We got the most current top 4 contenders in the cordless 18V category and pitted them head to head to see where they stacked up.
To measure toque we had some help from the expert tool repair technicians at Ohio Power Tool who use their Skidmore torque tester.
It was very noticeable when going side by side how both brushless tools hardly created any heat even when struggling. The Makita 18V LXT Brushless is probably the newest of the group to hit the street with the hammer drill LXPH05 ($319 est) not even available yet. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel is also a brushless but clearly targeting the heavy duty pro user looking for high end torque.
The Dewalt 20v Max (still an 18v) tools were not launched that long ago either but already are undergoing updates. Their brushless impact driver is already out in the market and we would expect a new brushless hammer drills out within a year.
The Bosch 18V Brute Tough hammer drill is now the oldest of the 4 units (still launched less than a year ago) and is available as part of the CLPK221-181 ($308, Ohio Power Tool) kit with the impact driver. Overall we like the deals that are currently available from both Milwaukee and Bosch, which make pretty compelling reasons to go those routes for the time being. Don’t just take our word on it, Steve Maxwell also did a similar auger test and produced this really slick video that highlights many of the points better than we could here. This entry was posted in Bosch, DeWalt Tools, Makita Tools, Milwaukee and tagged Bosch, brushless hammer drill, concrete drills, dewalt, hammer drill, makita, makita vs dewalt, Milwaukee, milwaukee vs bosch. I did the torque test ( chuck to chuck ) like dewalt did with the milwaukee fuel and dewalt premium hammerdrill.
They are both good products , but because milwaukee has ( we can call this extreme protection for the cells and motor) dewalt used it to their advantage and showed the consumers that the milwaukee was not able to backdrive their drill.
The video is down, ( there are still dewalt vs milwaukee videos out there such as the one where a dewalt representative drops a fuel drill and a dewalt drill in a cement mixer with rocks and see whos drill still works after 5 hours. I think, You should compare the Milwaukee 2604-22 (Torque 725 in lbs) vs Makita XPH06, because the Makita LXPH05 has less power (400 in- lbs ). Well your right on about Dewalt, I just hate the product, I have Bosch myself, the old Bluecore 18 volts, when they eventualy die, I will be looking at there 18 lithium and also the Mliwaukee.
I was very much into makita but I use dewalt everyday at work and have never had a problem with the drills! Now the Makita XPH07 is available, boasting segment leading torque by a long shot; 1090 in-lbs. The Ryobi is set to be released with a price of $90, while the Craftsman version is currently priced at $100. Due to the glaring similarities between the tools, it could very well be that they are manufactured by a common OEM. Despite all this, we are actually eagerly awaiting the release of Ryobi’s Auto Hammer. Ultimately, though, there are still decent alternatives out there, such as pneumatic-powered palm nailers, and a good ol’ 16oz claw or framing hammer.
I work at home depot, and we had a vendor for ryobi come in and demo the ryobi auto hammer. Trying to pound 3?” 12d or bigger nails for basic work using an AH sounds crazy, especially if there are many nails to be driven. The places where I see the AH’s being streets ahead are for finishing work, particularly overhead such as installing crown molding, for instances where single-handed operation is helpful and in tight corners.
I bought the SEARS hammer to build bird houses using #6 nails with kids 4 to 8 years old.
This cordless drill review will help you decide what to look for in a battery powered drill and what key components any modern drill must have.
Without any doubt one of the largest segments in the power tool industry is the cordless tool segment.
When it comes to decide which is the best cordless drill for you - the market seems overwhelmingly crowded with different brands and models offering tons of features with different battery levels at an enormous array of different price levels. This cordless drill review will acquaint you with the features you might want when you buy your next cordless drill.
So let's get started with part one of this review digging into the different types of cordless drills available on the market.

