Then i got a set of Align, the one that carries 4 bits in the handle, it's nice, the 1,5 got round also, so i cut the tip end and it's still usable. Then i got the MIP, and i'm sold, as a hand tool or in the electric screwdriver, these bits simply rock, high quality pro grade tool, that's it. My black handled dynamite's have been fine, I love them, I have had them for over 3 years now, and I have only had issues with a 1.5mm that got BROKEN in half NOT stripped.
The Bosch has a nice enough clutch to be used as a driver for these small screws, but I do still start them all by had to ensure I don't cross thread, but I zipp them in and out all the time with the 450, it takes a TON less time than it used to and I don't wear out my hands as much. Get yourself one of these little Bosch 12v drills, until you try it, you will not understand how much time they save.

Bosch is coming out with the brush less 12v version at $160 around Feb, but these are now under 99, some times $90 so half off. Yes, but those cheap polycarbonate handles remind me of screwdrivers I used to get for free from gas stations in the 80's. I find the MIP handles much better to use than the round knurled ones, who cares what they look like?
That description does say machined, but the picture and part # are of the plastic-handled ones.
Been using since they came out and work on several Helis throughout the season with large and small screws.

Also keep in mind that the cheap Chinese hardware that comes with these kits is often the culprit.

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