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The whole thing installs in less than five minutes like any other riser valve, but the feature that’s worth the extra two dollars (and more, really) is that it fills quickly and almost silently. This crossbow-style ratcheting tubing bender from Uniweld will bend soft copper and aluminum tubing up to 90?. Designed to distort the tubing as little as possible to maintain optimal flow, the ratcheting handle drives the mandrel and the tubing against the side support blocks. If you have a frost-proof outdoor faucet, chances are the seals will degrade over the course of 5-10 years and start leaking. Disassembly of the faucet was a simple screw turn, an adjustable wrench, and a simple twist of the rod. Now all I need is a plumber to tell me exactly what bathroom fittings (stud screws) are and how you use this tool.
Superior Tool makes its tub drain wrench in the USA from heavy duty die-cast aluminum. Pricing starts around $10 before shipping. Made from a flexible extruded polymer, the pipe levels snap onto and stay on standard sized pipes. The pipe levels have both vertical and horizontal bubble vials, and the vials have three painted lines for measuring different slopes. When we sat down to red-line the plans for our house years ago, we realized that while the builder had constructed hundreds of homes, this was our first.
Since we made the change prior to construction, my prized garage sink cost a whopping $125. Besides the obvious ability to wash my hands in the garage before dragging whatever filth I carry into the house, I also use the garage sink to clean up the grate on my grill, fill buckets to mop the garage floor, and about a hundred other things. Ever want to make a project out of PVC pipe, but couldn’t find the fittings you needed at your local hardware store? Pricing for the RIDGID P-TEC 2550 Tailpiece Extension Cutter starts around $20 before shipping.
A few weeks back, I attended the Milwaukee show in Wisconsin along with the rest of the tool-writing press.
I’ll admit that when I heard about Milwaukee’s partnership with Uponor a while back, I was completely unenthused.
What Milwaukee has done here is look at one of the most successful makers of a plumbing tubing product (in this case Uponor) that is going into millions of build sites and then custom-tailored a tool to completely take any hassle out of the install process. It will run you $400 and be available very soon, so it’s pretty much a contractor-level investment. The Pipe Viper is a long spring that’s slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the corresponding size Schedule 40 PVC pipe. A Tee extractor is used to make branching connections on installed soft copper, hard copper, and aluminum pipe. This can be faster and easier than cutting the pipe to install a T-fitting, especially in hard to reach areas.
To make a Tee in an existing pipe, drill a hole in the pipe with the supplied self-centering bit. Cleanouts are fittings that attach to sinks and other plumbing fixtures to allow access to the drains without removing the whole fixture.
This Eureka Cleanout Plug Wrench from Pasco (pictured above) is made of high carbon steel and includes tapered thread taps. A strap wrench consists of a plastic or wooden handle with a flexible rubber strap that often has small ridges that help it grip round, slick-surfaced, or odd-shaped objects.
My question is: What other unique applications have Toolmongers devised for strap wrenches?

Compared to the above methods, Kapro’s 303 ceramic hole marker is just a faster reusable template. The crimper is small enough to fit into tight places and it also separates into two pieces at the joint, allowing you to use it in cramped quarters. Pricing for the Spot-Rite level starts at $22. Both the Summit and Allied sites say that this is a torpedo level and gunner nipple in one tool. Can anybody shed some light on what exactly a gunner nipple is? The latest Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN Volume 41, Number 3, March 2010) has a short article on Oetiker ear clamps and installation tools. How could anybody resist talking about a product named the Drain Tornado? This water-powered tool connects to a garden hose and uses water pressure to clear clogs in waste pipes and gutters. Pricing starts around $230 for the stapler and pricing for the staples starts around $30 for a 300-pack. Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily kingstory can't take your order(s). With hundreds of best and cheap Blowers to choose from, it may be tough to find the right one. Returns & Refund Guarantee details Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only.
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Apparently such a term was appropriate for the riser in my toilet, which split for no reason this weekend and flooded the bathroom. It was mere nine dollars instead of the seven-dollar kit I was used to, but the difference was astounding. The ratcheting mechanism replaces the long lever arms of other benders, allowing you to make bends in tight spaces. As the mandrel continues forward, the side blocks rotate to keep their concave surface supporting the tubing.
I can’t find the exact same kit listed by the manufacturer, but Enviro-Safe sells what looks to be that same bender with a slightly different list of accessories for $130. By the time I shut off the water to the outside faucets for the winter, it had become a constant stream. The good news is that just about every hardware store carries a universal repair kit for your style of faucet. All the relevant washers, rubber seals and plastic parts were included in the $9 parts kit. The attachment looks like something for bathroom fittings -screws probably somewhere around M10 (not certain on the size though). Superior Tool makes a tub drain wrench like this dumbbell wrench to help you get the job done. It might not be ideal for every day use, but there are plenty of applications where size and weight are critical.
If you really need to drill holes in concrete, you’re going to need more drill than most of the 12V models offer.
A few weeks ago Hack a Day featured the company FORMUFIT that makes custom PVC fittings more suited for making structures than plumbing. They call their line of fittings Tinkertoys for adults. There were tons of great new things rolling around — however, the one that got very little attention and should have is the new M12 2432-22 Pex tool.
The nose fits into the end of the pex tube and, with a push of the button, the tubing expands to accept the coupling.
True — but what some folks might be missing is that this is going to work all the way through the supply chain.
It seems like we only pay attention to our drains when there’s a problem, and cleanout plugs are notoriously difficult to remove. Cleanout plug wrenches, also called drum tap wrenches, run about $12 from Amazon, and should make a difficult job a little easier.

