If you're looking to hire surveying equipment, there are many companies around the UK that you can try. Many total station models also have other technologies integrated into them, such as mapping software. For the all-round, professional surveying solution, total stations are the essential piece of equipment. Buying a total station brand new can be expensive, but there are companies out there that may be able to do you a deal. Of course, if you don't need to buy a total station, then you can save a lot of money - especially on one-off jobs - if you look at total station hire. Optical levels, also known as automatic levels, builders levels and dumpy levels, are used for measuring points in the same horizontal plane.
So, if you need to buy a higher specification optical level, the Leica NA2 is an extremely robust, reliable, accurate, high specification option.
Though, of course, if you don't really need to buy an optical level - for example, if it's a one-off job - hiring an optical level is a great value option. There are a great range of laser levels available, which project lines in different planes, and can be used either indoors only or outdoors as well. There are a huge range of cable avoidance tools on the market, each with different features and specifications.
When hiring a cable avoidance tool, and any accessories, make sure that you tell the hire company exactly what you are trying to trace, and give them an overview of the job.
If you're not sure exactly how to use the equipment, some hire companies offer training programmes as well. This blog accompanies CATALYST Strategic Design Review and provides an enhancement and unique addition to the conversations started in the publication. CATALYST was launched in May 2009 by Holly Burns, Maggie de la Vega and Erin Weber along with a supportive advisory team of alumni, staff and professors.
The mission of CATALYST Strategic Design Review is to stimulate thinking and encourage conversation about the role of strategic design in defining and developing an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future. CATALYST encourages conversation among leaders in design, business and social innovation who are interested in the role of strategic design in creating economic value, advancing equity and assuring environmental stewardship. CATALYST articles and posts emphasize the value of applying the creative design process to the solution of complex challenges which are often considered outside the realm of traditional design disciplines. In his article, Randolph Croxton presents a strong argument for the application of strategic design via "resourceful architecture." Croxton proposes that in order to to move to the next level of sustainable performance in architecture, there exist core issues of performance which are not currently incorporated in our a€?greena€? building models. This innovative model uses the familiar form of a tree to representA the complexities of a business and how design management fits withinA an enterprise for sustainable success, impact and value creation. The panel will discuss water supply, quality, and use at the local, state, national, and international levels, defining the key issues and how they might best be addressed.

The Empire State Building announced an eco rehab facelift, a symbolic initiative in the a€?greeninga€? of NYC spurring a greater conversation around architectural strategic design.
The April conference in Milan was an attempt to surface and discuss 21st century challenges that are relevant to design leaders. A highlight of day two at the conference was speaker Marco Steinberg, who is Associate Professor of Architecture at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Strategic Design Director at Finnish Innovation Fund. In addition, the conference entertained the "Design Magic of Milan" and why there is such a unique and continuing Milan design history.
The Harlem Children's Zone was inspired by the insight that low income parents are not exposed to information about the ways they can successfully support their child's early development.
As most professional surveying equipment can be very expensive, hiring equipment such as total stations, dumpy levels and cable locators can be a cost effective option - especially for one-off jobs. They are essentially two surveying instruments in one; an electric theodolite with an integrated electronic distance meter, which allows you to measure distances and angles, in both the horizontal and vertical planes.
This gives you a 'total' surveying package - allowing you to do everything from measuring to mapping the area that is being surveyed. The alternative to buying a brand new total station is to buy a reconditioned total station. You can hire a total station from one of many hire companies around the country - most will even deliver it to your site. By aiming the telescope of the optical level at a measuring staff which is being held by an assistant stood at the point under measurement, and looking through the eyepiece of the telescope, you can read the result on the staff, and transfer elevations during site surveys or building construction. For example, a cheaper level will probably have lower quality optics, less magnification capabilities and overall less features. Whereas, if you don't need something with such a high specification, the Leica Jogger is a good, relatively inexpensive, every-day option. There are optical levels for hire for every budget - from the high specification Leica NA2, to less expensive, lower specification options, such as the Leica Runner. Laser levels can project laser lines, in various planes, on to walls, ceilings and floors, so you can easily ensure your work is level. Whether you need an interior laser level or an exterior laser level, a single grade laser or a dual grade laser, or even a pipe laser, there are great deals to be had, as hire rates don't tend to be too expensive on laser levels.
Depending on what you are trying to locate, you may also need a signal generator (Genny), to apply a traceable signal to the buried utilities; and a sonde, which can be pushed through a buried non-conductive pipe using some rodding, and will emit a signal that can be traced using the cable avoidance tool. It is a place for people to gather information about current events aligning with the mission of the Pratt Institute Design Management program, as well as a place for professionals and students to discuss their developing knowledge about the current state of design. Furthermore, Croxton refutes the notion that sustainable architecture has an inherent "green premium" in relation to standard building costs.
Speakers addressed how designers might influence change to our economic systems, shape our sustainable future, facilitate cross-functional collaboration, and better integrate design into corporate culture.

In his presentation, Strategic Design: Solving Complex Challenges, Steinberg said that society is facing a broad range of complex challengesa€”healthcare, sustainability, educationa€”that reside at the intersection of what we know. Geoffrey Canada launched a program which molds parents into assets in the lives of their children and then supports and leads those children through every stage of development with an innovative "conveyer belt" model. These are pre-owned and have been used before, so they can be much cheaper than buying brand new. As businesses and society face increasingly difficult choices, design is an important strategy in positioning brands within a changing market. Because key decision makers cannot always visualize and synthesize the complete picture, they are often blind-sided by unintended consequences of their actions, which ultimately produce no net improvement. Participating organizations blog about their progress, enabling donors to track the impact of their financial and volunteer support. The first half of the article was written by Paul Tough, a New York Times writer and recent author of a book about the Harlem Children's Zone.
A proper 'reconditioned total station' will be in full working order - even if it may have some cosmetic bumps and scratches on the body.
If you need something with a higher specification, greater accuracy and higher magnification, they will tend to be more expensive, but it is essential that you get the right piece of equipment for the job. Lawrence Johnson Hall of Science, which when awarded LEED Gold in March 2008, was the first Gold or Platinum university building in New York State and which was constructed for 25% below the benchmark price for its building type. The commission additionally calls for the development and introduction of a Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI) model to incorporate triple bottom line practices into the MTA's standard accounting practices. Designers, armed with an intimate understanding of the business and a deep understanding of people, are uniquely positioned to apply their creativity to build positive customer experiences.
As an integrative discipline, he suggested that design is uniquely positioned to fill this strategic need. Tough's piece summarizes the first years of the Zone and looks forward to replication around the country. Much like the a standard economic ROI calculation, the SROI accounts for the carbon averted as a result of green initiatives. The second half of the article considers opportunities in which Design Management could support the Zone's growth and replication. As the New York metropolitan population is projected to grow by 4 million people over the next 40 years, it is imperative that the MTA implement these recommendations to ensure a sustainable future, particularly as the U.S.

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