Bosch’s new generation of compact lithium-ion cordless tools offers more speed, more power, greater comfort, and ridiculously lightweight and compact packages. Right off the bat, it was noticeable that the balance and grip of the new drivers was improved. After checking out the tools’ increased power and quick-stop motor brake, I focused on the redesigned and enormously comfortable grip.
In addition to the 20+1 setting clutch, the trigger is extremely sensitive and provides additional control. One more thing – the weight distribution of the tool is extended slightly forward because of the chuck.
Pardon my frankness, but WOW, the power Bosch packed into these compact tools is much greater than I had anticipated!
Bosch’s PS31, on the other hand, can in many cases be used interchangeably with an 18V drill. Bosch’s new PS21 and PS31 cordless lithium-ion tools take things to a whole new level. The PS21’s body-mounted light is not shadowed, although its reflection pattern is a bit funky. The batteries (BAT412) have been upgraded slightly, presumably to offer slightly better performance, but older batteries (BAT411) and chargers should be cross compatible with the new ones. I’d love to find a compact cordless impact driver and a low profile right-angle cordless impact driver suitable for automotive use that I liked. Thank you for the kind words, and I’m glad you and your colleagues found the review to be helpful! You may want to consider the PS31 kit, however, since the batteries have been upgraded slightly over the years.
Now that the L-Boxx kits are shipping, I contacted Bosch to find out if they’d be selling the form-fitting inserts separately, so I could get one for my PS31. The powerful, innovative 11536VSR drills up to 50 percent faster than other cordless rotary hammers. BOSCH Cordless Hammers, BOSCH Rotary Hammers, BOSCH Combination Hammers, BOSCH Hammer Drills, BOSCH Demolition Hammers, BOSCH Hammer Drill Drivers A cordless rotary hammer try a cordless rotary hammer. Weighing just a little under 4 lbs, the LDX120C will ensure you don’t suddenly find yourself suffering from fatigue, no matter what type of job you might be working on.
It wouldn’t be Black & Decker, if the product in question didn’t come with a variety of features.
Variable speed control gives you the ability to utilize countersinking, but without the worry of damaging the material you’re working with. Like all Black & Decker products, the LDX120C is protected by a long-term (2 year) warranty. With all the drills and similar products available on the market right now, choosing one can be a bothersome experience. A couple of months ago when we reviewed the Dremel 8200 cordless rotary tool, we received an email from a New Zealand reseller that was slightly confused about the 10.8V vs. Last night I saw a tweet (you can connect with us via Twitter as well!) asking about when the Dewalt 20V Max cordless power tools would be available in Australia. UK and European users can purchase the 18V XR tools via Amazon UK or via Toolstop, which has a wider selection. A bit late, but I have ordered 3 20V’s (drill impact driver and oscillating tool) from the states and bought a European charger.

Could you please share which charger you have bought and for which drills (with model numbers if possible). I just bought a 20V max impact wrench (dcf899 bare unit) and wondering whether a UK up to 18v XR multi charger and XR li-ion batteries would work with this impact wrench. I was told by several DeWalt reps who have all now been fired, that 20v Max batteries and 18v XR batteries are both the same. The DeWalt 20V Max compact drill has 309 in lbs of torque, the Makita 18v compact has 480 in lbs of torque. So if i want to buy a Dewalt 20v MAX XR heated jacket from USA and use my european 18v XR batteries with it, would it be ok ?
If I took a brand new 20V Max battery pack, and an 18V XR battery pack, and spray painted them an opaque color, I might not be able to tell them apart.
I know the Milwaukee and Makita stuff is good but I had to make a decision which pole to nail my colours to. I liked the Yellow and Black as it`s easy to see and I have a nasty habit of loosing tools.
This entry was posted in Bosch, Comparison Tests, Cordless Tools, Plumbing Tools and tagged Bosch dewalt diamond tile glass drill bits. It thins out slightly at the top of the grip, and then thickens up to accommodate the battery. Additional pluses include the electric motor-brake, bright worklight, and great battery life. While the LED worklight on the PS21 can adequately illuminate a fastener or work area, the PS31’s LED is largely shadowed by its chuck.
A few larger holes were drilled as well, and smaller holes were bored into aluminum and plastic. I cannot imagine ever needing to put its 265 in-lb torque capabilities to use, but it’s reassuring to know the power is there if I need it. There are many great compact cordless tool options available these days with even more on the way. The took is a little larger than it could be, but the right angle driver head is as compact as I’ve seen on a 12V tool.
Drill Bosch gives you impressive performance in a compact design with this 18 Volt Li-Ion Rotary Hammer (Tool Bosch GBH 18V-LI Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill Free UK and Ireland Delivery !!! Choose from top brands including Bosch cordless hammers, DeWalt rotary Shop for Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills at Grainger. This drill has an 11-position clutch that provides precise control for drilling into wood, metal, plastic and all screwdriving tasks. When compared with a NiCd type of battery, the 20v MAX lithium-ion battery is miles ahead in quality. The LDX120C definitely meets the high standards the company has been setting for itself since 1910.
Whether you’re drilling into wood, metal or plastic, or if you’re using it as a screwdriver, you can count on an impressive degree of precise control every single time.
The official reason why Dewalt branded the North American line as 20V Max, is to avoid confusion.
USA batteries and a UK charger *should* work together, but you should contact Dewalt directly just to be sure.
Of course, Dewalt wouldn’t fess up if their primary intent was to play on the 20V>18V perception.

So they fit fine maybe they don’t want to confirm cuz its an item of clothing… if theres a prob and something catches fire? There’s the potential for less than obvious concerns, such as with safety certifications. I have just brought back from Florida, USA a twin Dewalt kit comprising of a li-ion DCD771 20v max drill driver and a DCF885 20v max impact driver.
Our goal is to find new tools, accessories, and best possible solutions that will help improve the effectiveness of professionals in their daily jobs. The authors are sharing personal opinions based on products and field testing, and are not necessarily the views of the Ohio Power Tool company. While I didn’t keep track of how many screws the PS21 could drive per charge, a fresh battery was always at the ready. Whether you’re building some furniture, making alterations to your cabinet hardware, or even if you just need to attach something to your wall, the LDX120C is well-suited to the task. Since then, additional 12V Max tools have come out, and we have occasionally received similar emails that ask about the differences between those versions and the 10.8V tools available in other countries.
They wanted to make it clear that the new line is not at all compatible with the previous 18V line.
Personally I prefer the Makita 18v lithium ion drills because they are lighter and charge faster. Multiple comments from the same person under different names usually indicates a secret agenda and the intent to deceive an audience. With a 30 minute charger and two 1.3 Ah batteries included in the kit, battery-related delays are history.
A single-sleeve allows for quick one-handed tightening and loosening, and it’s quite secure. Oh, and the drill also comes with a LED work light that illuminates the surface for easier drilling in dark places.
And with a 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery, you know that power is something you can rely on. More likely than not, you’re not going to have to worry about the battery giving up on you in the middle of a job.
Lighter and smaller than the `Waukee was his main comments plus excellent battery life from the 1.5aH battery. I’m disappointed to see they moved the light from a ring around the chuck to the body.
I did research before but just to confirm the batteries do charger on either of my two UK chargers. I flew with British Airways and called them before I purchased the drills to check and as the batteries were in the drills they were allowed to be in my checked in baggage in the gold of the plane. I did set the trigger lock to the locked position and taped some socks around the handle so they couldn’t or accidentally turned on. The drills operate perfectly with my UK batteries and my existing drills work with the US batteries.

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