In any case, does anyone here have experience with the cheaper import models? I imagine that the tool’s $40 pricetag is quite attractive, but for just a bit more, a refurbished Dremel version can be found for $55 or so. Since I can’t justify or afford the Fein version of these tools, maybe, just maybe the Genesis version is a good starting point. I have the HF version as well and the way i look at it (like the other posters), is that its a cheap investment into a tool that could be very useful for specific applications and i wont care if it breaks! I purchased the Genesis oscillating tool about 6 months ago when renovating a basement bathroom. I bought the Rockwell sonicrafter and it lasted a few minutes and won’t turn on at all now.
I have bought two of the HF variable speed units and used them in our work and they have held up fine.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. For years I  had to work out of scattered tool boxes housing all of my accumulated tools. The next  problem was my vast assortment of open end, box end, and specialty wrenches.

You are limited  only by your imagination as to what else to do with your own tool box.
Our scaffold ratchet is made from durable Chrome Vanadium Steel in an ISO Quality Assurance Factory. Each scaffold ratchet has a serial number scribed on the inside of the gear case to prevent it from wearing off. Some are built by well known and reputable brands – Fein (the original), Rockwell, Bosch, Dremel, Ridgid, and Craftsman, but there are also generic branded import tools popping up at more and more retailers these days. Made my own grout removal blade from the $5 HF 4″ diamond grit cutter blade for their mini-table saw.
You know over the years you accumulate sockets from people moving n just getting rid of them. If a scaffold ratchet fails to meet expectations, the factory can use those numbers to analyse the problem and effect a recall if necessary.
Many sites selling scaffold ratchets are resellers and have no warranty other than delivery. After assembly, each scaffold ratchet is operated to ensure smooth operation and appearance.

Works great on grout, okay on wood, and even goes through ceramic tile without noticeable wear. It is then placed in an individual 3 mil thick plastic sleeve and stored in a double sided box.
If you ever have an occasion to return one of our scaffold ratchets, we will disassemble the ratchet and notify the factory that one of our assigned serial numbered scaffold ratchets has failed to meet expectations. One question I would look back at you article about afraid that I'll loss everything that I typed.
Don’t see much point except for the straight plunge cutter, HF’s lasts about 5 minutes before the teeth are gone, though you could use a triangular file to create more!

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