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Long before the Dremel Saw-Max and Rockwell Versacut mini multipurpose circular saws hit the market, Craftsman had a mini circular saw of their own. The new saw is suitable for plywood and other sheet materials, plastic, light metal, wood boards, cutting tiles and flooring material, and it can help with grout removal. Anyway from what I read it seems Craftsman is introducing the most powerful mini-saw in the market yet with some unique features and a guide system which I had never seen before! I hate to eat my words, but I talked with the local Sears tool dept Mgr and he said the redesigned tool was fairly new and blades are available. Needed to replace some bad board on the back of my garage and wanted something light so I could cut while boards were still attached to garage, this saw worked great!

Questions about the Milwaukee 48-40-4505 3pk 14" x 72 Tooth Dry Cut Circular Saw Blade? Because we get such good deals, we must reserve the right to limit quantities from time to time.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The guide appears to be optimized for flooring and other materials that approach its maximum cutting capacity, but it works just fine with thinner workpieces. The kit will include 3 blades for cutting laminate, ceramic, and metal materials, and additional blade types will be available separately.
And, to be satisfied with performance of a tool, the user needs to be aware of the tools comfort range and have more general purpose tools available to do different scopes of projects.

I have found that local Sears stores do occasionally carry products that the online store has run out of or doesn’t stock.
Craftsman has released a new multi-material-cutting version of the mini circular saw, and it comes complete with a convenient miter track.

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