However, if you like this article, you can use the HTML code below to directly link to this article. Here you can setup how long you let members watch videos before they are required to upgrade, this message can be customized with your own images and text. This comes at a time when we have redesigned the original DPX System to accommodate most of the Cordless Drill Brands currently on the market. The Dual-Drill Max has built-in horizontal and vertical levels, and a magnetized One Touch Cordless Knife. At that torque this was not fun testing and with the variations between each test we were not able to declared any particular ranking order here like we had hoped.
It made sense because in this group, the Makita looked like the kicker on a pro football team.
We used 4 identical ?” carbide hammer bits and went to town drilling holes as consistently as possible in 1 month old concrete. The lower torque of the Makita really was not well suited to handle the ?” holes in concrete, not only did it do the least holes overall but it took a really long time to do each. The combo kit which also includes the new single speed brushless impact driver LXT239 ($379 est) is starting to pop up, which is how we got our hands on this unit. This model is the 2604-22 ($299, Ohio Power Tool) and as of now, is not available in any of the combo kits. This hammer drill kit DCD985L2 ($275, Amazon) is not a bad price and part of the combo kit with an impact driver DCK290L2 ($305, Amazon) also pretty reasonable. Strangely the hammer drill kit alone HDH181-01 ($329, Ohio Power Tool) is actually more than the combo because of current sale pricing. With Dewalt’s pending updates to batteries and promising a brushless hammer drill at some point soon we might wait to see what that looks like. Our goal is to find new tools, accessories, and best possible solutions that will help improve the effectiveness of professionals in their daily jobs. The authors are sharing personal opinions based on products and field testing, and are not necessarily the views of the Ohio Power Tool company.
Well, they are both compact and ergonomically designed, but the Ryobi appears to have a slightly slenderer head.
No doubt both batteries must have similar capacities, but Ryobi’s creates a boxy sort of hilt at the base of the tool. It might be safe to say that the Craftsman tool will likely drop to $90 or lower as the winter holiday shopping season approaches.
This would probably be disappointing news since the Craftsman Hammerhead has not received particularly warm reviews. What we’re hoping for is that 1) it blows the Craftsman Hammerhead out of the water, and that 2) it is the spearhead of a brand new expanded like of 12V ONE+ cordless tools. Please refrain from using power tools when engaging in illegal drug activities, or when consuming alcoholic beverages. In this multi-part review we will examine and rate all vital parts of a professional cordless drill to help you decide what to look for when you are buying your next cordless drill for your workshop. By far the largest group of battery driven tools from the point of view of a woodworker, is the cordless drill. From a couple of bucks for some cheap DIY drill to $400 and more for some of the most powerful cordless drills. The following pages will examine special woodworking requirements in detail from a special woodworkers point of view.
We used an off the shelf, uiversal winch and tested it with a davit boom and used it to lift things into the back of a pick up truck, or on the back of a Kawasaki UTV, lifting brush on a ranch.
We have the winch here pictured with Makita and Bosh Products, but you can see many other compatible combinations on our website. Since we are talking hammer drills our thought was let’s see how the hammer action works and drill lots and lots of ?” holes in concrete… a test we later regretted but good news, feeling is starting to return to our hands. Is this test laboratory perfect, probably not but they all did the same test so we feel the comparisons are going to hold true.
We had thought perhaps Dewalt might be hiding some lower performance numbers by not publishing their torque but perhaps they are on to something because nailing down the exact measurement (at least with this test) is neither safe nor easy.

If we had done a different test that did not require the same amount of torque we probably would have gotten a chance to see the brushless motor shine a little more. Makita clearly made a decision with their new brushless to focus on the comfortable lighter weight demanding user which makes up more of the everyday routine tasks. There is also a limited time promotion going on with select Milwaukee retailers for a free M18 Red Lithium XC battery 48-11-1828 ($119, Ohio Power Tool) instantly with each purchase. The batteries in these kits are not the new ones which include the fuel gauge like you get with their brushless impact kits. These kits do feature the new Bosch HC batteries which are rated for cold weather and include fuel gauges.
On the Makita the price seems pretty steep for the low performance in the high torque range. Between the Bosch and Dewalt it was close, possibly a slight advantage to the Bosch on speed but a few more holes with the Dewalt these were very close. And overall it seems to be the better choice, the only concern I do have is that the bulky battery could limit areas of use. If you were anywhere near Indianapolis, I would be happy to sell it to you at that lower price you are looking for. I needed the screw gun and thought if the hammer works for some difficult jobs it would be worth it.
This chuck closes tight and can grip a round TV Half Time Drill Driver – Drill, Flip Drive. Since hammer drills don’t work to build torque like impacts this also means we basically locked up each drill to get the number with small variations that occur as the drill is basically jerks out of your hand.
For overall performance in this challenge we felt there was a clear winner and a clear loser. The smallest of the bunch and nearly a full 1 lb lighter this would clearly be the one we would grab if you were trying to precisely pre-drill holes for screws but definitely not from drilling ?” holes in concrete, it didn’t even have a side handle.
Having seen this model take sledge hammer blows and a 500 ft fall from a helicopter we do feel pretty good about their overall dependability. The Makita felt out of place here however it did manage a respectable 19 holes but was just because that little brushless motor wouldn’t quite. Grasp the grip of the keyless chuck with one hand, and depress and on the end of this shaft is the chuck. We would like to give Kris a special thank you for putting his wrists on the line for tool science.
We were also surprised that while the Milwaukee Fuel is shorter in length it actually weights slightly more than the Bosch. The Bosch 18V tools also have a free battery promo but this time it’s a mail-in rebate for 2 slimpack batteries.
This type of item would allow me to do so much more without having to depend on help from others. It will first be offered as a DIY kit, but we plan on marketing kits to easily adapt to pickup truck, ATV & UTV winching applications and davit lifts.
The Dewalt and Bosch both did pretty well but it was hard to pick a clear winner in the speed category. It has been about a year now and hoping the price would come down abit, so that I might scrape together the funds and purchase one. In the video shown on our original testing, we lifted a Harley Davidson Motorcycle into the back of a truck.
Cordless drills come with both pistol grip Anything that can flip and use a different chuck with minimal effort doesn’t have a solid What’s my Makita 18V cordless drill run? On consecutive holes we did feel a little more heat off the Bosch but were getting pretty decent heat off both. The week link in our chain for our original test was the boom was lighter than the capability of the drill powered winch.

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