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Circular Saw and Radial-Arm SawsThe Buzz Saw (aka the circular saw or the circ saw) is one of the most used saws for many woodworkers. The circular saw spins a blade with saw teeth on the edge for cutting wood or other materials and may be hand-held or table-mounted.
The Circular Saw is a powerful tool in the workshop, at a construction site, and for any do-it-yourself home project. The Radial-arm Saw can be one of the most versatile tools in your shop, but also often turns out to be the least used. HAWER TRADING is committed to providing you PiA‚a tarczowa Produkty Tajwanu, Circular saw blades, HSS Slitting saw blades, Carbide Slitting saw blade, HSS metal saw, Carbide tipped band saw blades, Tungsten tipped saw blades, Metal cutting tools and Carbide tipped saw which provide long lasting cutting performance in Woods, Softwood, Hardwood, Plywood, Solid surface materials, Fiberboard, Laminates, Melamine, Aluminum and other nonferrous metals, Plastic, Acrylic and Steel metals ,PCB, Lead, Grass, Copper, Iron and other hard surfaces.
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If for some unknown reason you had to pick only one stationary power tool for your workshop, a radial arm saw would be the wise choice.
Making a locker shelf with a radial arm saw is a very easy project and great for the beginning student. Radial Saws tend to be one of the most under-appreciated of woodworking machines which is disheartening, considering how versatile they are in the range of operations and tasks they are able to perform. A radial arm saw basically consists of a motor (rather like a handheld circular saw) suspended from a long arm, in a yoke, which allows multiple degrees of rotation for the motor assembly. Radial saws are circular saws that cut downward, either with or against the wood grain (rip or crosscut).

For crosscutting, the operator pushes the wood away from himself or herself against a fence.
A radial arm saw is basically a circular saw that has been mounted on an overhead, or radial, arm affixed to a table.
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As teeth of the blade strikes wood it makes a small chip, the teeth push the chip away from the board preventing it from binding the blade.
Since circular saws lack a fence and table system, they are less accurate for making straight cuts, but circular saws are portable and powerful, and have plenty of uses in the wood shop.
Picking the right saw for any one who is going to be heavily using one is therefore important.
However, like any tool there are trade-offs which come hand in hand with its versatility: difficulty in setting up cuts (as opposed to a compound miter) taking a longer time to rip stock (table saws rip faster).
The motor assembly connects to the overhead arm by a carriage assembly that traverses the arm’s length when manually pulled by the operator. The 2014 International Woodworking Faire took over ii of the buildings at the just about attendees saw the machines in action and precious to know more about. The versatile Circular Saw cuts more than wood, making it a convenient tool for the handy man. If you want to add a circular saw to your power tools collection, here are some things to consider before you buy. Woodworking consists of six basic cuts; crosscutting, bevel crosscutting, ripping, bevel ripping, mitering and bevel mitering.
A radial arm saw can help you cut one set, or help you cut many locker shelves.  A radial arm saw will be helpful if you are making many units, but it is very important to follow all of the safety procedures.
That said, the radial-arm saw is able to perform both these tasks, albeit a little slower than other tools, but again, it is a small price to pay.

The saw blade rotates upward toward the operator, who feeds the stock in the opposite direction of the blade movement. Additionally, the saw can be set at a bevel just as though it were a circular saw, allowing the user to make compound miter cuts. Hand held electric buzz saw are portable, powerful and able to crosscut, rip wood and cut of material with material specific blade. WAGEN saw blades are widely used in field of furniture manufacturing, woodworking, aluminum cutting , Plexiglass cutting and others. Use goggles and glasses while using this piece of machinery in case there are bits of flying debris and keep your fingers away from the blade.
To achieve a simple 90 degree cross cut the saw is pulled from back to front, through a slot in the fence. The possibilities of what you can do with a radial arm saw are endless, and the adjustable nature of the saw makes it an excellent choice for making a lot of small, precise cuts. To make a rip cut the motor head is rotated 90 degrees and positioned outside the fence parallel to it. Lagune CNC routers are the almost technologically in advance CNC routers Hoosier State woodworking today. It can also do jointing and shaping chores, as well as make dadoes.  Radial arm saws are available in several different sizes, and the size refers to the size of blade the saw will accept.
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Common sizes include a 10- or 12-inch model, with the 10-inch model the most popular choice for most home workshops.

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