We have been supplying the experimental aviation market with engine management systems now for over 22 years.
Many aircraft engines have poorly designed intake manifolds with different runner lengths, different entry angles and small plenum volumes. To change your AFRs in flight, check your engine monitor EGTs and call up these windows in your SDS programmer. Recent flight testing allowed the user to get all cylinders to peak simultaneously and the engine would run smooth right to 200LOP.
PC data logging can be added to your V25 to V26 equipped ECUs for $100 ($125 if you don't have the round data port hole in your ECU case). These products do not conform to any recognized set of standards or certifications for aviation applications. It's come to our attention recently that a company in China is selling EFI systems named SDS. Because people often want different parts or to delete some parts from kits, we cannot put every combination with pricing on our order pages. While there are many automotive engined homebuilt aircraft flying with the OE computer controlling fuel and ignition successfully, many users may not be aware of some potential pitfalls of using these systems. Many people have spent countless hours trying to unravel programming code on OE ECUs for use on aviation applications, to undo unsuitable code or responses or security interlocks sometimes successfully, sometimes not.
People using OE systems often have to use the factory car wiring harness which obviously was not designed to fit their airplane. The big disadvantage of EFI compared to a carb or mechanical injection and magnetos is that electrical power is required for the pump, computer, ignition and injectors.
Virtually zero maintenance, lower fuel flows due to better mixture distribution, automatic mixture control, no carb heat, smoother running, no mag checks, no live mag issues, longer engine life due to proper mixture control and less bore washing are some of the major benefits of EFI. These systems are designed to use either the factory injectors or other standard automotive style injectors. We get many aircraft owners who either want to do their own wiring harness or modify our systems in some way. For Lycoming, Continental, Jabiru and Rotax four cylinder, dual plug engines, we can supply these lighter weight coil packs which save about 1.25 lbs. New design boss for parallel valve Lycoming engines mounts EFI injector in original injector hole. Billet 80mm throttle body to replace Bendix RSA-10 and AFP FM-300 servos when converting to EFI. Module shown with optional fuel pressure regulator mounted to avoid mounting the regulator firewall forward.
We have more parts currently under development for the Lycoming kits for a wider range of fitment and coil mounting options. JCB Cordless Drill RangeThe JCB Cordless Drill range includes a 12v, 14.4v, 18v and 24v Cordless Hammer Drill and a 24v Cordless SDS Drill. Click on any of the images, links or buttons on the items listed below for comparison, reviews and secure online purchase.
This JCB 24V Cordless SDS Hammer Drill D24CSDS has a reverse action capability and uses an SDS chuck. The JCBD-24CSDS cordless SDS hammer drill kit is convenient to have close to hand for those jobs which arise unexpectedly. Discount Price Black Decker PVF100 Replacement Filter for PHV100 PHV1800 18-Volt Pivoting Vac 2-PACK sale now. Discount Price Black Decker PHV1800CB 18-Volt Pivoting-Nose Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner sale now. Cheap price Black Decker NS118B 18 Volt Cordless Broom Hard Surface Sweeper - Bare Tool No Battery Or Charger buy now. Discount Price Black Decker Platinum BDH2000SL 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Slide Pack Vacuum sale now.
Discount Price Black Decker PVF100 Replacement Filter for PHV100 PHV1800 18-Volt Pivoting Vac 3-PACK sale now. We offer aviation specific software and hardware for popular experimental engines and we fly what we sell. These have accumulated over 375,000 flight hours on hundreds of aircraft and military UAVs all over the world in the last 22 years. Current R&D is now focused on aviation specific improvments for traditional air cooled aircraft engines such as Lycoming and Continental. This same company has also plagiarized ad copy and technical content directly from our website. With V17-26.1 software, has 4 gauge modes to display, manifold pressure, rpm, engine temperature, induction temperature, battery voltage, fuel flow, injector duty cycle, throttle position, acceleration enrichment, mixture knob position, ignition timing and O2 sensor voltage. Many OE computers can either shut off the injectors if certain things fail such as a water temperature sensor to protect the engine from a perceived or real overheating condition or go into a very low power limp home mode.

