Welding isn’t the cheapest hobby to pick up and start fooling around with, and some of the high-end gear can cost you more than a shiny new 60” HD TV. This is a conservative estimate, but welding with gas is about a billion times nicer than flux core. Like most cheap tools, it has it’s limits, but there are uses where it can come in handy.
If you are going to do a lot of welding, get a gas one, if it is for little jobs, here and there stuff… pick up this one. I bought this same welder from Harbor Freight last year during their Thanksgiving Day sale. My only real gripe is it only takes the small spools of wire which are 50-100% more expensive and require more changes than the large spools. I have never really welded with cheap equipment.I had a Lincoln Weld Pack 100 for over 8 years and used it often with no problems. Didn’t even install the flux-cored wire that comes with the machine went straight to aluminum. I’m now trying to decide whether to get the dual mig version or get a gas conversion kit from lincoln electric, and converting the 90amp for gas use on 110 outlet.
Crazy Horse Custom Motorized bicycle builder just got new valentine’s day gift from the wife!
Well I had to get my hands on the new welder so I brought it in and pulled the cover off of it and showed the parts to the kids. What I noticed on the cover was it showed a 250% increase in Duty Cycle time over what is stated in this article.
With all the other factors being the same I am guessing the fan in our model is what bumped up the duty cycle by 250%. I bought one of these about five years ago to do a unique school project, and learn how to weld.
If it is possible, What are the attachments needed to use the welder machine with both techniques welding?
I have a Chicago 90 amp flux welder and the wire will no longer, I open the feeder and found a broken gear, somebody knows how do I get a replacement feed drive wheel in Mexico City?
I bought the above mentioned Harbor freight Welder Flux Core Welder and used it to repair the rusted out and cracked rear Cross Member. However, I would rate my present ARC Welding Skills welding something flat on a table or the ground as poor but adequate. I did not have time to learn how to use the Flux Core Welder and was slightly worse welding Flat then I was with the ARC Welder and even worse doing the overhead Welding on the Car Rear Cross Member. So the job was a struggle for Me I am guessing that most of the problem was My lack of Skill. I have used the Welder for a few other small odd jobs and it is more convenient to carry out the Flux Core Welder than it is to drag out my ARC Welder (I have a 220 Volt Outlet). As far as splatter goes the Flux Core Welder produces less splatter than an ARC Welder does. This little welder never fails to stir up lots of comments wherever I see it discussed online.
Hi, I also bought the HFCS flux core 90 amp welder thinking I could do patch panels on my car and floor boards, too. The project was based in Pakistan, which is the fourth largest milk producer in the world and the biggest milk producer in Southern Asia. Some of this stuff can get to be a matter of habit and familiarity, so I don’t measure everything all the time. The flux spatters more than a mig welder, but you could buy three of these for the price of one low-end mig welder, and that doesn’t count the gas you’d need for it either.
It was cheaper to buy the welder, the metal, a welding mask, and some other tools than it was to buy a custom cover from one of the local companies and now I have a welder to boot. No spatter, and more importantly the weld isn’t surrounded in a giant cloud of smoke, so you can actually see what you are doing.

The splatter is manageable and doesn’t really stick to anything, usually a quick pass with a wire brush cleans it up. I didn’t have any problems getting decent looking welds but I will admit that there was more spatter than I would have expected. It takes a lot of practice but it works, and for my application I’m not putting a lot of pressure on the weld so it works for me. I have saved this web site and I really intend on coming back to the site in the upcoming days. This welder I know has been out for at least 6 years from web photos and expect it has been out 10+ years. It’s a great little welder, though I had some slight problems with the wire feed but if kept nice and tight it works well. I have never welded before and was frustrated that all I can get it to do is blow holes in the sheet metal. Doing that with an ARC Welder I would have likely burned by the Splatter and sort of Sunburned by the Arc of the Welder. What I found is that the weld was not going to hold until the Metal got heated up; after it heated up the weld was ugly but held. I certainly could not have paid someone to Weld up my Cars Rear Cross Member for the cost of the Welder; and if someone did the Fix I would have no Welding Machine left overto Play with. I have a 90 amp flux wire welder from chicago electric and have a messed up wire feed liner and need to know where i can get a replacement liner for it.
I have recently purchased a Lincoln electric weld pak 100 and it was the best decision I made so over all the harbor fright welder is an ok welder better for the weekend warrior. The consensus seems to be that there is too much spatter and maybe even burn through on this gauge of steel. Currently, it is estimated that only 3% to 5% of Pakistan's total milk production is processed and sold through formal channels.
The 10-percent duty cycle means you’re only hot for one minute out of ten — but what do you want for under $150? This little welder is very handy and cheap, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need for a project.
I’m gonna use all of the comments that I read here and incorprate them into my practices to get better welds. I took it apart and found the circuit board fried.I would not trust the welds produced by this machine done by anyone less skilled than myself and I have been at it for over 30 years.
Some old post talks about adding a fan to double duty cycles so I think the cooling fan is the only change. The next time I try this sort of thing I am going to take My Propane Torch to the area and pre-heat it well. In the Long Run the what I have bought from Harbor Freight has paid for itself and saved me a lot of Money. The main reason for the low processing rate is the shortage of milk chilling facilities at farms. You can even enter your own recipes and get nutrition analysis based on a database of ingredients. If you are building a project that just needs to hold together, you can make strong welds with this thing if you are careful.
I’ve put a few dozen pounds of wire through my welder, and fabbed my entire exhaust system and transmission mount on my car with it, and trust the welds.
I don’t plan on any structural work, but since it was cheap maybe I should hang onto it. And having all of that information, basing my food decisions on what nutrients I required and the cost of the food, was how I changed my eating habits drastically. After the job was done, the floor was covered with Dynamat and carpet so who cares if there was splatter? I had an experienced welder try it and he had the same troubles, saying it needs more adjustability on the output besides MAX and MIN.