The tool is used to tighten, loosen, or twist objects such as shower heads, polished, glass, or PVC piping, water and oil filters, and even jar lids. It seems they’d be as good around the house as in the shop, and I suspect people have some great ideas that would save the rest of us a lot of time, pain, and grunting noises. It’s a stapler that allows you to fasten PEX tubing to an insulating foam board layer without getting on your knees or even bending over. The aluminum magazine holds multiple plastic welded strips of 25 staples and the fastening mechanism can cleanly separate the welds without jamming or deforming the staple. To deliver a staple, you just push down on the D-grip handle. Our clear product detail description could always give you all you need to know before selecting a Milwaukee V28 28V 3Ah tool lithium battery for cordless power tools used 48-11-2830 free shipping.
So this spring before turning the water back on, I talked with a plumber and bounced my impending repair off him. So this spring before turning the water back on, I talked with a plumber and bounced my impending repair off him. I have an eight-inch Mansfield 500 faucet (Mansfield was bought out by Prier a few years ago, but the repair kits on the shelves are the same).
I saw something similar to this a while back in Germany but I don’t need it in my line of work. He immediately recommended a couple of changes (some of which we’d already put on our list), like moving the hot water heaters from the attic to the garage. As any number of articles and press releases have stated, the M12 Pex tool aims at replacing the Manual Pex tubing tool and beats the hell out of the old 18v unit that Uponor currently has. Depending on the ambient temperature, you have about 10 to 45 seconds to shove a fitting into the newly-expanded hole; the pex will shrink to form a very secure seal around the new fitting. Now Uponor doesn’t have to make the old ghetto-fabulous 18v model, which saves them time and cash in development when they can simply recommend that you get the Milwaukee model in their documentation. What’s clear to us now is that Milwaukee is pulling focus very tightly into certain areas and making very elegant solutions to pro-level difficulties.
Stuck drain cleanout plugs can ideally be removed with some WD-40 and a wrench, but often you have to use a chisel and a ball peen hammer or even break the plug into pieces to take it off. Its main advantages are its flexibility and its ability to grip tightly without scratching or marring the object’s surface. Slip the closed hole over a pipe stub and align the handle with the corner of the installed tile, tighten the screw lock, and transfer the measurement to your tile. The MCN article indicates that neither the ClampTite nor worm-drive hose clamps may be suitable for high-pressure fuel-injection hoses, and that the Oetiker ear clamps are a better choice in this situation. The ear clamps, depending on type and material, are available for less than $1 in single quantities, and start around $25 in packages of 25 to 100. The Korky 528 fill valve (pictured) is a twist-and-lock action anti-siphon valve that adjusts by rotating the head a quarter turn, moving it to the correct height, and rotating it back to lock it. The roughly 5-minute job and $9 kit was well worth it and a skill I’m assuming I will reuse many times as long as I live in the northern parts of the country. It’s smaller and runs on the M12 system, which will get you loads of tubing joints on one charge. Installing a fitting takes less than a minute, and about half of that is just waiting for the pex to do its thing — not too shabby. The repair was simple, cheap, and will prevent me from worrying about my water bill skyrocketing this summer. Both include two-speed transmissions, long-running batteries, and a nice, sturdy large-drill feel. Plus, Milwaukee has the throughput and R&D to back up whatever Uponor may come up with in the future.

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