced at around $60 at Lowes, while a single Lithium pack costs at least $75 and requires their Dual Chemistry charger.
I can’t leave LI batteries in my truck overnight and use them the next morning when it is cold. From the construction site to the home, the electric drill is a commonly used tool in today s society.
DEWALT is the leader in contractor power tools including cordless drills, woodworking tools and professional power tools. But I think that the right way to go is to give information about drills in general firstly.

We have since verified that Black & Decker is in fact soon releasing a new line of power tools with interchangeable attachments. We don’t expect the new Matrix tools to go head-to-head with pro-grade tools, but we certainly appreciate the flexibility and versatility the system offers.
Both kits will be available in October and will be priced at $50 for the 12V kit and $70 for the 20V kit. From what we can tell, the functionality won’t change between corded and cordless power handles, although we would expect greater power from the AC model. It also features a tool-free blade change design similar to that on the Porter Cable multi-tool. The older models came in an excellent wooden case which I think I would rather have than the tools.
Interesting they included a corded version, I have pretty much given up on cordless power tools. The QuickBoost charger pushes the Craftsman starter set ahead, especially with reports of the Matrix having long charging times and short runtimes. I even removed the upper part of the blade guard to use a pair of vice grips but still it will no budge.
Read product reviews, find discounts, free shipping and special offers on 12V Cordless Shop for Power Tools .
The tool has not yet been announced in the USA, and if released here, we do expect for the USA kit configuration to be different (e.g. But don’t expect to see these kits at home centers, who have limited shelf space that must be reserved for the best-selling SKUs. I wish they had more kits and free tools to chose from, but you can’t win at everything. This reminds me last week I seen a milwaukee m18 drill 1 battery kit for $99 at home depot.
Porter Cable, I’d gladly have paid the extra money for the convenience of quickly hanging it off of my belt or pocket. Aside from this gripe, and acknowledging that I will likely never use it in a demanding or harsh environment I can certainly say the saw works well. This is considered a right-handed saw, which is unusual for cordless circular saws, and although I may have preferred to have the blade on the left side for increased visibility, it works just fine. The jigsaw has a 3 position orbital settings switch on the left side, and a quick tool-free blade change mechanism.
Although my cuts were quick and small, I never felt there to be an issue with tool or battery power. A nice upgrade would have been an LED emitter, or an adjustable head, but it unfortunately has neither. Once you pull the trigger, the thermometer samples the temperature of the area it is pointed at. My kit only came with a NiCad charger, so to upgrade to Li-ion I would have to pick up a new charger as well. These tools are routinely on sale at Lowes and represent a great value in the not-quite-pro level of tools.
Unless I’m doing a lot of drilling, I almost resort to the 12V line now because of how small and compact it is. The electric drill has been refined DeWalt Has Long History Of Power Tool Development The Versatility Of The Dewalt Cordless Drill The Convenience of Dewalt Cordless Drills A Rundown Of Dewalt Drills Cordless tools are hand tools that require a motor but utilize a charging dock or battery pack rather than electrical cords for power. It looks like a new M18 18-volt version is due to be released soon, so we compared the specs for the two tools.
If they tried to do that here, other brands would undercut their prices and Bosch would stand to lose market share. I have even used the impact driver as an ad-hoc hammer for some quick tasks and it just keeps coming back for more. No problem! This tool can certainly do more than just make a single cut or two at a time, but I have found that in most cases, that’s generally all that I need it for. It is very nice to have some interoperability between the two corded and cordless grinders. As you point it around the room it projects a red (warmer), green (same) and blue (cooler) light, along with displaying the temperature on the back of the device. I think I would prefer to buy the two pack of NiCd batteries and have a total of four batteries at my disposal, rather than upgrade to the higher-priced but more compact (and possibly lighter) Li-ion batteries. I too then acquired the bare tool impact driver about a week later, $32 from a reputable Ebay outlet, brand new. I’ve purchased additional batteries over time and additional tools to keep with the same battery pack.
A (Blissfully Short) History of the Cordless Drill For you whippersnappers out there Checkout the full line of Milwaukee tools and Milwaukee accessories.
Built tough, the Bosch 36618-02 18-Volt 1 2-Inch Compact-Tough Litheon Drill Driver with Two Slim Pack Batteries is. And adding an L-Boxx on top of a regular kit and bare-tools might be frowned down upon as well. This is definitely a tool that feels like it needs a lot of power, but for short tasks it has really worked well. I can think of few situations where four batteries wouldn’t be enough to get me through a lengthy project. Aside from Ryobi’s amazing breadth of products, I think the Porter Cable line consistently outranks their Ryobi counterparts in quality, power, and durability while maintaining very similar pricing.
Milwaukee is a major manufacturer of cordless tools, power tools and power tool accessories. One more SKU per product times however many products or combo kits would call for a lot more inventory that needs to be packaged and passed along to resellers. I continuously check the ebay store for the refurb deal and have purchased the same set for several friends.
I have been acquiring Porter cable tools now for about 6 years ever since I gave up on Craftsman.
While I can’t say how they hold up in a professional construction setting, I would put my FC350b up against any framing nailer, along side my other tools.

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