I am exploring the idea of purchasing the Dewalt DW745 table saw and I noticed that you are using it for woodworking projects. Screw the board to the baseplate of the saw, so that it’s parallel to the blade and the desired distance from the blade for the width stock you want to rip. Danny Lipford: One problem many homeowners have when using a circular saw, is how to make good, long, straight cuts. Joe Truini: What homeowners typically do, Danny, is they’ll clamp a board in place and run the saw along the edge of the board.
You take a straight one by two, which is about three or four inches longer than the baseplate of the saw, and simply screw it in place parallel to the blade.

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And that works fine, but when you’ve got repetitive cuts, you’ve got to continuously move and clamp the board to get the cut.
Then all you need to do is align the one by two at the edge of the board and make a nice, long, straight cut.
Now what about the wider cuts that so many times you have to make on like plywood or particleboard?
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Beyond that what you need to do is get a piece of plywood—this is about half-inch plywood cut 12 inches square—and you simply screw a straight edge guide to the plywood.
However, the dust collection works better on the Dewalt than on the Bosch (I need to make some improvements to the Bosch saw to get the dust collection to work at its full potential) Hope this helps!

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