As there is a shortage of grid electricity these milk chillers are powered, at least partially, by diesel generators. I measured my servings, I weighed the slices of bread I used for sandwiches, I used my measuring spoons to portion out peanut butter, and mustard, and soy sauce, and everything else.
The splatter is almost non-existant once you’re able to learn how to form and continue a good bead.
He is used to using gas and suggested I look for one of those types, saying this unit is impossible. Due to the high cost of diesel, Nestle also pays the farmers a chilling cost per litre when the generator has to be used.
To lower these energy costs and, at the same time, reduce the negative environmental side effects of diesel generators at the dairy farms, Winrock International suggested that biogas could be used as an alternative power source for milk chilling. It took me a year to use up the wire that came with it, and when I put the Hobart wire on, I thought I had a different welder… lol. Check out some of my custom-made bicycles at photobucket – search for Crazyhorse krzndn. To demonstrate to dairy farmers and milk collection companies that biogas-generated electricity is a viable alternative to diesel, Winrock implemented this demonstration project. Everyone here seems to think it is good for welding to some degree, but I am ready to return it to HF. Applying a sector-wide approach the project team worked with dairy farms, milk-processing companies and biogas companies.
The feasibility of installing biogas plants was assessed at farm level, while the possibilities of investing in chilling units powered by biogas was discussed with the milk processing companies. At the same time, improvements were made to the capacity of the biogas construction companies to design and construct quality biogas plants.In a follow-up phase, the outcomes of the project implementation were reviewed, including the operational performance of the biogas plants, successful practices and possible challenges, sustainability impact and overall evaluation of the project activities. Three plants were installed on farms that each had around 100 cows and one was installed in a community where each villager owns a small number of cows.
The additional electricity generated is used to run other farm equipment such as fodder cutters or fans, or is used for lighting purposes.To ensure the long-term viability of the biogas plants, the project also supported the development of an after-sales service and guarantee from the biogas construction companies. The others 8 farms opted out because they did not have available finance to make the high upfront investment required for the biogas units. The 4 farms that installed the biogas units received subsidies of about US$1,000 for the larger plants and US$800 for the smaller plants. Milk chillers and electric generators were provided by Nestle Pakistan Ltd, on the condition that farmers would continue to supply milk to them.
In addition, the residue from the anaerobic process is rich in nutrients and can be used as an effective organic fertilizer.Social IssuesAs well as the implementation of the biogas systems, the project also focused on enhancing the capacity of biogas construction companies and developing communication channels and relationships between milk processors, potential dairy farms, biogas construction companies and financial institutions. Two workshops were organized for capacity-building: one targeted the management staff, supervisors and engineers and focused on biogas plant design, quality, construction, operations and maintenance. This resulted in increased income for farmers as they were able to chill their own milk at their farms and could, therefore, sell more milk to the milk processing companies. This means that this project has, in theory, good replication potential and this potential is further enhanced by the established partnership between farmers and milk processing and marketing companies.
This partnership, in combination with the successful demonstration of the technology, has already resulted in the installation of two additional biogas units of 100m3 on a farm belonging to Nestle. The structures that already existed between farmers and milk processors were clearly beneficial to this process.Furthermore it was important to raise awareness among the rural population regarding biogas as an energy source for milk chilling. At the same time it was essential to build capacity within the biogas construction companies to assure the quality and, therefore, the durability of the biogas plants.Another critical factor was the high upfront cost of the biogas systems. As there were no appropriate financing mechanisms available to provide the required credit, several farms that were part of the feasibility study decided not to install biogas systems. Follow-Up PhaseAfter the successful implementation of the original project from 2012 - 2013, WISIONS supported Winrock in carrying out a technical investigation on the technical outcomes of the previous activities, including information on the operational performance of the biogas plants, possible challenges, capacity building, and more.

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