Others wonder what the ECU might do when certain sensors or inputs are modified or disconnected, especially many of the tied in chassis sensors on modern systems, not to mention security and digital key interfaces.
The likelihood of both the alternator and battery failing simultaneously is practically zero with standard aircraft maintenance procedures.
We have far more experience than any other company in this field with an unmatched track record on many different engine types including the 2010 Super Sport Reno Gold Championship winner.
Our basic designs are also used in automotive applications so we have a huge amount more hours and customer feedback to quantify reliability than aviation only sytems. Our systems are designed to keep the engine running at close to full power even with multiple sensor failures unlike many other systems which may shut the engine down or OEM systems which will go into a limp mode, not allowing enough power to maintain flight.
Systems are individually tailored for your engine with realistic base programs and custom length wiring harnesses (either terminated or unterminated for easier installation and firewall passage). We don't use El Cheapo components like some other brands pretending to be aviation quality. On twin plug engines, it is posible to retain one mag and add a fuel nozzle into the plenum as a backup.
SDS was originally conceived as an automotive system so much of the electronic hardware is identical. We recommend the mixture knob be panel mounted in all aircraft to allow the pilot to make a mixture adjustment in case of certain sensor failures.
All systems have a base map entered if we know your injector flow rate and engine displacement.
Automatic mixture control with altitude is standard as is the option to lean manually with the standard mixture knob. With SDS you have the option to manually lean or let the computer take care of things automatically.
Generally speaking, air cooled engine have too much mechanical noise to be able to filter it out and "hear" the knocking.
It has been shown that wires run parallel to each other in this fashion can lead to EMI and inductance coupling which may cause ECU running problems.
6061T6 construction, stainless steel shaft riding on sealed roller bearings, 7075T6 throttle arm, brass butterfly, accepts OEM Bosch TPS, O-ring sealed air horn to body and flange to sump.
It may trip during normal operation due to peak current transients over only a few milliseconds. Prices are at the budget end of the market starting at around ?40 for the 12v JCB Cordless Drill up to around ?140 for the Cordless SDS Drill. We are involved with several kit manufactuers, engine OEMs and alternative engine suppliers in joint R&D programs and in product supply. Land based systems have accumulated an estimated 25 million hours of operation under widely varied and sometimes severe conditions, including the famous Baja desert races with extreme heat, pounding G forces and punishing vibration levels. As of 2012, the aviation market has become our primary one, supplanting the automotive side.
Reduced fuel flow for the same TAS is proven on several different engine types now and there is no chance of carb ice with EFI. EFI engines usually required 2 FF meters, one for feed and one for return, subtracting the two values to arrive at fuel flow.
This leads to roughness and the inability to run far lean of peak, since one or more cylinders gets to the lean misfire point before the others. Also displays error codes for sensor failures, check engine light feature and allows full programming of the system in flight. What some people have attempted to do in dozens or hundreds of hours with often unknown consequences using OE ECUs can generally be done in minutes with SDS. Generally, a good battery will allow you to keep essentials powered for 20-90 minutes after an alternator failure permitting diversion to another airport.
You won't struggle making wiring or trying to start your engine like with most other systems which just come in a box. The advantage of this compared to units developed specifically for aviation is that we have accumulated several million hours of operation due to the greater numbers in automotive service where conditions are usually more severe. The EM-5 ECU has very low RF noise output and the elimination of carb heat makes operation simpler, safer, cheaper and lighter.
Generally run the EFI wires through one side of the firewall and all other wires through the other side. Anodized 6061T6 body resists oxidation and corrosion, 7075T6 fittings are double O-ring sealed (genuine Viton) for ultimate strength and reliability, straight flow path without restrictive banjo fittings, integrated sintered bronze filter which is easily inspected, cleaned and replaced. This can lead the pulsing current of the ignition coils and injectors to trigger the breaker far below nominal current levels. We have been flying an RV6A powered by a turbocharged Subaru EJ22 engine for product development purposes now for 12 years. The new software emulates typical flow meter outputs and is all internal so no other external boxes are required like some other systems use.

