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Compact size combined with a powerful lithium-ion battery makes this cordless drill driver extremely lightweight and easy to use. This item can only be shipped within the 48 contiguous states via Standard Ground Shipping. As the inventor of the first portable electric drill with pistol grip and trigger switch, Black Decker offers a 12 in.
Daily woodworking tips to improve your accuracy, better organize your shop, make your tools work harder, and help you work safer. Workbench space is at a premium in my shop, so I made holsters for my cordless drills, as shown. Home Depot and Lowes are in a fierce marketing battle, with each saying their house brand makes the better 18V cordless drill driver. I owned a Ridgid 18 volt compact drill (older version of the one pictured), it was great drill with the exception of the short battery life,and the slightly odd placement of the LED. I would go with Ridgid, they’re an established powertool brand now, have a good warranty, proven support and have gotten a couple of generations of powertools lines under their belt now. I’m just a little leery of new powertool launches, especially when I dont know who the OEM is and how long the tools will be around if the line doesnt pan out.
I also have to say its weird that Kobalt, with less than six months and only 10-15 tools on the market would take on such a well established brand like Ridgid. To show how mixed up they are with remembering which imaginary torque rating they’re using at the time, they have a new 12V impact at Home depot. The Kobalt tools are made by Chervon, an OEM that makes tools for Craftsman and other well-known brands. I own a ridgid set, and the drill chuck recntly stopped ratcheting, I went to the local ridgid authorized shop, and it came back like new, no hassle at all, are you speaking from experience? I think you will find that most manufacturers are very helpful solving any issues you may while the unit is in warranty. What I have never understood is why customers think it is ok to try to ripoff stores by trying to return units that are out of the mfg. After the Bosh cordless drill battery quit on me, I did some research to help me decide what company made the best cordless drill to fit my needs.
Individual battery purchases carry a three year warranty only, based on the purchase receipt.

I agree with the comment above that the warranty is a selling point but a fraud in practice. I did have a challenge registering with Ridgid—that took about 8 months, but it got done.
I’m a carpenter and use cordless drills all the time for roofing, framing, remodeling, decking, etc.
And on top of all that the 15.4v Rigid out performs the 18v Dewalt, if that tells you anything about performance. 12-Volt Cordless Drill features Smart Select technology that enables Need to fix your Black and Decker Cordless Drill? Stop back daily for more woodworking tips from the editors at WOOD magazine and our enthusiastic readers.
Finally, drill a pair of holes inside the pipe, directly opposite the slot, and screw the holsters to the bottom of a shelf or cabinet. Lowes struck first, with an in-store banner behind their new Kobalt cordless power tool displays comparing the Kobalt Li-ion drill driver to Ridgid’s. But looking at the Ridgid sign it says the Ridgid drill has 537 inch lbs of torque, but the web site says its equal to the Kobalt at 455.
The Ridgid sign says that those are the PTI torques, which doesn’t make sense since why would they rate their tools’ torque as lower than PTI-compliant results? My experience with both stores is that their warranties are no better than the paper they’re printed on. I work 40 hours a week with them and put an excessively hard effort on the 18 volt Li-Ion drill. And if you use drills often you know that balance is key, the Rigid has a much better battery to drill balance than Dewalt or Kobalt as well. The Black Decker Junior Electric Workbench Electric drills, you have cordless and non-cordless models. You may need to install a filler strip on the bottom of the cabinet to shim the holsters if your cabinets have a deep recess beneath. Ridgid torque levels are different depending on whether you use the slim or extended capacity battery, so maybe that has something to do with it.
It also wouldn’t be a good idea for to Lowes to suggestively compare the Kobalt power tools to other brands they carry, such as Porter Cable.
In the 18 months that I have owned the tools I have had 3 problems (all replaced without hassle at the local Lowes store). Only the batteries accompanying a qualifying RIDGID cordless power tool purchase, qualify for that coverage, if that coverage has been obtained for the qualifying RIDGID cordless power tool purchase that the batteries came with.

Powerful for its size, light weight, seems to be well made, and looks nice(not that it matters, but a nice bonus) I have owned mine for about 6 months, at times use it daily, other times it will sit for 2 weeks between uses. The battery situation: First,if you use this drill for long period's, I highly recommend buying a 2nd battery, I will explain below.
Register your guns and they have a lifetime warranty on batteries, chargers, guns, parts, etc. While they are not great batteries, they have been fine for me so far, but I take care of mine.First thing you gotta understand is that no battery lasts forever.
Thankfully Lowes replaced all items including the drill on my first trip to the store with no receipts and no hassle whatsoever. All batteries from all manufactures will eventually fail, due to the fact that slight damage is done to the cells during normal usage. This is where having 2 batteries helps, you have time to let the first cool properly before needing it again. Why they get hot: Electrons traveling in or out of the battery create heat within the cells.
No matter what, damage is done to the cells though normal usage, this is why all batteries eventually die.
I really want the newer compact one and would hope the old one would break for a logical reason to buy the newer one with the newer X4 hyper lithium ion batteries, that I gather reading from ppls messages up above are even better and more longer lasting. I was already insanely happy with the quality and performance before, but to know they are constantly updating and upgrading their generation of product lines, I am satisfied they are not going anywhere and will back their brand reputation and quality. Home Depot will exchange batteries for you up to one year, and the chicken made it blatantly obvious its most people lazy and not registering is the real problem. People complaining are being extremely lazy and ignorant and unfair to the actual LIFETIME warranty that they offer everyone who buys their stuff and takes the time to register like they ask. I use it for all types of chores, working on my car or motorcycles, driving screws through roof aluminum gutter screens it tackles all jobs with a plumb.
So anyways when buying Ridgid I noticed the two batteries plus now are lithium ion without memory problems.

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