In any case, does anyone here have experience with the cheaper import models? I imagine that the tool’s $40 pricetag is quite attractive, but for just a bit more, a refurbished Dremel version can be found for $55 or so. Since I can’t justify or afford the Fein version of these tools, maybe, just maybe the Genesis version is a good starting point. I have the HF version as well and the way i look at it (like the other posters), is that its a cheap investment into a tool that could be very useful for specific applications and i wont care if it breaks!
I purchased the Genesis oscillating tool about 6 months ago when renovating a basement bathroom.
I bought the Rockwell sonicrafter and it lasted a few minutes and won’t turn on at all now. I have bought two of the HF variable speed units and used them in our work and they have held up fine. If you have any suggestions on how you control weeds in your vegetable garden enter them in the comment box so we can all use your techniques too.
Are you someone that is interested in gardening but you don’t necessarily know how to begin or what kinds of tools to start out with?  I use Wolf Garden Equipment now.  At on time I had tried the real cheap garden tools but found out that all rakes are not created equal.
I know a non profit company in Georgia that runs a nursery and gets truckloads of free bulbs donated to them that they try and resell and make money for there rehabilitation Center.

Every Friday we will be giving away at least 5 packets of free seeds to one of our readers that are signed up on our blog for our RSS Feed or with their email address. With it I have made sharp accurate 90 and 45 degree cuts in both 10×2 cm wooden panels and square plastic electric conduit. Ok, broken record, but I really prefer the old Miller Falls or Stanley mitre boxes for this kind of thing. Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments. Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues.
Some are built by well known and reputable brands – Fein (the original), Rockwell, Bosch, Dremel, Ridgid, and Craftsman, but there are also generic branded import tools popping up at more and more retailers these days. Made my own grout removal blade from the $5 HF 4″ diamond grit cutter blade for their mini-table saw. Spring is a perfect time to start a compost pile to use as natural mulch for your garden flowers. This is one of the Wolf Garten tools that is catching major attention among gardeners simply because not only is it a great tool for crumbling soil, it is from the top quality company Wolf Gardten.

The problem is often that having all of these necessary tools can take up a lot of storage space.
If you have a rake, a hoe, a couple of brooms, a hand tiller and a few other assorted garden tools, you will need quite a bit of space to store them all. Does anyone here know of someone from Georgia to Mississippi that would be interested in buying the bulbs at a very reduced price.
Works great on grout, okay on wood, and even goes through ceramic tile without noticeable wear. Just click a category in the right hand column to view the videos you are interested in.  It is a great learning tool for gardeners. Don’t see much point except for the straight plunge cutter, HF’s lasts about 5 minutes before the teeth are gone, though you could use a triangular file to create more!

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