Two major events that the town is famous for are the Country Music Festival and the Goldfield Ashes Cricket Carnival. Charters Towers offers great well priced hotels, cheap well looked after hostels and also camping grounds and caravan parks. A popular place for camping around the town is the Burdekin river which is approximately 40 kilometres east of the town which also has the Burdekin dam.
You could say that Charters Towers is a little more expensive than Townsville when it comes to making major purchases but the general living costs are very affordable. As for travel and tourist businesses there is the Charters Towers Visitor Centre on Mosman Street with daily opening hours from 9 to 5. Your rating: None yoga quotes jewelrysony notebook - Pakistan, Computers - Hardware - Pakistan, For Salesony notebook - Pakistan, Computers - Hardware - Pakistan, For Sale .
It is situated approximately 134 kilometres by road inland from the city of Townsville which is the biggest city in North Queensland and on the coast.
It has a relatively small airport compared to Townsville and also Cairns which is bigger again. Approximately 200 kilometres south of CT is the Belyando star service station situated on the banks of the Belyando river. The population is around 8 thousand people but this can vary depending on the time of the year and tourist season. These words you will find written on the main town water tank upon Alabama hill located on the western edge of town.
There are a number of nice parks, a golf course on the northern side of town and numerous sporting fields with the main sporting team coming from the town being the Charters Towers Miners Rugby League Club competing in the Townsville and District Rugby League Competition.
The Burdekin is renowned as a high and fast flowing river with its head waters north in a higher rainfall area.
The range of items available is a little smaller than in bigger cities but that is the same with all country towns.
We love quirky adventures, offbeat luxury, and fabulous food and drink - but we're open to whatever travel might bring. Tell us about hotels, attractions, cheap flights that come or go from there or just how good life is in your hometown.

From Brisbane, Sydney or Darwin it is easy to catch a cheap flight to Townsville and then to take a bus, train or car to get to the Towers. This is where where I grew up on a cattle station called Nairana on the southern side of the river.
The climate is typical for North Queensland (NQ) with the majority of days providing high temperatures around 35 to 40 degrees but without the high humidity of of the near by coastal city of Townsville. It is called this because over the decades CT has been affected greatly by different cultures and is said to have everything there that man could want from around the world.
There are still many interesting historical buildings left like the old stock exchange and the post office. The town offers other great sporting facilities such as a swimming pool, indoor sports clubs, cricket fields and many tennis courts.
On the highway crossing to Townsville you can see the record flood levels which are extremely high.
We hope our award winning writers and photographers can help make your travels more meaningful and life-enhancing. By road it is located on a four-way crossroads with the Gregory Developmental Highway and the Flinders Highway. This highway is famous for bad funding and pot-holes so caution must be taken when taking this route. Being settled in the gold rush days the town once had a population of around 30 000 people and over one hundred pubs making it in the late 1800’s the largest city in Queensland outside Brisbane. They give you a basic idea of the old mine practices, you are shown the maze of old tunnels and mine shafts under the town and you can even fossick for gold yourself in the old tailings. There are also farm stays outside the town if you are looking for the rural experience and want to ride horses or motorbikes and muster cattle.
You will need more than a few days to see all of the historical sites and participate in the varying activities.
The Gregory travelling north-south and the Flinders east to Townsville and west extending through the city of Mt Isa, with a population of 23,000 people, into the Northern Territory. There is also bus and train services available to get to CT from every direction, but they have declined in recent years.

Originally the Towers was a gold mining settlement and has a great history with the gold rush years.
Once the gold-rush days were over around the time of the first World War, the town started a gradual decline. Charters Towers is now regarded as a centre for the beef industry, with a sale yards complex trading cattle from a vast area extending into the Northern Territory and as an education centre, boasting 4 major secondary schools. There is a famous story in an office in the old Stock Exchange where tourists can see where a shooting took place and the blood stains are still left in the old wooden table. Charters Towers is a very popular and well renowned place and is a must to see at least once in your life time. There are also places that you can go to to see the effects of the American soldier occupation of the town during the Second World War.
Columba Catholic College(CCC), All Souls and St Gabriels(ASSG), Blackheath and Thornburgh College (BTC) are the 3 boarding schools for both primary and secondary education. It is also popular for the younger generation to get in the wide spanning dry and very sandy creek beds with their cars and motorbikes and test their skills. The boarding schools are very popular with the rural children from the surrounding cattle stations.
The children come to be educated from up to 1000 kilometres away and they like the town for its country feel. Another major advantage of Charters Towers’ location is the nearby University in Townsville providing great tertiary education. As a centre for the beef industry it provides major services to the cattle stations like health, sport, stock feed, vet, clothing, hardwares, major banks and entertainment services. There is the world theatre in the main street providing up to date films and also a drive in theatre on the eastern edge of town on the road to Townsville.

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