West Virginia Hillbilly, I have this one guy that sharpens my handsaws up on 250,and one day when I went by to pick up my saws he did have a bandsaw mill blade, that he had sharpen, but he didnt seem to reassureing he knew what he was doing, I believe he charged like 6.00, I might drop one off and see how it turns out. Sorta hate to post this because I have been told by some of the experts in the past that I can?t sharpen bands with such crude homemade equipment.Order a rock from Suffolk and they will send the plans to make this sharpener. Thanks for the pictures Larry, I think you did a fine job, building your sharpener and setter, and that log you sawed says it all. You have acted most professionally and provided a most excellent service for me on each visit.
2014 saw one of our best years ever for ride-on sales, both ride-ons & ride-on tractors. 2015 has continued in the same vein, with January being another great month for sales & enquiries. When you are ready to make that all important purchase, what can you expect when you visit our showroom. Click on the pictures below for Craig's recommendations from within the varoius categories. The Infantry pattern is issued to front line 'teeth' arms only, making this a sought after item. Scabbard is fitted with 17cm folding wood saw, sharpening stone, and steel wire cutting attachment. Appearance is almost identical to the issue item except for the makers mark on the blade, as shown in our images. Categories ADVENTURE MEDICALAIRBORNE WEBBINGANSON TACTICALASSAULT VESTSBADGESBELTS, BELT SETS & HIP PADSBERGENS & HOLDALLSBERGHAUS MILITARY, BERGHAUS MMPSBLACHAWK!

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I read somewhere that woodmizer only sharpens there blades, although it seems like they have a pretty good system. Im sorry I never got back in touch with you, but I hadnt been running my mill as much as I like to, it sort of goes with my work, I have been layed off for the past 3 weeks, so you know where I have been.
It would be so nice to have a place you could take your blades and have them done, and not have to ship. It would be a dream to have a band saw blade shapener and tooth setter, on hand but I just dont saw enough to warrant one. He does keep some band mill blades in stock, one size I believe, they are 13' 2" simmonds. Have you considered stacking two stones and dressing as one to do the whole profile in one kiss. Overall dimensions are correct, but for safety reasons these do not fit rifles, nor do these feature the rope cutting section on the blade.
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I mark the manufacturer on the blades with a permenant marker, to make identification easier for them.
Maybe I can talk that WV Hillybilly into buying one, now that the addiction has set in , good luck with your new mill, sometime we will have to hook up, I probally cannot give to much advice, for I am learning everyday, mostly from this site.
I seems to me that it would work and be easier to maintain the hook angle and original profile.
Buyers who make false age declarations are obtaining goods through deceit and will be subject to legal proceedings. Like I said one other time in a forum, I think I would have sold my mill by now if it wasnt for this web site,  the information everyone has contributed, has help tremendous, and I really love to saw. I noticed one of our members Craig lives up near Richmond, maybe he might know something of this fellow. Ive got a Stanley hand saw setter that I was messing around with yesterday, and it comes close to the 10 degree set. I think the sharpener is going to be the hard one, getting the right angle, I wrote Suffolks yesterday about a plan for a sharpener, I havent had a reply yet. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.This item will be sent by carrier only, not Royal Mail.

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