You can also trim fuel at any throttle angle, MAP or rpm so you are not stuck with an imbalance like you are with mechanical systems. V26 contains options for 100 rpm increment programming (no charge to activate)and individual fuel trim control (4 cylinder versions only), $300 charge to activate. The designers of these automotive ECUs did not take aircraft use into account during the design phase obviously. The dual ECU can also be used on automotive V8 and V12 engines in a split bank configuration, with one ECU running one bank of the engine each.
It's better to contact us via email to work out what you want and need for your particular installation. Wiring harnesses can be custom tailored to your needs and any items not desired can be deleted from the kit. SDS is the only aviation ECU offering cockpit adjustable, individual cylinder fuel trim for optimized LOP operation (4 cylinder only at this time). There's little you can do about it with a carb and the old fashioned way of correcting it on antiquated mechanical injection systems was with tailored nozzles but this can only work well at one rpm and power setting. LOP operation is now fully optimized for best power, smoothness and fuel economy and zero GAMI spread. For applications revving under 4500 rpm, you'll also get 100rpm increment fuel and spark programming as well, replacing the 250rpm steps on older systems with V26 software. We can leave connectors off for easier firewall passage and can even provide a harness with no pins on so you can custom tailor each cable yourself. We have an ammeter, voltmeter, low voltage warning light and buzzer now on our RV6A and also added a backup battery in Feb.
With many difefrent airframes out there, we don't believe in one size fits all and you should get exactly what you want. We treat a V8 as 2, four cylinder engines sharing a common crank and a V12 as 2, six cylinder engines sharing a common crankshaft. Software differences include MAP calibration in inches of Mercury absolute, revised acceleration enrichment code which also improves cold starting, special programmed defaults to help minimize the effects of sensor failures, individual fuel trim and fuel flow outputs for glass engine monitors. Be sure to set the breaker values on the VP-X far higher than the nominal current draw on these circuits. Never unscrew fittings without throughly cleaning all traces of sealant from inside the fittings and threads before re-assembling as this can dislodge sealant which can clog passages further downstream leading to possible fuel starvation. This gives even finer control of base mapping for direct drive engines operating below 4500 rpm. We use tinned wire on all our harnesses so it's not subject to the oxidation that you see in many OE automotive harnesses over time- even inside the insulation. We sell far more ECUs for aviation now than automotive so have blended all the lessons learned into all ECUs.
The third concern is that the engine needs to actually knock before the ECU retards the timing which isn't good for it. Be aware that average current draw can increases with rpm and load so ground running may not allow complete testing of this condition if static rpm is lower than flight rpm and engine shutdown could occur in flight. Simple wiring changes are required on older models to take advantage of the fuel trim software, matching ECU output pins to specific injectors. Our strategy has always been to keep the engine running at near full power even with multiple sensor failures-especially important in aviation. Programming for cold start can take longer as you must have the engine cold at each engine temperature to be able to observe and correct the values.
Fourth, if you have the sensitivity set wrong, the ECU may retard the timing the full 25 degrees because of mechanical noise. We recommend each 4 cylinder coil pack have a rating of at least 15 amps assigned when using the VP-X, each 6 cylinder coil pack at least 20 amps, 4 cylinder injector power at 15 amps, 6 cylinder at 20 amps and 8 cylinder at 25 amps.
These are only recommendations, use this information at your own risk and these values should be thoroughly tested prior to flight at WOT and maximum rpm the engine will see in flight. Finally, if you are running on 100LL and have reasonable manifold pressure limits, compression ratio and ignition timing, the engine won't knock in the first place. Every time you add another connection, you add another potential place for a fault to occur. SDS does have knock sensor capabilty which may be useful for liquid cooled automotive engine conversions where factory knock sensors exist and careful setup procedures sre followed. If you modify the wiring or the system, don't bother calling us if your pride and joy ends up in the trees.

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